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Star Trek: Freedom’s history begins before the ending of Star Trek Voyager and so a timeline exists that takes into account the fact that we knew they would come home, just not how. Several major events that occurred in canon history, may not be in Star Trek: Freedom’s history.

Below is a timeline encompassing some of the changes that have occurred and how Star Trek Freedom departs from canon events. A complete timeline can be found on our website.

2370 : First contact with the Dominion.
2372 :

Klingon empire broke diplomatic relations with the Federation and declared war on Cardassia. The Klingons were resisted but several worlds were annexed by the Klingons.

2372 :

After more defeats, Cardassian forces ally with the Romulans and begin a series of successful

2373 : Cardassian-Romulan alliance agrees to cease fire with Klingons.
2374 :

First Cardassian cloaked ships appear. Klingons are driven back into their own territory.

Gowron is assassinated by a disgruntled council. The Klingon Empire is split into factions as they argue about who should lead the council.

Bajor is admitted into the Federation.

2381 : The Dominion bursts through the wormhole and destroys DS9. They also successfully take over Bajor.
A counterattack is made by the Federation, but fails. DS9 survivors reassigned to new posts.
2382 : Cardassia is attacked by the Dominion, but resists. The Cardassian/Romulan alliance dissolves.
2383 : After 11 months the Dominion is sent back through the wormhole. USS Titan stays in orbit of Bajor in case of a new offensive. A new Starbase begins construction at the wormhole entrance.
2385 : USS Voyager finds a stable wormhole to the Gamma quadrant.
2386 : A very battered USS Voyager appears through the wormhole during the opening of the new Starbase 968 at Bajor. Captain Chakotay (Janeway was killed during the Gamma quadrant trip) is officially accepted by the Federation, but declines the offered position and returns to the Maquis.
2388 : The Maquis demand recognition by the Federation as a seperate entity so that a treaty may be arranged.
The Maquis sign a peace accord with the Federation.
2391 : Unification talks between Vulcan and Romulus finally fail, but some Romulans defect tothe Federation.
2394 : A scientific treaty between the Federation and the Romulans is signed, allowing the Federation to develop cloaking technology.
2397 : A new exploratory class of ship, the Spectre class is developed. Construction begins at Earth Station McKinley. The Spectre uses a variant of the phasing cloak used on the USS Pegasus.
2400 : USS Spectre and USS Vampire, both Spectre class, complete construction and leave spacedock for Starbase 968.
2401 : Maneuvering problems on Titan class ships partially resolved. Borg begin assimilation of Gamma Quadrant through wormhole to Delta Quadrant.
2403 : Weakened by Borg war, the Dominion signs Treaty of Bajor with the Federation, and grants a large section of Gamma quadrant space to the UFP. In the wake of the Treaty of Bajor, the Cardassian government is overthrown and the military divides into factions.
2404 : Cardassian criminal Gul Dulon leads rebellion on Cardassia. The Cardassians attack and occupy Starbase
968. Starbase 45 is destroyed by Captain Julius Phelps, his mind under the control of Gul Dulon, who also
possessed a trilithium weapon and the USS Spearhead.

Dulon’s plan to destroy the Earth’s star was averted at the cost of the USS Titan and the star Proxima Centuari, with great loss of life and environmental devastation on the inhabited worlds of the Centauri system. The Borg attack SB23, but are repelled. Admiral Grange is captured and assimilated during the attack.

He is eventually rescued.

The Federation signs the ‘Accord of Three’ with the RSE and the Lans Confederation in order to set-up
a defense strategy against the Chudoxn. A Triumvirate leadership board is set up on Arylne Hru, a large,
planet-based installation located on the Romulan Star Empire protectorate planet Fvillhaih Arylne.

The Halla virus, which increases the aggression of the infected, spreads to Federation, Romulan, and
Klingon ships which were exploring the Gamma Quadrant.

The Klingon and Romulan forces believe that they are at war with the Federation and attack the Federation Starbase at DSG1 which was not infected. The station was badly damaged but holds out long enough for Federation reinforcements arrived lead by the USS Relentless.
2405 : Early in 2405, several ships mysteriously appear near Earth. One is an Alternate Universe USS Spectre. The crew is debriefed and retrained, and eventually assigned to Starbase Valhalla in orbit with Utopia
Planitia Fleet Yards at Mars.

The 52nd Fleet is officially launched. Station Geneva, USS Nimitz, USS Wraith, USS Freedom, USS Boudicca and the Cochrane Research Facility are assigned to the squadron.

The entire squadron meets at Station Geneva before being sent out on planetary surveys of Sector 221-G.

An unstable wormhole opens, staying open just long enough for a Sovereign class ship, the USS Paladin, under the command of Captain Eva Straton to come through. The ship is from an Alternate universe just after the conclusion of the ‘Dominion Wars’ many years before. The ship is scrapped and the crew reassigned after debriefing.

The USS Nimitz is attacked by Romulans, later crawls back to Station Geneva where she once again is faced with Tal Shiar who want to destroy the ship and any information dealing with the attack.

Starbase Geneva is completed and commissioned by SCADO 12, Station Geneva is abandoned.

The Cochrane Research Facility’s crew are relocated to the USS Steadfast, which is re-christened “USS Cochrane”

Admiral Robert LoDona takes command of the 52nd Fleet when Admiral Greeley is sent to Earth for reassignment.
2406 : The USS Nimitz is chosen for a secret archeological mission, and disappears from all official channels for a month, before reappearing at Earth for debriefing and to challenge Admiral Doenitz, who tried to have her destroyed.

The USS Mithrandir is attacked during a diplomatic mission and her crew offloaded. The crew later regains control and make way back to Geneva with many casualties.

Admiral Robert LoDona becomes commander of the 52nd exploratory fleet; he later orders the entire fleet further into Beta Quadrant and launches a Quasi- Civil War with select members of the Starfleet Admiralty
2407 : The cold war is over and hostilities begin in earnest. Battles are fought throughout the Federation on many core worlds such as Andoria, Betazed, Vulcan, and Tellar. Andoria pays a heavy price in defiance of Admiral Doenitz and is razed. Slowly the 52nd Fleet begins to make headway and Doenitz’s forces are pushed back.

The USS Spectre mounts an away team mission on Betazed under the command of Captain Remae K'Tell to retrieve Debora Ansara, the niece of Federation renegade Admiral Rodrigo Doenitz. The Mission is a success but Captain Remae suffers an accident resulting in the loss of his lower limbs and is duly medically incapacitated from duty. First Officer T'Vhor assumes command of the Spectre.

The ships of the 52nd and their Klingon allies begin to mass for an attack on the Mars Defence Perimeter in a final push to end the Civil War.

During the battle for the MDP the USS Nimitz and the USS Champlain are destroyed, along with many other ships on both sides. The loss of life is horrendous. The USS Boudicca under the command of Commander Stakes manages to breach the defences of Starbase Valhalla and thus the 52nd is able to bring down the defence stations within the MDP and the 52nd is victorious.

As a direct response to information received during the Betazed retrieval mission, the Spectre is ordered into Romulan space under DOA (denial of awareness) clause, it's mission, to find and retrieve the usurped Federation President, Rondar Nell.

The USS Spectre successfully negotiates terms of ITD and the USS Alacrity, Swansea, Cathay, Wilhelm Steinitz and Kissimee form a specific battle group alongside the Klingon Vessels IKS B'Quaj'ah, Ha'Quj, Tong, Pach and the SuvwL'Vaj.

The new alliance battle group consisting of the above named vessels joins the battle at the MDP resulting in the fall of Starbase Valhalla.The battle for the Mars Defence Perimeter is decisive in ending the Civil War; Doenitz flees but is later arrested and imprisoned. President Rondar Nell is reinstated and the task of reconstruction and reconciliation begins
2408 : Six months after the end of the Civil War, the ships of the 52nd are once more sent out on peaceful missions The USS Dennison is all but destroyed by what is believed to be a rogue SFI vessel; the ship is mothballed pending repairs and her crew is reassigned to the Nova-class USS Mithrandir-A.

Admiral LoDona and Captain Sevant are arrested. Fleet Admiral Jopek takes command of the 52nd Fleet based at Starbase Geneva

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