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Before it is possible for an officer to rise to a senior bridge officer in command, second officer or higher, he or she must take command training. Command training demands that the officer be well versed in all areas of the starship and of all departments. Command training also ensures that the candidate knows the administration of the duty station both in times of duress and during regular operation. Cadets can begin with command training and start in a command stream in Starfleet Academy, however it is possible for senior rank officers to be nominated for command training. Command training takes place at the Command School.

Starfleet Command School was an institution in which Starfleet officers were trained in preparation for possible future command postings. Among the classes taught was starship maneuvering.

In 2371, Captain Kathryn Janeway recalled that Command School taught her to always remember that maneuvering a starship was a very delicate process. She then observed that in the years since, she learned that "sometimes you just have to punch your way through." (VOY: "Parallax")

For a very important of out-of-character command training, see Compile.