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Battle of System 663

Intelligence learned that Admiral Doenitz had been assembling forces in System 663, a white star system with 5 planets orbiting in the Beta Quadrant, the last one supporting intelligent life at a pre-industrial level. It was likely that this would be a jump off point to other major Federation worlds as it was in striking distance of Deep Space 5 and Rhaandar. Quickly, a battle group was assembled to assess the danger and take action if necessary. The USS Augustus commanded by Susan Allen was rerouted to the system in 2406 with a fleet of 14 ships with Lieutenant Edward Wolfe as the Strategic Operations Officer. It was soon discovered that they would be up against Doenitz's 27 vessels, many of which were designs newer than those in the Augustus battle group. For a period, recon took place. Finally, a widescale battle ensued on 2406.02.05 after it was discovered that Doenitz was mining the inhabited planet of mineral wealth and using the people of the planet to do it, thus violating the Prime Directive. While Doenitz's forces were stopped, 9 of the 14 vessels were destroyed in the fray and the USS Augustus was heavily damaged. With the level of damage sustained, it took the USS Augustus 7 months to reach Starbase Geneva. This battle was largely seen as a Pyrrhic Victory by the 52nd Fleet.

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