Single Report for the USS Rosenante Log Entry # 204

"Captain's Log, Stardate 2413.12.15.After stabilizing things well enough on Irlix to turn them over to the Federation Diplomatic Corps, and after seeing to it that Lieutenant Nakamura was transferred safely to Federation Security Division for his trial for breaking the Prime Directive, I ordered the Rosenante to Starbase 989, located on the Romulan-Federation border.It was fully my intention to have the crew stand down for some much needed rest and relaxation, myself included. As there were also a few scheduled maintenance upgrades and overhauls that were past due as a result of the time jump, I also felt that it was time to move forward with those tasks as well. All in all it should have been a fairly relaxing time.I don't know who I thought I was kidding. On only our second day aboard station word has reached me of the discovery of the Starbase Commanding officer', Captain Joseph Taylor's, Body. It seems that he was murdered in his quarters which were sealed and required an unorthodox approach in order to gain entry. We have been asked by the Starbase FO, lieutenant Kraal, to handle the investigation under Starfleet Regulation 564. Although I am reluctant to do so, I understand that what Kraal is attempting to convey is that he believes one of the Starbase officers may be responsible for the murder. As such I have assumed command of the investigation and have ordered the Rosenante's full resources to be brought to bear to get to the bottom of this mystery.I wish, just for once, that we wouldn't find ourselves needed to undertake an operation that was anything more than a simple job. Sometimes I'd like them to be straightforward and without guesswork. I suppose that if they were all like that they'd be boring.End Log."