Welcome to our free Star Trek email role-playing game. For over a decade, STF has been all about people around the world having fun on their ships and making friends, as together we share Gene Rodenberry's vision of Humanity going out into the stars.

We have three ships with on average ten people on board each one, writing and having fun together. However, unlike many other games, our ships also work together and are joined forming the 52nd Fleet, assigned to a sector of space.

The year is 2414 and STF has long departed the canon storyline of Star Trek, forming our own vision of the future, departing around the return of USS Voyager. Since then, the fleet has been engaged in a Federation wide civil war, encountered the core of our game, the subspace tunnel network and now, finally, returned to their charter of exploration and science based missions... for the most part!

We have a unique game of long standing, a dedicated membership across the spectrum of ages... and we want you to join us and be a part of this special group.

Join us today, the Academy awaits you...

Anthony Keen, aka Admiral Jopek, Fleet Commanding Officer, 52nd Fleet

Jerry Hindenburgher

From the depths of 80 PCs, 359 SPCs and 59 NPCs, this is Lieutenant JG Jerry Hindenburgher



Currently, we have 8 cadets in the Academy and Roberto Battistini, Roberto Battistini, Gary Dupree, have recently graduated. Congratulations to them.

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Personal log of Captain Susan Rivers, Stardate 2408.05.29. Our mission at Tobias V seems to be going in the usual way - i.e. not according to plan. Most of the away team has been captured by the Tobians and to make matters worse, the CSO has been transported back to the ship in a state of collapse. Even Marto and Louis have been able to do nothing for him and he is currently in stasis awaiting the opportunity to send him back to Starbase Geneva in the hope that their medical facilities can d... See More

"Masculine and feminine. I understand" -- Nagillum * "Yes. That is how we propogate our species" -- Picard * "Please demonstrate" -- Nagillum * "Not likely!" -- Dr. Pulaski (Where silence has lease)