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Samantha Chandler is an Assistant Tactical Chief aboard the USS Boudicca.

Samantha Chandler

Biographical Information

Nickname: Sam

Age: 25 years

Race: Human

Birthplace: Virginia, Earth

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair Color: Auburn, shoulder length

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Physical Description: Sam has a small build which can be deceptive when dealing with her capabilities. Her auburn hair and blue eyes make for a striking appearance. She does have some scars on her body from a mountain climbing accident when she was a teenager.


Samantha, or Sam as her family and friends have always called her, is the middle child and only daughter of James and Maria Chandler. Her father is a retired Starfleet Tactical Officer, her mother, a research scientist working with Starfleet. Sam followed into her father's footsteps, much to the exasperation of her mother who wanted her daughter to become a scientist.

Sam is the middle child of five children. Her two older brothers, James Jr. and Garrett, are both in Starfleet. However, Sam does not know where they are or which side of the conflict they are on. Her two younger brothers, Sean and Joshua, are much younger than the three older children. Both of them are currently living on Earth with their parents. Since the declaration of martial law on Earth and the beginning of the civil war, Sam has not known their fate.

Sam comes from a long line of Starfleet officers. Most of whom were marines or tactical officers. Both she and her older brothers followed in that tradition. However, Sam is one of the first females in her family to take that route. (Most females in her family take a more pacifist route in Starfleet.)

She was once engaged, but called it off before they could get married. This engagement is not really one she likes to talk about because of the bitter break up, which is a very long story.

She has no children.


Having been raised in a family with boys taught Sam to be a fighter and to not let anyone push her around. She may be small, but her "tough as nails" attitude makes up for her small size. She is a very determined young woman. Sam has never let her small stature keep her from achieving her goals.

Even though she has a tough side, Sam also has a soft side. She has always been one to jump in right alongside everyone else and help out. She has a soft heart for anyone who needs help.

With her tough attitude and soft heart comes her temper, which can sometimes get the best of her. Usually, the only way you will see it is if you make her really mad because she usually keeps a tight rein on it.

Early Life

Sam was born in Virgina on Earth. However, she was not raised there all of her life. Because of her parents' careers, her early life was spent on starships, starbases, and research stations where her parents were stationed. But when she got older, before her two younger brothers were born, her parents moved back to Earth, choosing to give their children a more stable enviroment with which to grow.

When Sam was fourteen, she and her brothers were mountain climbing in the mountains near her home. While climbing, there was a rock slide which caused Sam to fall down a very rocky slope. She survived but had injuries which left a few scars on her body. The accident didn't put a damper on her love of mountain climbing. She still loves to do it any time she can to this day.

Sam has always been into sports, namely running and rock climbing. Through high school, she was on the school's track team. Long distance running is what she loves to do since it requires more endurance. While growing up, Sam could easily outlast other kids her age. Sometimes, that also included her brothers.

As a young kid, Sam was taught how to play the piano. She was quite talented at it. But as she got older, she found that she had less and less time to devote to it. So she rarely plays anymore.

Tactical Training School

Shortly after Sam turned 18, because of her wishes to join Starfleet and follow her father into the tactical field, she appiled to and was accepted to an advanced tactical training school. She decided to do this before heading to Starfleet Academy.

This school honed Sam's reflexes and instincts, which have come in handy at times. The training she received at this school has made her an expert marksman and she is well-versed in hand to hand combat.

Starfleet Academy

After her stint at the tactical training school, Sam applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. She went to the academy as a tactical major. She went through the academy with flying colors, easily surpassing most others in her class. She was ahead of her class with the tactical areas because of her time at the tactical training school. Upon her graduation, she was given the rank of Ensign JG and assigned to the fleet.

USS Raven

Author's Note: This was a Geneva sub-mission which was used to bring my character to Starbase Geneva. It was just for a short time but I had a lot of fun with it.

On Stardate 2406.11.30, Sam was assigned to the USS Raven, under the command of Captain Amanda Ivanovicha, as acting TAC/SC. The Raven was a small science vessel with a small crew. Sam was pretty much the only tactical officer on board. She also had to share quarters with a rather interesting roommate, Lt. Chenoll, a highly energetic Bolian. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Before heading for Starbase Geneva, the Raven went on a science mission. It included studying a star. The small ship did have some excitement though on this mission, since the system where this star was, had some Borg activity in it. After a close encounter with the Borg, the ship made its way to Starbase Geneva where Sam was to be assigned to.

Starbase Geneva

On Stardate: 2407.01.04, the USS Raven arrived at Starbase Geneva. Sam was then transferred to Geneva as TAC/ASC. Upon her arrival at the station, Sam learned of the war. She was shocked to learn what had happened on Earth and other Federation member worlds. She immediately agreed to fight on the side of LoDona

The day she arrived on Starbase Geneva, a Cardassian delegation arrived at the station. An anti-alien group set off a bomb in a docking bay in an attempt to derail the talks. Thankfully, the bomb was detected and contained before anyone was harmed.

Several hours later, another bomb was set off. This time the target was Geneva's first officer, Paul Casely, who was injured during the attack. A connection was made between the two bombings and Sam was assigned the task of investigating the attacks and finding out who was responsible.

Sam set to work, with the help of the other TAC/ASC, Dorrin Klars, finding out who was behind the bombings. While she was working on the investigation, an ship loyal to Doenitz, USS Montcalm, arrived at Starbase Geneva heavily damaged, requesting assistance. Ensign Brian Rogers, the acting third officer at the time and in command while Casely was still in the Medical Center, agreed to send two teams over to the Montcalm to repair some of the damage and help the wounded in exchange for the Montcalm's command staff as POWs.

To protect the two teams, Sam and Klars were sent undercover among the teams. Sam was assigned to protect the medical team. When she went to the Medical Center to get a medical uniform, the same man who set the two bombs was there, attempting to finish the job and kill Casely. Sam walked in on him and a shootout ensued between Sam and the assasin. Klars responded to her call for help and managed to take out the man, who was later found to be a security officer.

After the incident in the Medical Center, Sam and Klars beamed over to the Montcalm with the Medical and Engineering teams. Sam accompanied Lt. Cmdr Kaitlyn Mackenzie's medical team to the Montcalm's Sickbay.

In the Montcalm's Sickbay, Commander Barns, the enemy second officer, was very demanding as to how Geneva's team should treat the injured. During one of his rants, a team of marines, sent by Rogers to protect the away teams after discovering that some of the Montcalm's crew were armed and heading for the away team's position, arrived in Sickbay. Barns took Dr. Mackenzie hostage, preventing the marines from doing anything to help. Fortunately, Barns didn't realize that Sam was actually a security officer. Sam was able to take him out, thus saving the doctor's life.

With the help of the marines, the away teams were able to complete their mission and take the command staff prisoner without any further incident. They returned to Starbase Geneva having completed what they had been sent to do.

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USS Boudicca

(More to come)

Samantha Chandler is played by Esther Coblentz