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Jason Miller
Name: Jason Miller
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 21
Position: Engineer
Ship: Starbase Roanoke
Status: Inactive

Jason Miller is a Starfleet Enlisted Crewmember, currenlty serving onboard the USS Boudicca has a engineering support personnal.


Pre-Starfleet Life

Miller was born to a lower-class family of citizens. His parents and older brothers and sisters all worked on building commerical, civillian Starships. There life's ambition was to get promoted to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Miller was a very smart young man, who knew a lot about engineering , but never finished a formal schooling, so he was not able to even complete the Starfleet Academy entrance exam.

Dejected, he returned to Jupiter Station and planned on taking his place on building the next big cargo vessel, when he told his story to the Starfleet 2O at Jupiter Station. The officer told him about the wonderful world of Noncomissioned Officers and Miller left for the Starfleet Noncomissioned School for Engineering.

Starfleet's Noncomissioned School

Miller enjoyed going to Engineering school, but was treated for depression many times. Also, the medical officer reported that Miller appeared to be abnormally losing weight, a sign of not eating. Miller began taking a combination of anti-depression medication and a series of holo-therapy programs.

Miller completed the school with a full degree and was 'hired' by Starfleet to work has an Engineering Support Officer. He was given the rank of Crewman Apprentice.

First Assignment, USS Hugo

USS Hugo

Miller was sent to work on the USS Hugo, a Excelsior-class ship. The ship was a refitted science ship and Miller found his crewmates very friendly to him. However, he did not feel challenged since the ship required very little engineering work.

On one occasion, a young ensign who was at CONN during Gamma Shift accidently pilotted the ship too close to a quantum singularity. In the escape from the event horizon, many of the ship's systems are seriously damaged. Miller and his crewmates get to 'show their stuff' has they must get the ship working enough. The ship was jury-rigged enough to limp back to a starbase and there were no deaths. Following his hard work, his was promoted to Crewman.

Second Assignment, USS Ebon Hawk

USS Ebon Hawk

When the hostities between LoDona's forces and Doentiz' forces and it appeared war may happen, Miller was transferred from the science ship, to the heavy crusier USS Ebon Hawk, an Akira-class ship. Miller grew to dislike his time on the Ebon Hawk, has it had a larger crew than the Hugo, and he didn't feel like his recommendations got heard by the CEO.

However, Miller's skills were called into action when the USS Ebon Hawk and a ship loyal to Doentiz suddenly found themselves. The two ships, not wishing to cause a full-scale battle (possibly one of the first of the conflict) exchaged warning shots over each hull when they both turned and left. Then, the other ship appeared out of warp, cutting off the Ebon Hawk, and fired torpedos. The USS Ebon Hawk was critically hit, and seriously damaged. Miller's deck was sealed off the rest of the ship, and he led a small group of other enlisted men to safety, before returning to to Main Engineering (which was full of various gases) and helpping repair the critical systems, so the Ebon Hawk could return to a safe port. For his actions, he was promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Third Assignment, Starbase Geneva

Starbase Geneva

Miller was shipped to a safe port of Starbase Geneva. He was only there a short time before he was again being bullied by other enlisted men. He went to speak to Brian Rogers, the station's new counselor, however, Rogers was rude. Miller went to Paul Casely to complain, but Rogers later apologized and the two began counselling, and became friends.

When a strange planet appeared and the people spoke pre-warp English, Casely gave Ensign Rogers the task of making a translation device that could translate. Rogers needed help with the engineering side of the job, and asked Miller to help. Jason agreed. The mission was a success, and both Rogers and Miller were promoted (Miller to Petty Officer 2nd Class) and Rogers was given a medal. Miller was not angry that he wasn't awarded, because Rogers had to go on the Away Misison, aswell.

After that Miller's life settled down. He had little involvment in the senior staff's operations has he went about his duties. He was bullied by a Ensign named Jenkins, and when he went to Kaitlyn Mackenzie to be healed, she repramaned Jenkins.

Fourth Assignment, USS Boudicca

USS Boudicca

On the runabout flight back to the Boudicca, disaster struck and the Geneva-transfers were marooned on a planet, which a large majority of the Boudicca crew was aswell. Miller was seriously injuried and was operated on when they returned to the sickbay of the Boudicca.

Miller was released from sickbay weeks later by Dr. Kaitlyn Mackenzie. He was upbeat and excited about returning to duty, so he reported to Lt. John Fredericks for duty, however, he called away to be part of a holodeck simulation. Miller embarrsed himself, for misunderstanding his directions, and fired his phaser, drawing the enemy.

Following his disgrace, Paul Casely called a group of old Geneva crewmembers to have a few drinks during the after hours. Following this meeting, Miller took part in some rountine repairs of the phaser power grid with assistant engineer, Lt. Matthew McLaren.

Fifth Assignemtn, Starbase Roanoke

Following his tour of duty on the USS Boudicca, Miller was reassigned as to Starbase Roanoke.

Miller is currently inactive.

Miller is played by Kevin Schram.