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Vital statistics
Name: Lise Arianna
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Birthplace: [Qo'noS]]
Species: Klingon(1/8) /Betazoid (7/8) Hybrid
Eye Color: Green/Yellow
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 foot 8
Weight: 155 lbs
Blood Color: Lavender
Skin Color: Porcelain
Current rank: Captain
Current Position: Commanding Officer
Assignment: Geneva Station
Geneva Station NCC-85745
Status: Inactive

Physical Description:

Standing 5'8" and weighing 155 lbs, Lise appears much like a Betazoid but the slight cranial ridges of her Klingon ancestry proclaim themselves on her forehead and down her spine. There is a certain degree of organ redundancy due to her Klingon blood and she is remarkably quicker to heal than the average Betazoid. Telepathically, she is quite gifted but she is not able to match the strength of a full-born Betazoid. Her eyes are green with twists of brown and yellow throughout.


Lise's 1/8th Klingon heritage stems from her great-grandfather (Kre'Tos) having been a diplomat stationed on Betazed. He fell in love with Lise's Great-grandmother and they had Lise's Grandfather. He too married a Betazoid woman and produced a son (Kre'Tos) who would become Lise's father.

Lise father, Kre'Tos was born into a diplomatic family. Being of mixed heritage, he attended schools both on the Klingon home world and Betazed throughout his life. It was on Betazed where he fell in love with Maria Dinsyl.

The two were then moved back to the Klingon home world to serve in ambassadorial capacities there. Maria gave birth to twin girls, naming them Lise and Lisa. Two years after their birth, a rebel faction from the Klingon war invaded their dwelling and killed both Kre'Tos and Maria. Only Lise was left.

Lise had thought she was the only child of her deceased parents but while serving aboard Geneva Station as Captain, she discovered that she had an identical twin who had been sold into slavery by the rebels who had pilfered her from their home on Qo'noS. Lise's twin sister, Lisa, has a daughter Angel who appears to have some Romulan heritage as well although her true lineage is not precisely known.


Primary school education was mainly on Qo'noS. During Middle, junior and High Schools, she alternated back and forth between Betazed and Qo'noS thanks to the federation standardization of academic curricula.

Lise attended the Daystrom Institute of Engineering whereby she graduated fifth in her class. She received a degree in Warp Mechanics with a minor in holoprogramming. She then did an after degree program at La Sorbonne whereby she increased her knowledge of the French language and also temporal mechanics.

Following La Sorbonne, Lise applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy where she was placed under holodeck instructor Mrr'thann'rr. She graduated with flying colors and was soon posted aboard the USS Boudicca.

Pre Starfleet:Lise grew up thinking she was an only child as she was sent to live with distant relatives on Betazed. She was the sole surviving member of her house (or so she thought). While living on Betazed, she was fascinated with Klingon culture and as a result insisted on making many visits to her family on Qo'noS who felt that it would be 'easier' for her to get by living on Betazed. However, their resistance to her living on Qo'noS only strengthened her resolve to become good at the arts of combat known to Klingon. As a result, she trained relentlessly with her Bat'leth and succeeded in placing second at one of the most prestigious Bat'leth tournaments on Qo'noS.

Her school work was well done, however some years were better than others. It took Lise quite a while to realize that her passion lay within the confines of the sciences and not in the fine arts as her relatives had hoped. Her attempts at painting and sculpting and other forms of visual arts had proved less than pleasing. She did however, take and continue with the Terran art form of ballet finding that quite to her liking and in several ways similar to Klingon art forms.


While assigned to Outpost 15, Lise Arianna was abducted by a group of Klingon rebels who were in the middle of the fight for sexual equality on Qo'noS. A member of their group was her sister, Lisa. The group felt that they would be able to convince Lise to take up their cause and in the end she would fight on their behalf in order to further their feminist cause in the eyes of the Klingon council. Arianna was coming off the death of her former lover Tokugawa and had been newly reassigned. Bitter at the inability to exercise power in the name of her house, and the sight of her sister and her subjugation within Klingon society prompted her to take up their cause. Lise Arianna resigned from Starfleet.

Stardate: 2406.12.14, Lise Arianna was re-kidnapped by Federation forces under the command of Ambassador Miador Tane and the orders of Admiral Robert LoDona. She was reprimanded for conduct unbecoming and hauled back under LoDona's jurisdiction where he threatened her with a court martial. However, due to the scarce resources of the fleet, she was put on probation and re-assigned as CO of Geneva Station.

Stardate: 2406.12.30 Captain Lise Arianna takes command of Geneva Station.

Medical:Lise has no known allergies at this time. She is generally healthy and able to cope with high amounts of stress. On the USS Boudicca, a spirit entity possessed her person and she was unable to control her own actions, but psychologists have given her a clean bill of health following that encounter.

While serving on Geneva Station, she was also put into a traumatic situation while her then commanding officer and also lover had his mind influenced and taken over by a mind-controlling device. He publicly humiliated her and slapped her in front of the entire bridge crew. Then broke off the partnership suddenly and did not re-contact her ever again. She recently learned of his death and attended his funeral on Earth in Japan. Psychologists have been reasonably convinced that she has fully recovered from this incident.

Lise received several injuries while fighting in the Klingon empire in alongside her Klingon sisters in their struggle for sexual equality. However, not all of her injuries have been properly tended to due to lack of time and resources and she will undoubtedly require medical attention once there is time aboard Geneva Station.

Starfleet Counselors are as of yet, unsure precisely why Lise Arianna chose to side with those of the Klingon empire in their struggle for sexual equality. While Arianna seems to have convinced LoDona of her ability to command, they remain skeptical and will no doubt instruct Geneva's counselors to keep a close watch on her.

Hobbies:Lise's hobbies include bat'leth training and competition, reading, listening to opera and also researching other cultures. She likes to fix things and look for new ways to make technology more efficient. She is also rather fond of the Terran art form of ballet.

Since becoming a commanding officer, Lise has discovered another 'hobby' and that is sleeping. While in a crisis this leisure activity is not something that is generally permitted, it is something that she has come to treasure and enjoy when time permits her to engage in this activity.


Lise has participated in several Bat'leth tournaments during her lifetime and one time even placed second. It was a great honor to her house. She is well versed in several Klingon combat forms and able to use a variety of weaponry. Her favorite, however is the bat'leth.

Having grown up between two cultures and being empathic, Lise is able to assess situations and deal with other people in a way that engenders respect and trust. She has been successful in several mediating and negotiating roles that she has performed throughout her career.

Originally, Lise obtained her university degree as an engineer. She has a solid grasp of engineering principles and is able to pull together solutions to a variety of problems. She has served aboard the USS Boudicca and later Geneva Station as CEO. Her somewhat unorthodox methods, however, have led her to not always be on the best side of her commanding officers.

Lise's empathic skills are quite developed, however, her abilities are not akin to those of a full-born telepath. She is very good at blocking her mind to outsiders and maintaining mental shields as she spent also spent part of her childhood on Qo'noS.

Lise has on occasion tried to cook. However, that would not be one thing that should be listed under her specialty heading. Instead she is more apt at fixing things, and electronically inclined. She enjoys technology, however is also fascinated with the past. Archeology is another one of her interests and she tries, when time permits to research different cultures and their backgrounds.

She is fluent in Federation Standard, Klingon, and French. She enjoys reading literature in those different languages and is especially fond of Klingon Opera. However, while she is fond of it, her specialty is not performing in it.


While she looks more like a Betazoid than a Klingon, her sense of honor and stubbornness can push her to the limits of her abilities.