Biography for Third Lieutenant Nemo C. Fish, a Male Vulcan/Betazoid aged 32
Character Physical Description

Nemo C. Fish

Eyes : Blue Weight : 125 IBS
Hair : Black Skin :


Height : 6 foot 4 Blood : Green
Nemo is a typical Vulcan. He is very muscular for his race as a result has huge amounts of strength.
History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Nemo started life being raised on Vulcan this gives him the strong secrecy of his early life and he also never speaks of his family



Starfleet Academy, Vulcan science intuits, Command training, Advanced tactical analysis and Advanced hostage negations course and finally Advanced Engineering skills

Pre-Starfleet History


see above

Starfleet History


Offical Clasified Record... No Starfleet personal to review other then the admiral of the 52nd fleet

Medical History


Nemo has an implant on his left eye allowing him to see the compassion of different materials and also to zoom in on things at his command.



Nemo has advanced courses in many departments most importantly engineering and hostage negations. He also has training in keep infomation to himself in torture and integration as yet unused... He also has a huge knowledge of all federation databases.

Other Information



Nemo currently pursues all Vulcan and betazoid rituals and is extremely advanced in Holodeck makes-man ship.

General Notes


"Every bullet has a name and number, Which will hit you is down the that number"