Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 196

With the away team on the surface of Irlix, searching for any information on the whereabouts of the crew of the captured USS Bohrs, details of their progress remain unavailable.

Since their beam down however, several small details have begun to lock together in a little less confusing puzzle. That a Federation starship visited in some fashion these people within the last two to three decades, is not in question.

The real question is what happened to that ship and how did the Irlixians manage to get their hands on and make sense of Federation technology almost 200 years more advanced then their own.

Was this a clear breach of the Prime Directive, wrought for the benefit of some starship commander somewhere? Or was there a more sinister force at play, that somehow destroyed a Federation vessel and deposit it's technology on this planet?

We may never know the answer to this question, or if we are lucky, the away team members may discover enough clues to solve this unusual mystery.

I only hope that we can maintain our distance from the Irlixian starships in the system long enough to receive the pick up signal from our away team, and that we retreive them all long with the crew of the Bohrs without any loss of life.

It would also be nice to actually have an answer to the warp signature problem as well.

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