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Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Type: Dreadnought
Length: 1500 meters
Beam: 750 meters
Height: 300 meters
Decks: 70
Crew: 8,600 - 15,000
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9
Armament (standard): Phaser Arrays (360 coverage), 2 forward Photon torpedo launchers, 1 aft Photon torpedo launchers, 3 forward Quantum torpedo launchers, 2 aft Quantum torpedo launchers
Defenses: Deflector shields

General Overview

The Meredith Class Starship was conceived to operate as a mobile command center for Starfleet's top brass, able to lead assaults and act as a Fleet Carrier. This starship class has a formidable defensive capacity as well as firepower and fighter capabilities.

This design of ship utilizes three warp cores, one is dedicated to the warp drive, one to the defense system and the third is usually in a state of minimal use, but can be powered up to complement plasma generation. The technicians found that even with all three warp cores working to power the warp engines, increase in speed was not detectable just before the PTCs (Power Transfer Conduits) destroyed themselves!

Previous to 2404, to achieve the emergency speed of warp 6, two of the Warp Cores had to be placed at 100% and power transferred to the nacelles. It is estimated that 10 minutes later, the PTCs would collapse. The third was be placed in operational mode and used at the discretion of the Commanding Officer.

This class was heavily upgraded late in 2404 after extensive field tests of her systems. The vessel had proved over powered and yet was suffering greatly from inefficiencies in her EPS distribution systems, making it hard to achieve full potential.

After many discussions on how to increase her warp speed and weapons systems, several breakthroughs were made and her EPS distribution system was re designed to handle the extra load. In real terms this has increased her operational efficiency by over 200 percent now increasing her maximum warp speed to Warp 9. The addition of the newer higher power EPS Conduits has allowed her to have a new, additional, high powered, phaser arrays.

In case of dire emergency, there is the DBM (Detachable Bridge Module), for essential personnel. The DBM is equipped with an extensible warp nacelle enabling quick getaway.

Utilizing the power surplus of the ship and, given her size, the crew makes more use of site to site transporters as well as the impressive turbolift system.

Cargo Bay 3 is usually reserved for transporting Starbase Modules, when this is not the case, holoemitters can transform part or the entire bay into any customization required by the Commanding Officer and the Mission.

Technical Data

Command and control systems


The chairs of the captain and first officer on the Meredith-class bridge
The bridge has a standard Starfleet layout. The captain and first officer have side by side seats: captain in the center and the first officer seated to his or her right. In front of the command chairs there are OPS and navigation stations. Engineering, tactical, and science stations are located behind and to the sides of the captain and first officer's chairs. The Captain's Ready Room is located directly off from the bridge. (USS Paladin Mission: "The Enigma Factor")


Engineering is a cavernous room, nine decks tall. The three warp cores are equally spaced one in the center and two to the sides. There are lifts on the left of Warp Core 1 and right of Warp Core 3 which lead to a series of catwalks along the walls and connect the three warp cores. This allows access to each warp core's matter-antimatter reaction assembly. (USS Paladin Mission: "Interlude")

The Chief Engineer's office is located on the lower deck right off the main room which houses the warp cores. (USS Paladin Mission: "Interlude")

Propulsion systems

  • Warp Drive System
    • Type : Mark IV Warp Drive
    • Power : Three (3) Matter/Antimatter cores with Triad Reactant Injector System (TRIS)
    • Nacelles : 2
    • Normal Cruising Speed : Warp 7
    • Maximum rated speed for 26 hours : Warp 8
    • Emergency Speed : 9 (auto shutdown after 30 minutes)
  • Impulse Drive Systems
    • Type : Type II Hyper Impulse Propulsion System (HIPS)
    • Power : Deuterium
    • No. Engines : 3

Tactical systems

  • Phaser Type : Mark X
    • Phaser locations : Phaser Strips are located in all areas, these are complemented with rotating phaser turrets in several locations. Giving the ship true all round phaser coverage.
  • Photon Launcher Locations : 2 Fore, 1 Aft
    • Photon Complement : 200
  • Quantum Launcher Locations : 3 Fore, 2 Aft
    • Quantum Complement (MkII - Capable of pattern and independent firing) : 400
  • Tractor Beams : 1 Fore, 2 Aft

Deflector shields

  • Primary Shields : Auto-modulated high capacity regenerative shield system.
  • Secondary Shields : Standard Mark XI Shields.
  • Hull Armour : Neutronium

Transporter Systems and Sensors

  • Transporter Systems
    • Standard (8 Man) : 15
    • Combat (6 Man) : 7 (All on Marine Deck/Section)
    • Medical (4 Man) : 2 (One in each Med Section)
    • Small Cargo (12 Man Equivalent) : 25 (2 in each Small Cargo Bay, 1 in each Large Cargo Bay)
    • Large Cargo (30 Man Equivalent) : 5 (1 in each Large Cargo Bay)
  • Sensors
    • Long Range Sensors : 35 Light Year Max Range.
    • Takes 1 minute/per light year for intensive scan
    • Takes 1 second/per light year for standard scan
    • General scan is almost instant up to maximum range.

Crew support systems

  • Crew Capacity
    • Normal Complement : 8600
    • Maximum Complement : 15000
    • Maximum Passengers : 1000
    • Maximum Marines : Four (4) Companies of Marines with a Command Detachment.
    • Maximum Life Support : 15500
  • Holodecks : 9 (1 allocated for Marine use only)

Auxiliary spacecraft systems

  • Danube Class Runabouts : 3
  • Type 6 Shuttlecraft : 7
  • Type 7 Shuttlecraft : 7
  • Three complete squadrons of Void Sphinx Fighters for the Ninth Division (Fighting Aardvarks)
  • Type Alpha Marine Dropship : 4 (Each carries 50 Marines)
  • Type Beta Marine Dropship : 2 (Each carries 20 Marines in MechSuits)
  • Travel Pods : 20
  • Escape Pods : 100

Deck Layout

Detachable Bridge Module (DBM): Decks 1-9

  • Deck 1 - Observation Lounge, Bridge, Captain's Ready Room.
  • Deck 2 - Emergency Engineering Room, Extensible Warp Nacelle, Two (2) Runabout Issue Warp Cores are mounted horizontally, Power Transfer Conduits, Engineers Office, Emergency Computer Core, M-AM Storage (Main Hull), Plasma Storage.
  • Deck 3 - Senior Staff Offices (FO, COUNS), Officer`s Mess, Holodecks.
  • Deck 4 - General Conference Room, Transporter Rooms.
  • Deck 5 - CO and FO Private Quarters, Senior Crew Quarters, Storage Area.
    • The Senior Officers Quarters are class two suite, with a living room, one bedroom, and a small office.
    • Should the officer need extra space for his family, storerooms on either side of the quarter can be transformed into additional bedrooms.
  • Deck 6 - Admiralty Deck
    • Conference Rooms, Admiral's Quarters, Ambassadorial Quarters, Fleet Command Center, Secure Communications Room, Mess, Transport and a Small Holodeck.
  • Deck 7 - CSO`s Office, Research Facilities, Stellar Cartography, Astrolab, Scientific Holodeck.
  • Deck 8 - Transporter Room, Major Conference Room, VIP Quarters, Diplomatic Quarters.
  • Deck 9 - Crew Quarters, Emergency Civilian Quarters Section, Small Recreation Area and Promenade.
  • The DBM is an integrated part of the saucer section, but can be detached if needed.

Main Hull - Saucer Section: Decks 10-20

  • Deck 10 - Ten-Forward, Holodecks, Gym, Grand Ball Room, Storage.
  • Deck 11 - Forward Weapons Deck (Phasers, Torpedo Launches), Auxiliary Power Generator.
  • Deck 12 - Photon and Quantum Torpedo Storage Area, Security Station.
  • Deck 13 - Primary Sickbay, CMO`s Office, Medical Research Facilities.
  • Deck 14 - General Ward, Maternity Ward, Medical Storage Area, Medical Briefing Room, Nurses Residence, some Crew Quarters.
  • Deck 15 - BIOHAZARD and Environmental Habitat Chambers, Holodeck
    • Holodeck is for Environment Recreation
  • Deck 16 - Special Use Holodecks (Large), Transports, Auxiliary Bridge (Not Battle Bridge), Aft Torpedo Launchers, Secondary Photon and Quantum Torpedo Storage Area, Armory, Security Station.
  • Deck 17 - Crew Quarters, Transporter Room 3, Primary Away Team Staging Area.
  • Deck 18 - Fabrication Engineering, Additional M-AM Storage, Additional Plasma Storage, Biomass Storage, Secondary Hydroponics.
  • Deck 19 - Observation Lounge, Captain`s Yacht, Yacht Maintenance and Supplies, Cargo Bay 1 (Continues on Deck 20)
  • Deck 20 - Cargo Bay 1, Forward Tractor Beam, Machine Space, Docking Clamps, Extractable Landing Struts.

Tactical & Engineering Hull: Decks 21-70

  • Deck 21 - Docking Clamps, Primary Hydroponics Decks.
  • Deck 22 - Primary Hydroponics Decks
  • Deck 23 - Mess Hall, Recreational Facilities, Holodecks
  • Deck 24 - Crew Quarters
  • Deck 25 - Family Quarters, Child Care Center, School, Replimat, Emergency Transporters
  • Deck 26 - Transporter Room, Secondary Away Team Staging Area
  • Deck 27 - Security Chiefs Office, Interrogation Rooms, Brig, Security Staging Area, Security Storage area, Offices
  • Deck 28 - Special Use Holodecks (Large), Crew Quarters
  • Deck 29 - Secondary Sickbay and Civilian Hospital Facilities, Doctor`s Offices, Medical Labs
  • Deck 30 - Upper Engineering Phaser Emitters, Phaser Power Generation, Auxiliary Power Generator
  • Deck 31 - Fore Torpedo Launchers, Aft Torpedo Launchers
  • Deck 32 - Photon and Quantum Torpedo Storage Area, Security Station
  • Deck 33 to 34 - Primary Shuttle bay
  • Deck 35 - Transporter Room 5, Tertiary Away Team Staging Area, Deflector Control
  • Deck 36 - Battle Bridge, Ready Room and Conference Room.
  • Deck 37 to 39 - Cargo Bay 2
  • Deck 40 - Fighter Launch and Recovery bays.
  • Deck 41 - Hanger bay 1, 2 and 3, Avionics Repair, Weapons Repair and Fabrication, Fighter Life support Repair, Fighter Engineering Offices.
  • Deck 42 - FSCO & FSXO offices, Combat Information Center (CIC), Pilot Ready Rooms 1-4, Fighter Sim Holodecks, Pilot Quarters, and Squadron Chapel.
  • Deck 43 to 51 - Primary Engineering Section.
    • Three Warp Cores, Main Computer Core, Primary and Secondary Power Storage, Primary and Secondary Weapons Power Generator, Matter/Anti-Matter Storage Area, Tractor Beam Housing, Deflector Shield Power Generator, CEO`s Office, Engineering Briefing Room and Engineering Storage Area
  • Deck 52 to 54 - Secondary Shuttle Bay and Drop Ship Area
  • Deck 55 - Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Holodecks
  • Deck 56 - Botanical Gardens, Storage Area, Secondary Recreation Deck
  • Deck 57 to 59 - Cargo Bay 3, Fabrication Area, Including : 2 Industrial Replicators, Industrial Transporter System, Repair/Rebuild Facility, Holoemitters, Aux Power Generator
  • Deck 60 - Lower Engineering Weapons Arrays (Phasers, Torpedo Launchers), Photon and Quantum Torpedo Storage Area, Security Station
  • Deck 61 - Crew Quarters
  • Deck 62 to 67 - Marine Corps Department
    • Quarters, Mess Hall, Marine Holodecks, Training Facilities, Tertiary Sickbay, Offices, Transporter Room and Marine Storage Area
  • Deck 68 to 69 - Promenades, Shops, Restaurants, Marketplace, Replimat, Bars
  • Deck 70 - Biomass, Water Storage and Lower Observation Area

Ships commissioned