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Name: Paul Casely
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30
Status: Inactive - Dead

Early Life

Paul Alexander Casely was born to an academic family in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. He has one brother. It was always expected that Paul would follow the majority of his family in Academe. Eventually, Paul entered Queens University and studied political diplomacy and military history as specializations. Combining the two, he achieved his masters degrees and was accepted into a doctorate programme. Despite his success, Paul was never satisfied and believed he was working more to please his parents than to create a life for himself. Finally, at 24 years of age, he left university and entered Starfleet Academy.

Immediately, Paul's parents cut him off from the family, more than a little disappointed by his leaving a prestigious academic career for what they considered a frivilious and dangerous military one.

Starfleet Academy

Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

Casely found that he was one of the oldest cadets enrolled in the Academy and as such had some difficulty relating to the other cadets. While this led to a rather lonely existance, cut off from family and having few friends, it did allow him to concentrate largely on his studies. Casely studied largely in tactical and in ship's operations, excelling in each. Given some advanced standing due to his previous studies, Casely graduated quickly from the Academy and was pressed into immediate active duty.

  • First Year: Paul enters the Academy with a high recommendation. His previous education and degrees gives him advanced standing in several Academy courses. Paul largely keeps to himself, feeling uncomfortable with the youth he is surrounded by. His first year ends up being extremely solitary.
  • Second Year: Paul begins his strategic training in earnest. He exceeds in this field and begins to come to the notice of several of his instructors. It is in this group, many of whom are roughly the same age, Paul begins to find some friendship.

First Assignment, USS Nimitz

USS Nimitz

Casely began active duty on the USS Nimitz on 2406.10.29 at the rank of Ensign Junior Grade. Assigned as an Assistant Tactical Officer under Ensign Senior Grade Onyx Kateb, was first alerted to the 'cold war' between the two factions of Starfleet by Captain Devan Sash. Despite some initial hesitation, Casely saw the sense of what the 52nd Fleet was doing and joined the battle against Doenitz.

Casely moved quickly up the ranks as Onyx Kateb and Edward Gideon, the Security Chief, were killed during the following mission to free Captain Caladryll Sevant on 2406.11.25 of the USS Boudicca from Doenitz. Now, fully the Tactical and Security Chief of the USS Nimitz, and promoted twice during the mission finally to the rank of Lieutenant (JG), Casely began taking Command Training from Captain Sash.

Casely's last mission aboard the USS Nimitz involved a Federation member planet that had become unstable. Along with a team of other crewmates, Casely installed stablizers on the planet, thus venting the undercrust pressure successfully. This was the first time Casely led an Away Mission. While there, he spoke to the leadership of the world about Doenitz, securing the planet as a mission resource supplier.

The Casely Maneuver

Originally, the name was applied as a jest, but then became permanently affixed in common useage for a modified Picard Maneuver. During the assault to save Captain Sevant the Nimitz was under attack by two Intrepid Class ships. In order to deal with the threat of more maneuverable ships, Casely first pulled a Picard Maneuver, warping 'face to face' with one of the ships and attached a tractor beam after battering down one its fore shields. Then warped towards the other ship, using surprise and the inertia of the first ship to smash it into the second. This effectively destroyed the first ship and disabled the second. While this effectively ended the battle, it also fried the circuits and several subsystems in the Nimitz resulting in lengthy repairs. Casely was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon for his actions on this date. Combat Action Ribbon

Second Assignment, Starbase Geneva

Starbase Geneva with In-Phase Planet

Geneva.gif Casely was transferred to Starbase Geneva, which had recently undergone upgrades and was seeing the return of former Commanding Officer Captain Lise Arianna, as Tactical and Security Chief as well as Second Officer on 2406.12.24 and promoted to full Lieutenant. As the designated First Officer still had not arrived (or indeed been chosen) Casely also became acting First Officer.

Running a starbase proved to be extremely different from a ship duty station. The existance of civilians on the station, most notably the pro-human purity group, Humans for Humanity, made Casely's life a good deal more difficult. Casely found that his crew had been infiltrated and spent a good portion of his time on the base trying, unsuccessfully, to rout them out.

One of the first missions aboard Geneva involved the appearance of an out of phase planet beside the station. It turned out that there were humans on the planet, the remnants of a Earth ship that had become caught in the river hundreds of years ago and been rescued by the species of that world. The humans had integrated with the culture to such an extent that linguistic references had become littered throughout the language to past cultural events and items. It also turned out that a small group of human descendants had been waiting for the phase event to return 'home'. This caused a good deal of difficulty and misunderstanding with the occupants of Starbase Geneva.

Increasing the tension was a Humans for Humanity team who had somehow bipassed Geneva to go to the planet and begin a military action against what they saw as the alien overseers of the human population. With Casely's Commanding Officer in delicate negotiations over the fate of the planet with other Federation representatives, Casely launched the USS Mithrandir to retrieve the Humans for Humanity craft utilizing his senior staff as bridge officers. They managed to stop the Humans for Humanity craft from cutting completely through the shield and landing on the planet, but the craft self-destructed in the process.

Soon, the crew was able to open diplomatic talks with the planet, offering haven to those humans wishing to leave. At the end of the successful talks with the planet, Casely was fully made First Officer of Starbase Geneva.

At the same time as the crew was dealing with the suddenly appearing planet, a Cardassian delegation was approaching the station with the premise of discussing an alliance against Doenitz. Unbeknownst to them, several of the Cardassian entourage were infected by a neural parasite, controlling their actions. It was also at this time, that Humans for Humanity decided to increase their activities to disrupt the talks with the Cardassians.

This led to an assassination attempt on Casely. A bomb was placed in his quarters, while Casely averted death, he was seriously injured and bones in his throat that help produce speech were shattered. This led Doctor Kaitlyn Mackenzie and Doctor Gri'ann to construct and surgically implant a vocalization system for Casely. During this time Brian Rogers, then Acting Third Officer of Starbase Geneva had to take control of the station.

Eventually, the neural parasites were defeated, and the crew transferred to the USS Boudicca and Casely was given the position of Strategic Operations Officer and the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Third Assignment, USS Boudicca

USS Boudicca

Casely was then transferred to the USS Boudicca with a number of his senior crew. Enroute to the Boudicca, the crew crashed on a planet. It turned out that the planet was populated by different groups of individuals combining technology into a religion they believed was 'magical'. Casely and his group also found many members of the Boudicca on that planet. Some members of both the Boudicca crew and the former Geneva crew were taken prisoner by a more sinister group of 'mages' known as the Scions. A battle ensued, and eventually the crew found they were able to beam back to the USS Boudicca and leave the planet.

At that point, the new members of the USS Boudicca tried to fit into their new surroundings. The transition, while not easy, has become crucial as soon they will begin a full assault. Casely, for his part, has been working on updating the Strategic Operations centre to allow for his new post within the 52nd Fleet.


Later the real Paul Casely was discovered to have been killed some time between being injured on Geneva and being transferred to the Boudicca. He was replaced by a Vendorian shapeshifter who assumed Casely's form and identity. The shapeshifter was a spy and saboteur for Doenitz. On discovery, it was killed by Major Leonal Drizzt.