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USS Boudicca
Launched 2404.04.05
The USS Boudicca NCC–49901


Keltoi Class
Long-Range Explorer
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  • Command Staff
  • Operations Staff
  • Medical Staff
  • Tactical & Security Staff
  • Engineering Staff
  • Science Staff
  • Other Starfleet Staff

  • Missions
The Anointed
Fires of Heaven **Coming Soon**
To Each His Own **Coming Soon**
A Blast From The Past **Coming Soon**
Swords To Ploughshares **Coming Soon**
Downtime **Coming Soon**
The Loudest Silence **Coming Soon**
Through The Looking Glass **Coming Soon**
Where Fools Fear To Tread **Coming Soon**
Just Another Saturday Night
Once More Into The Breach
Personal Logs
Bandits on the Surface
Dead or Alive
Starting Over
The Raven's Nest
Recurrent **Underway**

Dedication plaque by Bosshard.

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The USS Boudicca is a starship currently serving in the Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets. The ship was launched in 2404, and at the time was the second ship of the Keltoi Class. She is currently assigned to the 52nd Fleet. Her Original design was as a Ship-of-the-line, and she was initally to be deployed a deterrent to conflict hotspots such as the Romulan Neutral Zone or the edge of Orion Syndicate space. She is the Second ship to be launched in the Star Trek freedom Universe for the 52nd Fleet and as such, she has a long an illustrious career. She served with distinction during the Federation Civil War, being the lead element on the attack against the Mars Defense Perimeter and Starbase Valhalla. Though she was heavily damaged during the fighting, The fleet refused to decommission her, instead opting to refurbish her as a long-range Explorer. The vessel's core design encompasses 22 decks. USS Boudicca Deck Plans are available to those with appropriate security clearance.

The crew of the USS Boudicca is considered to be one of the most Elite and dedicated crews in the fleet. The Officers who serve aboard her come from a wide variety of backgrounds and worlds, each bringing their own unique perspectives and experiences to the overall performance of the ship. There are personnel both old and new aboard ship who all strive together to overcome the challenges and risks that the universe throws at them. They are explorers and warriors all dedicated to the betterment of the United Federation of Planets and it's principles. Often they have faced the grimmest of challenges with duty, honor and dedication.

Fleet Update

The Boudicca has been ordered to the Lubelter system to intercept two rogues Cardassian warships. With any luck the ships will cease and desist any further trespasses once they see the Boudicca enter the system. The Boudicca has seen its fair share of battles and one more wouldn't hurt. Or would it?

En route the crew will prepare the departments for a captain's inspection. The skilled and trained crew have time and time again shown their resilience and this time is no different and requires no less. Each department works hours on end to ensure that they are prepared for anything once they reach the Lubelter system and engage the Cardassians. Engineering has come up with a couple of fail safes on the off chance that things get hairy once they arrive.

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