Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 200

"Captain's Log Stardate 2413.08, USS Rosenante, Captain Salid Commanding." He began."A little over twenty-four hours now since I dispatched the away team to the surface of Irlix. So far we have not heard anything and I am beginning to fear the worst. With the unexpected arrival of a federation runabout which was forced down on the planet before we could render aid, I can only assume that things have become even more complicated for Commander Sullivan and her team. The Irlixian starships are still ghosting us, although I do not believe that they are capable of actually catching us, as their detection method seems to be too primitive to give them the most recent data. Still, we're not here to fight with their military if it can be avoided.I'm going to give them another twenty-four hours and if the situation hasn't seemed to improve, I'll have no choice but to attempt a second rescue mission, this time with the added objective of recovering my own away team. While I have full confidence in my people, There may be circumstances beyond their immediate control that is hindering their progress. We are still standing by for the signal from Sullivan that will indicate that they are ready to be recovered. If there is nothing more in this world that I hate worse, it's waiting.End log."

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