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The Beltanis Stellar Nursery
The Beltanis Stellar Nursery

The Beltanis Stellar Nursery is a region of extreme activity located at the end of the Subspace River terminus designated the Tau Sigma Flow.

The region is characterized by the amazing variety of stellar and proto-planetary and proto systematic formations that dominate the area.

The Subspace Terminus ends inside the heart of the Nursery, and is surrounded by a 'Safe-Zone' which is maintained by some unknown phenomenon, although it is suspected to be caused by the river terminus rather than the Nursery.

On Stardate 2408.04.25 the USS Rosenante arrived in the Stellar Nursery to begin survey and study of the area. The Nursery is estimated to cover an area of hundreds of thousands of cubic light years.

One of the phenomenons encountered by the Rosenante was as sudden subspace explosion which seriously damaged the vessel. Additionally Plasma discharges against the ship's shields were not uncommon. There was also a marked increase in gravimetric turbulence caused by the tidal nature of the various stellar and proto-planetary bodies in the sector.

It was here, that the Rosenante encountered The Harvester which captured them. The Rosenante was responding to a structured signal which they believed could have been a distress signal at the time of their capture.

The Nursery was first explored in the Mission Fields of Elysium