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Author's Note

CMO Lt.Cmdr. Kaitlyn Mackenzie

Kaitlyn Mackenzie is my oldest character here. I however, have been around for many many moons, way back when we were known as the FGN (Federation Gaming Network). I think only five of us have survived the transfer from FGN to Freedom.

At any rate, I’ve been a part of Freedom with Kaitlyn Mackenzie for a grand total of five years, almost six. She has only been around since Freedom though, as my FGN character was killed off while I took a six month break. A lot of her history is lost or forgotten as some previous CO’s never took the time to do compiles….*Glares at past CO’s who are now not a part of Freedom* Anyways….so enjoy with what I have. Since I’ve been sitting here for so long and my butt and fingers hurt from typing, I’m bound to have forgotten something. Have fun reading!



Born in Sacramento, California, Earth, Kaitlyn was a lone child with no other siblings. Her mother, Claudia Mackenzie (Wells), taught in medical for many years at the Academy. Her father, Richard Mackenzie, taught quantum theory at the Academy and still currently is.

While growing up, it was hard on Kaitlyn as both her parents were always busy with teaching at the Academy. For the most part, Kaitlyn lead life as any other normal school child would….making friends, going to school, and eventually working as she got older. However, when she was just 8 years old, her parents got a divorce and went their separate ways. Still continuing to see both of her parents, Kaitlyn did this until she was she was old enough to move out of her mother’s house and on her own.

While on her own at just 17 years old, Kaitlyn worked part time as a dance instructor and went to school part time until she graduated at 18. Not sure what she wanted to do in life, her next part time job would quickly become working at her mother’s side. Claudia needing the extra help and now moving onto being an active nurse (instead of teaching), she asked Kaitlyn to help out around the facility. In doing so, it didn’t take Kaitlyn long to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

At the age of 19 Kaitlyn applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted into a medical major program. She spent her first four years going through basic classes, mostly prerequisites to the program. Her finishing years at the Academy would consist of everything she needed to know about her major, as well as making new friends that would later serve with her.

Starfleet; Starbase Geneva, Tour 1

Graduated from the Academy, Kaitlyn had orders to quickly join the crew on Starbase Geneva, under the command of Captain Arianna. Upon arriving, she was designated Chief Medical Officer, and had to learn the ropes mostly on her own. Among adapting to her duties and responsibilities, she developed friendships with the crew, some of whom are no longer around today.

Upon many of the missions she partook in, one of the missions would have her falter from medical for nearly three months. Mid-run through her service, Kaitlyn went down to a planet on an away mission in an attempt to save several crewmembers, including her next in line CO Vladek Rofellian. Her Captain being held hostage, almost all but two crewmembers escaped, one of the two being her. During the time her captors held her, they performed medical tests and experimentations on her, using their advanced biological medical techniques to impregnate her using her own DNA. Upon her arrival back at the Starbase after being rescued, she had no knowledge of what they did to her, but she was listed with a clean bill of health. This only lasted for about a week, when she continually felt sick, along with the regular signs of human female pregnancy. Knowing it was impossible at the time (hint hint), she had another doctor check her out, only to find out she was one week pregnant…..with no fetus. Her body went through the physical aspects of a human pregnancy, without an actual fetus. Having no cure, she was forced to channel as much attention she could away from her condition and work until she ‘gave birth.’ Finally, when the time came, her body prolapsed into her previous physical form. Later the crew would find out these species were responsible for trying to help themselves procreate (amongst other things), and using humans as hosts for cures for diseases.

Aside from the missions, Kaitlyn spent a total of two years on Starbase Geneva, eventually ranking up to a Lieutenant Commander/20, and still under the command of Captain Rofellian until his untimely death. About the same time Rofellian fell in the line of duty, Starbase Geneva shut down for repairs, and the USS Paladin was launched.

USS Paladin

Kaitlyn was then promoted to first officer, and was the first ever to have served aboard the Paladin. However because of conflicts, once Starbase Geneva finished with its repairs, Kaitlyn then transferred back. She had only spent a grand total of 6 months on the Paladin, and wasn’t guaranteed her necessary position, though she had great qualifications.

Starbase Geneva, Tour 2

Now back aboard the Starbase, Kaitlyn was assigned with the duties of ACMO, and was under the direction of CMO Admiral Gr’iann, and once more Captain Arianna. Though her CO was temporarily on leave discussing situations with ambassadors, that left the second in command, Paul Casely. Now back on Geneva, she had friends that had also transferred back with her, giving her both people she knew and people she didn’t.

Among her greatest friendships were the chief medical officer Admiral Gr’iann and the newest part of Geneva’s family, Ensign Brian Rogers. Since the redesign of the Starbase, it made Kaitlyn feel like she was back at home, only in a modified version. Getting back into her old groove, she ended up with a variety of memories of which to never forget. From the caitian Gr’iann following her from her scent to Mr. Rogers who bluntly invited her to a half naked klingon battle simulation. Not to mention the drunken dragon who appeared at their very first party together……

Again, more missions ensued and swept her up, taking everyone else in midst along the way. She would serve on Starbase Geneva for the second time for only another year, gaining back the rank of CMO before being closed down once more. She, along with everyone else, was then transferred to the USS Boudicca.

USS Boudicca

When departing for the Boudicca, everyone boarded shuttles, heading its direction. Things soon turned bad when their shuttles crash landed on a planet called Velorum IV. There is where they met a lot of the Boudicca crew, and she was once again forced to get to know a whole other set of new people. The Boudicca, under the direction of Captain Sevant, was a warship that required much getting used to once they were able to free themselves and get off the planet.

Once on the Boudicca, the old Geneva crew went under intense holodeck simulation retraining to better their skills and help them familiarize themselves with battleships. Once done, she was then back at her old posting as chief medical officer, with a triage assistant Mor’rel.

To this date her along with her fellow crew, they are fighting to survive the deadly attack of Doenitz and his forces as he tries to take over worlds and annihilate others, including Starfleet.


During her first tour with Starbase Geneva, Kaitlyn was awarded the Starfleet Shield for her actions taken with the Cobra Fleet. Her second award was granted on stardate 2407.01.06 for exemplary work in the field of medicine.

Star Trek Freedom Bio

Character Physical Description

Name: Kaitlyn Mackenzie

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 130 Lbs.

Blood Color: Red

Skin Color: Caucasion

Physical Description: Brown eyes, light brown shoulder length hair, 5'3", 120lbs, petite.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background: Her parents are divorced. They both teach at the Academy, her mother, medical, and her father, quantum theory. Her mother was a doctor and Kaitlyn used to help out as a nurse when she was short handed. Hence her desire to be a doctor!


Graduated from Starfleet Academy.


Before Starfleet she was a dance instructor and also helped her mother as a nurse. She's not married and has no children.


Starbase Geneva as CMO/20-2 years; Transferred to the USS Paladin and served as First Officer for 6 months; Transferred back to Starbase Geneva and was ACMO. Served on Geneva for another year before Geneva shut down for repairs. Everyone including her was then transferred to USS Boudicca, where she is now currently the CMO.


Has premature heart beats, but usually do not effect her.


Majors in medical knowledge and has command experience. She can handle many intense situations.


She loves to dance. She also likes spending time on the holodeck running various programs.