Single Report for the USS Boudicca Log Entry # 187

Captain's log, stardate 2408.11.27, Captain Susan Rivers reporting.

Our First Contact mission with the Mithgiln proved to be not without some difficult moments. All went well at first, with Commander Jerome ManyHorses being assigned as Mission CO. Then the Mithgiln invited us to help them on a mission of mercy to deliver much needed medication to prevent a deadly out break of disease on Dentarit, which we gladly agreed to do. Unfortunately when we arrived in the Dentarit system, we found the Dentarians to be a pre-warp society, roughly analogous to 21st century Earth in their technology. The Mithgiln were not a little shocked by the Prime Directive which, naturally, forbids us to interfere in the development of pre-warp civilisations. It seems their ethics are different and I can only conclude that their experiences since they began exploring have been radically different to Starfleet's. However, after a senior staff meeting which produced some strong arguments on all sides, we were able to find a way to enable the Mithgiln to distribute their medication without actually landing on the planet, which would have been their preferred course of action. It was the conclusion of Commander ManyHorses and myself that our duty was to preserve the Prime Directive for our crew, and to endeavour to make it unnecessary for the Mithgiln to meet the planet's occupants face to face.

We have now left the Dentarian system; the Mithgiln ship is remaining to ensure the effectiveness of their vaccine. The Boudicca is heading for Laatstekans Station for some R&R prior to our next mission.

My last entry today is a sad one for me personally, and the ship and crew too. Commander Sasha Stolev has informed me that effective immediately he is resigning his commission and plans to become a civilian in order to be with his family on the Hades where his wife is Captain. I have to respect his decision, but I infinitely regret the necessity for it.

End log.