Biography for Captain Saleke, a Male Vulcan aged 33
Character Physical Description


Eyes : Green Weight : 195 lbs
Hair : Dark Br Skin :


Height : 6 foot 4 Blood : Green
Saleke presents a trim profile. He is tall and deceptively strong for his frame. Face is full; with high cheekbones and prominent nose. Ears are of course pointed. Skin of course has a slight greenish tint.
History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Parents are Sakal and Telek of Vulcan. Were stationed on Formdhaut Nakrat and then a Vulcan Science vessel, The Nahru. Siblings are Skashe who is stationed on a remote outpost in Alpha sector and T'alen who currently resides on Vulcan. Skashe has been killed along with many others at the outpost, information suggests a cover up raid by forces loyal to Doenitz, there is no evidence yet to suggest what may have precipitated this step. Saleke was born on Formhaudt Nakrat and accompanied his parents on many of their expeditions. First scientific interest was in geology. During his time at the Academy he developed a keen interest in other life forms. He has studied alien customs and literature and is an unparalled observer of behavior because of his sharp senses and analytical mind.



Vulcan Academy of Arts and Sciences and StarFleet Academy.

Pre-Starfleet History


Specialized in geology and also studied stellar mechanics along with weapons and defensive technology and tactics at the Vulcan Academy of Arts and Sciences. Traveled with his parents on the VSRS Nahru and was highly inquisitive. Took quickly to scientific researches and methods because of it. Graduated top of his class at the VAAS.

Starfleet History


First assignment- CSO on USS NIMITZ- 2406.06.20 Promoted to Lt. (jg) Stardate 2406.10.02 Promoted to Lt. Commander and transferred to the Mystique as acting FO. Promoted to Full Commander Stardate. 2406.11.15 while commanding the expedition (The Inverted World). Due to Captain Winters long term incapacitation Saleke was promoted to Captain and CO of the Mystique on stardate 2407.02.05. Orders have been received to transfer his crew and command from the Mystique to the new Prometheus class starship USS Hades on stardate 2407.02.18. Led the USS Poseidon during a strike into Doenitz held space and accomplished all primary and three secondary objectives. The Poseidon was destroyed during that foray and he recovered six months later from Alpha Serapsis. Spent months in convalescnce before being reactivated to command the USS Furious. Continued serving on the Furious during the time both before and since the disappearance of the 52nd fleet into the future.

Medical History


Has some minor problems digesting the proteins found in some meats. No lingering physical problems from the bout of dehydration, toxemia and anemia which struck him down upon being rescued from the near barren planetoid. Gained five additional pounds of muscle mass during his convalescent leave.



Very strong but as he is still young not yet at his full strength. Doesn't use his telepathic abilities unless necessary. Sees the minds of others as often distasteful, prefers to stay to his own mind as much as possible. Good fighting skills.Very good with scientific instruments and as always; emminently logical.

Other Information



Working on fighting skills and studying scientific journals as well as meditation. Since assuming First Officer status on the Mystique has been training extensively in the Ka'Fi'Ra, an ancient Vulcan martial arts technique and is gaining ability in that area.

General Notes


Very easy to work with but also very demanding of subordinates and highly disciplined.



Awarded The Order of Unity: Awarded in commemoration of service during the Federation Civil War.