Single Report for the USS Soval Log Entry # 228

Captain's log, Captain Syuvik, CO of the USS Soval. Stardate 2414.12.03

The almost destruction of the Quezal homeworld is a tragedy with terrible
consequences. The survivors cannot be faulted for the sense of lost, and difficulty to compose with the situation. Not only are they in distress, full of fear and anxiety, but they are trying to make sense of an event that is difficult to cope with.

It is to be expected they will place the blame on someone, how matter illogical that conclusion is. We, on the other hand, are facing the uneasy situation where circumstances incriminate us despite we are not responsible for any of it.

The Federation reputation has been terribly shaken by these events and we are
well aware our next step can be a precarious one. We must clear our name,
the Federation name, without doing it at the expense of those who just have suffered this tragedy.

However, based on one of the most trusted admiral from Starfleet Intelligence, time is not necessarily a friend as it is believed that the Romulans are the one providing false evidence to the Quezalth of our responsibility. If we accept his premises that are sound, then, if we are too meticulous and careful, the damage done by the Romulan could be irreversible. However, if we are too quick to act in our self interest of preserving our reputation, we may very well contribute to what we are trying to prevent.

There is a human expression that, despite unusual, reflect well the difficult situation we are in : we are walking on eggshells. But there is no way around it.

So, when faced with the uncooperativeness of the Quezalth who forbade us access to the site of the explosion, I have authorized my first officer and a small team of trusted and competent officers to covertly penetrate
their installations and gather data on the explosion. If they are being taken, we will considerably undermine our mission, but the other alternative is even more likely to have very negative consequences for both the Federation and the Quezalth people.

So it was nevertheless the most logical decision. As of now, their team have reached the antimatter reactor that exploded and caused the tragedy.

However, they had to create some diversion and stun a few guards. They are on their way back and we are ready to extract them with a security team if necessary.

Getting the information should help us prove our innocence in the explosion and help restore faiths to the other members of the Federation, but it will come at a huge cost. I evaluate the probability of this mission success at about 38%. It is now logical to assume the Quezalth will ask for the Federation withdrawal from their homeworld. In their current situation, they were in great need of our help, so being prevented from helping them could be a considerable deterrent to their development.

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