Region of Space

As part of the redesign of the game, Star Trek : Freedom and its ships and stations have relocated to a new part of the Alpha Quadrant, this document will detail where in space the squadron’s sphere of influence will be, what planets and systems of interest and any borders of note.

The Known Galaxy


The United Federation of Planets (UFP) is the largest known interstellar planetary alliance in the Star Trek Galaxy and the most important power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. It is, so to speak, our "home", because in Star Trek, the Federation symbolizes our cultural and moral values and the human virtues. Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation and many of the movies were set within its borders, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine more rarely and Star Trek: Voyager almost not at all.

Despite the outstanding significance of the Star Trek saga, we don't know very much about the planetary alliance which we have grown fond of in 35 years. Therefore, in the following chapter, it shall be tried to find out as much as possible about the situation, structure, size and shape of the Federation.

The United Federation of Planets is located - and that is accepted by all official sources - in the heart of the known Star Trek universe, about 24000 ly away from the Galactic centre in the Local Arm of the Milky Way. The Federation is the largest of the six known empires in local space and the sole power to extend over two quadrants - the Alpha- and the Beta Quadrant, therefore the Federation takes a special position concerning the Jankata Accords signed by all powers.


Although the quadrant border, the position of the most important planet: Earth, with the Federation Council, the Federation President's e and Starfleet Headquarters, is situated nearly in the centre of the territory of the Federation, the share of the total area that is located in the Alpha Quadrant is nevertheless larger than the part in the Beta Quadrant.

Surrounded by the 5 other larger alliances and empires, and a dozen smaller ones like the Talarians, the Tzenkethi, the Gorn and the Trill, the Federation is a typical "middle power" - it is the "connecting piece" between the classical empires of the Klingons and Romulans at the Eastern border in the Beta Quadrant and the territories of the Cardassian Union, Bajor, Ferenginar and the Breen at the Western border in the Alpha Quadrant, regions that were not discovered until the 24th century.  

The Original Mission Expanded

The fleet itself is deployed to Sector 21912, this area of space is the termination point of the recently discovered Subspace Rivers, noone knows for sure why the river ends here, even though it spreads further in other directions around this Sector. Starfleet has theorised that this is the start point for the River.  

The exploration of this sector was top priority for Starfleet Command, many systems have been probed already and some have shown interesting preliminary results. There is a system at the heart of this sector that has shown power and other industrial indicators although no starships have been able to get to this system thanks to somekind of protection or barrier around it.  

Other systems show more evidence of an advanced species but no sign of them can be found, a thorough investigation and exploration of this area has been ordered.  

To begin this process, Starfleet Command has moved Starbase Geneva to the termination point of the Subspace River in that area, using several new class of tugs, they managed to tow the base, at warp, to this new area.  

Geneva is now setup and operational, the fleet of Freedom arrived and began their survey, in most likelihood, Starfleet won’t be the first to arrive but they will be most equipped in the area.  

Following the end of the civil war, the 52nd fleet was redeployed on various independent missions but the original mission prevails and as soon as the things are settled, missions in Sector 21912 will resume.

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