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"Captain's log - Stardate 2414.10.14"

After arriving at the perimeter of the Tsinkada Void and finding no trace of the Garallon, we have now proceeded into the expanse. Tension is high in this place, a presence of some kind appearing to shadow us and interacting with the conscious minds of the crew in a manner that defies logic. Dr Riven has managed to create a psi bubble to protect us from the effects of this presense and has assembled what can only be termed, a 'telepathic relay', between those of the crew that possess such abilities, myself included, in order to bolster its efficacy. Initial scans via our Class 2 probe have identified what appears to be a warp signature, but the size of that signature excludes the possibility that we are seeing the Garallon. It is my belief that what we are seeing is its warp core, although why it has been jetisoned I can only speculate at this moment in time.

"Captain's log - Stardate 2414.03.13 - 12:00hrs"

It is with trepidation that we arrive at Starbase 49 today. My discussions with Admiral Alexander regarding the reports of Sulia Madon having resurfaced somewhere, at the forefront of my mind. It is, perhaps, one of my greatest fears that an incursion from within our ranks might occur sometime in the near future. Madon's reappearance may signify that possibility and it is with a certain degree of apprehension now that I await our next mission...

"Captain's log, Stardate 2414.03.10 - 10:45 hours"

After receiving reports that contact has been lost with the research station 'Echo One Zero, the USS Spectre has been sent to find out what has occurred. Upon arrival, there are no signs of life, no signs of a conflict and no signs of any efforts by the crew and scientists aboard the station to leave under their own volition. It is a mystery indeed. The Spectre's remit now is to ascertain the cause of the communications loss and to attempt to explain the loss of all those aboard Echo One Zero. However, there is much more afoot here than meets the eye, and we are destined to delve deep into the realms of our own psyche, with oftimes terrifying results...

Commander Williams has taken an away team to the station, it's compliment consisting of himself and Doctor L'Risa, Security officers Ensigns Smithson and Yates, and science officer Fala. Initial reports indicate no problems so far but we are anxious as to the fate of the crew and scientists that were once stationed here....

"Captain's log, Stardate 2414.01.08 - 15:50 hours"

After arriving in the Sol sector ahead of time, the Spectre encountered an unscheduled freighter apparently having lost some of her systems and in need of repair. Her Commanding officer, Captain Grayson intonated his intent to dock at McKinley station for said repairs after having delivered his cargo to it's destination. However, something did not ring true with Mr Grayson and after running routine scans on his ship, it was found to be carrying equipment that was not disclosed in it's manifest. Due to the unstable nature of the ship itself, it was decided to tow the freighter to McKinley and after initial objections from her CO, he eventually gave permission for us to do so. It was then that the ruse was broken.

Within minutes of tow, the freighter fired upon us and broke her connection to our emitter, thus revealing her true identity. We were now dealing with our foe, the ETHOS vessel itself. In the resultant confusion, the USS Avenger headed for the Luna colony's and immediately changed her appearance yet again. A search of the area ensued culminating in the Avenger once again heading off in an attempt to make the MDP and the void beyond. MDP fighters were scrambled, the Spectre gave chase, her Marine contingent under the command of Major Bruce Kowalski having been despatched to board the vessel once it had been disabled.

Our situation is now as follows. The Avenger is disabled, our Marines are onboard. And we wait....

[Log entry appended and saved. Closing log]

"Captain's log, Stardate 2414.04.04 - 21:17 hours"

It is with regret today that I must announce the departure or loss of a number of our crew due to the attack sustained earlier in orbit of Vedea IV. It would seem that the cowardly ambush by the ETHOS vessel claimed more than we had first suspected, Lieutenant Commander Capps, Lieutenant Adams and a number of other crew have either been lost or injured beyond return to service."

The USS Dauntless is now being tendered by the Agamemnon, her warp engines are back online and the crew is returning to a serviceable condition ready for departure to Starbase Geneva for full evaluation of the damage sustained, and disembark of our injured crew. Admiral Alexander has indicated that Starfleet command is currently in a state of expectational readiness both in, and around the Sol sector and confidence is high that we will detect the ETHOS vessel, before it has a chance to execute whatever plan it has gone there to achieve.

I have hereby promoted Lieutenant Walker Isengard to the role of Acting Tactical Security Chief, and will request his presence on the bridge upon arrival at Sol. It is my opinion that his Empathic abilities may be of assistance in locating the vessel in question once we arrive in the Sol sector."

Against all the odds, it would seem also that Lieutenant H'Chir, despite information to the contrary, is now able to return to his role as CEO. One never ceases to be amazed at the recuperative powers of the Andorian physiology, and of H'Chir in particular.....his resolve is to be commended. Append to existing, close log

[Log entry appended and saved. Closing log]

"Captain's Log... Stardate 2414.01.04 - 21:17 hours"

After having been knocked out of orbit of Vedea IV by an unknown vessel, the Spectre has performed a controlled descent into the atmosphere. However, Vedea IV is a sea world, it's surface over ninety percent water, meaning that the ship finally came to rest beneath that sea in an incapacitated condition. The attack made casualties of Lieutenant H'Chir, our Chief of Engineering and a number of other crew also. After negotiating with the Vedeans, they have come to our assistance with a device they claim can harness Zero-Point energy and elevate us back into orbit on a cushion of what will amount to 'Anti gravity'... Lt Adams is understandably sceptical of the Vedeans claims but is assisting as required. Let us hope that they can deliver...

"Captain's log supplemental... Stardate 2413.09.08 - 17:00 hours"

It would seem that we have encountered a temporal anomaly of some kind, the rivers recent escalations in activity have now culminated in a time jump of some five years in total, we currently have no explanation as to why this has happened and have subsequently been ordered to standby by Starfleet. Doctor Gunnell's belief is that the Borg have managed to initiate an internal routine within the river, and that this is in some way responsible for our current situation. I have no reason to think that this may be otherwise.

Lieutenant H'Chir and his team are now working around the clock to clear the warp injector lockout sustained by EM pulse activity concurrent to the rivers temporal shunt. Most of our systems however, are now back online. Prior to the time jump, the Marines successfully recovered a Starfleet crewman from the Borg vessel, one Lieutenant Carlyle Deston who claims to have been abducted by the Borg themselves from yet another, skewed timeline. It would seem that the more we try to unravel the temporal jumps involved with our mission, the more convoluted and confusing things become.

Logic seems to have deserted us in this place...

"End log, append to existing"

"Captain's log supplemental... Stardate 2408.06.08 - 18:00 hours"

We find ourselves today in an apparently 'enviable' position. No one has ever managed to remove an intact Central Plexus from an active Borg vessel before, thus, Starfleet command has ordered us to board the vessel and attempt to remove this tactically precious piece of technology for further investigation. It is a mission that is fraught with danger, the central plexus itself being arguably THE most guarded piece of equipment on the ship. However, the order is given and whether the course itself is a logical one, it is unquestionably logical to carry it out.

Lieutenant Commander Alexander is leading the away team, with support from Major Kowalski and a squad of marines. Resistance from Borg drones should be minimal, only one being unaccounted for since our last incursion on the vessel. I suspect though that this fact will not make the task of retrieval any easier, and I am sure that a barrage of defensive deployments awaits our away team.

Lieutenant Donaldson's wife Judith, the drone we brought back and de-assimilated is seemingly doing OK, although she still insists that our course of action here will be fruitless, she seems adamant that the Borg will prevail and this leads me to wonder if there is something she is not revealing.... despite my recent mind meld with her.

I can not deny that I am... apprehensive. It is not an emotion I am particularly familiar with.

"End log, append to existing"

"Captain's log supplemental... Stardate 2408.06.08 - 11:47 hundred hours"

"The ship is now sitting twenty thousand kilometres from the subspace river after suffering what appears to be an attack either from something within it's construct, or by the river itself. We have suffered minimal damage but have unfortunately lost one crewman, Ensign Nantz from a plasma leak occurring in one of our forwards maintenance crawl-ways"

"Doctor Gunnell has now interfaced with the river via a modified class IV probe, her current evaluation is that the river has an organic component with similarities to a DNA helix, and that the Borg have somehow initiated execution of it's primary program, thus initiating it's current behaviour............... I am loathe to accept the somewhat illogical notion that the river is alive, however I cannot deny that it is acting in a manner indicative of a lifeform due to it's reaction to external stimuli"

"Of the four Borg drones brought aboard the Spectre for analysis and de-assimilation, two have self terminated, the other two, Lieutenant Donaldsons wife amongst them have survived de-assimilation, but are at present uncooperative and obstructive to all attempts to initiate constructive furtherment of our situation.... I have asked Lieutenant Donaldson to work with the drone known as 'Judith', in the hope that he may encourage dormant memory engrams within her mind, thus increasing the likelihood of a return to some sort of normality for her"

"Captain Talasario of the science vessel USS Humboldt is now in attendance as requested by Starfleet, his presence here however continues to fuel misgivings amongst certain crew members, due to his earlier conduct whilst serving against us during the civil war as CO of the USS Alacrity. It would seem that Lieutenant Adams has particular grievance towards him, although given his familial connections, this is entirely understandable... "

"End log, append to existing"

"Captain's log, Stardate 2408.06.07. 12:00 hundred hours."

"The Borg vessel and it's crew of drones have now been successfully nullified, the Marines having established full command of the bridge. During the mission to achieve nullification however, three drones were subsequently taken aboard the Spectre for analysis and possible de-assimilation, one of these has turned out to be the long lost wife of our Sec chief, Lieutenant Donaldson - she is currently described as stable but not cognitive, her implants having been successfully removed by the medical teams dealing with her"

"Doctor Gunnell has now begun retrieval of the Borg central core data by high speed datalink, completion of the upload is imminent but it has been decided that the data itself be adequately buffered from the ships own central core, in order to prevent cross contamination by active Borg code"

"I have received communication from the USS Humboldt under command of Captain JT Talasario, the same Captain responsible for the defection of the USS Alacrity during the civil war. It would seem that Talasario has been ordered to assist us at Antarchus , justification being that the Humboldt is a dedicated Science vessel and as such, is better equipped to deal with the Borg situation"

"I find this both odd and.... illogical. The Spectre has a fully equipped science platform under the control of Doctor Gunnell, our mission specialist in the field of Borg semantics. Mine however is not to reason, command has apparently seen fit to order the Humboldt to assist so who am I to question"

"End log... append to existing"

"Captain's supplemental log, Stardate 2408.06.06. 20:09 hundred hours."

"After encountering the Borg vessel whilst still under phased cloak, we dispatched an EVA team of marines to covertly board the ship by way of a portable boarding tube, the 'Can Opener' as the Marines affectionately like to term it. The operation was a success but during their mission to incapacitate the Borg Communications array and main power systems, a small Sphere ejected in an attempt to remotely re-establish a link with the collective. I gave the order to pursue the sphere but despite our best efforts to destroy it, it seems that it may have initiated a time jump"

"The unusually configured Borg vessel however has now been secured and a small number of drones taken aboard the Spectre for further data retrieval. Attempts are also under way by Doctor Gunnell, our mission specialist to establish data link-up with the Borg ships main database. My thoughts though are still of the Sphere and where, or when it might re-emerge"

"End log... append to existing"

Status Report:(USS Spectre)

Date: 05/04/2008

After arriving in the Theta Draconis system and establishing orbit of Ushar Prime, an away team has beamed down to begin negotiations with Prime Minister Ung'Hst and his consorts, their goal being to re-establish Dilithium trading with this most unusual burrowing species.

At this moment in time however, the Ushari are unwilling to re-negotiate terms, stating their current arrangement with an as yet undisclosed benefactor as being suitable for their unusual requirements.

There is evidence that the Obsidian order may be at work here and it follows that wherever this particularly odious outfit ply their trade, trouble is not usually far away. The Captain and the rest of the away team are now attempting to uncover anything that might shed light on this matter, albeit somewhat covertly.

Status Report(USS Spectre)

Date: 24:11:2006

Upon our arrival at Tranome Sar, an away team beamed to the surface & made contact with Castigan`s mysterious contact. This contact turned out to be none other than a Ferengi Daimon named Brak, who it would seem holds the key to our successful retrieval of President Nell.

Whilst on the surface however, some of the away team members contracted a pathogen of unknown origin & were quarantined in sickbay, all but the First Officer are now returned to duty. Sporadic attacks upon federation shuttles have been witnessed & logged, two of which were carrying personnel destined for the Spectre.

Our destination is now the Carraya System & it`s fourth planet, an indeterminate body of little interest it would seem, to anyone. Federation records state that it was once a Romulan penitentiary, it`s status now however is undisclosed but it is now the most likely location for the President.

Status Report:(USS Spectre)

Date: 23/07/2006

After arriving in orbit of alpha Onias III, the Spectre discovered the debris of a vessel apparently destroyed by Romulan disruptor fire. The presidential aide on board was found alive in a lifepod on the planets surface & has now been brought aboard.

Venturing further into Romulan space, the Spectre has encountered two mercenary warships, their hulls the deepest black & their weapons more than a match for the cloaked Starfleet vessel. After a pitched battle however, one of those ships has fled the system, the other now lies disabled, but not entirely incapacitated.

After boarding the mysterious vessel, two squads of marines have been met with heavy resistance from a crew equally as well trained as them. Unconventionality seems to meet them at every turn now as they race to secure the bridge & the ship itself.

Status report:(USS Spectre)

Date: 26/06/2006

The Spectre & her crew have been tasked now by 52nd fleet command to venture deep into Romulan territory on a perilous search & rescue mission to find & bring back the deposed president, Rondar Nell.

Whilst en route to Alpha Onias III, she has encountered a shuttle being pursued by a Romulan vessel. One of it`s two crew has turned out to be none other than the saboteur H'Chir, her own CEO returning to the fold...

After rendezvousing with an aide in orbit of Alpha Onias III, the Spectre will cross the neutral zone & with the benefit of it`s phased cloak, hopefully evade those intent on stopping her as she enters the Romulan system in search of her VIP target.

Status Report:(USS Spectre)

Date: 10/03/2006

The USS Spectre is now under cloak in geosynchronous orbit of the Betazed moon Avandar. Captain Ktell & First officer T`Vhor are preparing now to engage on separate covert missions to retrieve essential intelligence.

The apparently ever present Saboteur`s attempts to disrupt have now claimed the life of our TAC/SC Lt Cmdr Pierce Orde, moral has been affected of course but confidence however remains high.

Security presence is at a high at this time, a level two security lock down being in place to restrict all sensitive areas from non essential personnel.

Status Report: USS Spectre(USS Spectre)

Date: 03/01/2006

After setting off from Geneva, we have now rendezvoused with our escort vessels & finally received our long awaited orders. Crew tension for this mission is high, we all know that we are at a turning point now & that our mission is to take us into enemy territory. Confidence however is high.

Our new StratOps centre is impressive & Commander Tahlmari seems to be settling in quite nicely into his new den. Elsewhere there is talk of a possible saboteur on board & this is not sitting well at all with the crew.

We are now about to enter the subspace river en route to Betazed, what we will find there once we arrive is open to conjecture, it probably won`t be good though....

Mission: Burned - Report 1(USS Spectre)

Date: 2406.10.03 (11/1/04)

"First Officer's Log, Stardate 2406.10.03. The USS Spectre has been ordered on a re-con mission to ascertain whether or not the rogue Admiral Doenitz has a shipyard in proximity to Phoenix.

En route, we have discovered that most of the ship's crew has been afflicted with a strange debilitating illness. Captain Remae is heading down to the planet's surface with Octan Maber in search for the tools to make a cure.

On another note, Commander Lono has been reassigned to other duties, leaving me as the first officer.

Return To Wonderland, Day 1 - 2406.03.12(USS Spectre)

Date: 12th Feb 2004

The Spectre is not lacking in either new crewmembers or new dilemmas and excitement! I'm never sure how the new officers find the Spectre, as we are in an area which inhibits subspace communications. But they keep turning up, often in odd ways. Not long before Captain Remae's briefing for all officers, a shuttle carrying Ensign Jg K'ahret, our new Assistant Chief Security Officer dropped out of warp and manoeuvred dangerously close to the cloaked Spectre” which was also moving toward the shuttle. When Ensign K'ahret came onto the Bridge to report to the Captain, my empathic sense was disturbed by his anger — though I also sensed his nervousness about taking up his new post. He immediately — even before reporting in— had words with the Conn Officer. Well, I may assign the Conn Officer a few hours simulated flight time, but I shall also remind Ensign K'ahret about chain of command procedure.

During the opening moments of the meeting, Captain Remae introduced our new Acting Chief Engineering Officer, Walter ‘Doc' Peabody. I had easily detected his unusual mental configuration which enables him to have a distinctive intuition about ship's systems. Since his arrival, the engineering department has repaired the warp core and nacelles, and both are back online an event which caused a great uplift of crew spirit. Also the Captain introduced ACMO Ensign Traynor, who I have not had time to speak with personally. Our Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rain Anderson, has undertaken her new duties with energy and determination. I'm sure that all officers and crew will give them as much support as possible. Security and Medical personnel have been investigating the causes of the accident which resulted in Ensign Saurik's death. I'll admit I'm intrigued by the finding of ferret DNA at the scene of the accident! After these introductions Captain Remae briefed us on the Spectre's destination. We're to rendezvous with Starbase Geneva, at its new location. Though this in itself is good news, as the Spectre is in need of maintenance and repair; the real reason behind this mission is truly horrifying. Captain Remae showed us the orders — encrypted in a PADD brought aboard by Ensign Traynor from Admiral LoDona, CO of the 52nd Fleet, in which he accused Admiral Doenitz, and his associates, of High Treason. Captain Remae will confer with Admiral LoDona and decisions will be made concerning the Spectre's role in this crisis. After the meeting, the Spectre's officers and crew attended a funeral service for our crewmembers killed in the recent battles with the Xenolithe, including Ensign Hank Longfellow, and also Ensign Saurik who was killed in a bizarre accident, having nothing to do with the battle. The service was of course saddening and solemn, but was conducted in a dignified, inspiring manner.

Only a little later, when crew had resumed duties, the next, very disturbing, incident happened. A shuttle was suddenly detected de-cloaking, and an SFI Agent Soval requested to dock with the Spectre. But even at that moment, I detected an unseen presence having transported onto the Bridge. Everything seemed to happen at once! An explosion shook the ship, as the supposed shuttle was destroyed by the detonation of an anti-matter pod. I say ‘supposed shuttle' because it was later learned this was a ruse planned by Agent Soval, and actually a sensor buoy was destroyed instead. It was of course this Agent who unexpectedly, and invisibly, arrived. It seems he has his own personal cloaking mechanism. At that moment I much admired Lt. Pierce Orde's swift reactions, as he pulled his phaser and locked it onto the just de-cloaked Agent. When Soval reported to the Captain, he also demanded that a certain crewman be detained and charged with attempted murder, and that Soval be allowed to interview other crewmen as well. In a meeting later, with myself and Pierce Orde, the Captain revealed how reluctant he was to agree to this; yet he has agreed. I admire his sense of duty of course, and also his reluctance. I personally will admit to disliking this suspicion and investigation of our crew. Especially so, as I don't know what evidence Soval has to justify this operation. Yet, this is all a part of the time of crisis that Starfleet is now moving through. I dread what may happen next.

USS Spectre - Stardate 2406.03.11(USS Spectre)

Date: 15th January 2004

First I will say how good it is to be back aboard the Spectre! And to be free of the frightening nanocluster that threatened the lives of all of us who had boarded the Nageri craft. Our CSO Ensign Octan Maber discovered that the nano had originally been developed by the Xenolithe who infected the Nageri living ships with it, to impress their commands and language into the Nageri systems. When our own people became infected, the nano transmitted into any electronic systems, over-riding their functions with bits of Xenolithe code. This meant that we who were infected had to be isolated from the ship's systems; and the effect kept increasing, so that we had to establish a camp on the planet's surface, where the more debilitated patients could be cared for, and the medical staff continued experiments to discover a cure. Our gratitude extends especially now to Dr. Rain Anderson, who, when experimenting on herself, found that by injecting a patient with a bacteria which would cause the body to produce a high fever, the increased temperature destroyed the nano. Then after administration of an antidote to the bacteria, the patient's body resumed natural functioning. All of those infected have now taken this treatment and are either recovered and back on duty, or well on the way to recovery. The one exception to this, is Second Officer, Lt. Pierce Orde, whose body seems to have, on its own, destroyed the nano. I will be most interested to learn how this was accomplished!

During the time we were encamped on the planet's surface, Captain Remae ordered the Spectre itself to land, and this was accomplished with remarkable skill, by Lt. L'Tal. Though the Spectre was damaged, both in landing and in the battles with Xenolithe ships, the ship has undergone all repairs. This has been accomplished by the excellent work of our engineering department, under the leadership of Ensign Hank Longfellow. We appreciate their devotion to duty, and sympathize with the long hours of work, with little rest or sleep, that the Engineering crew gave to make these repairs swiftly, and under emergency conditions. While the Spectre was on surface, and medical staff tending patients and experimenting with cures, the Xenolithe assaulted, with ships, and surface forces. Our Marine contingent, under Major Drizzt, as well as Spectre Security forces, led by Ensign Saurik Rak'han, during the incapacitation of Lt. Pierce Orde, formed a perimeter guard, and kept back the Xenolithe while we evacuated camp, making our way back to the Spectre. Captain Remae Ktell flew air cover during the attacks. Because of their courage and skills, and sacrifice, the Xenolithe were driven away from the Spectre, and the crew boarded.

CSO Ensign Octan Maber, during reconnaissance, discovered Xenolithe who were setting up equipment to create explosions beneath the planet's surface. After disposing of the Xenolithe he dismantled the equipment. After Ensign Octan reported this to Captain Remae, the Captain decided that the native villagers must be rescued, and transported aboard the Spectre, as we assumed the Xenolithe might have other similar equipment in place. I oversaw this operation, and can report that all villagers are aboard, and much of their personal and community belongings. Though stunned and saddened by the need to leave their home, these natives and their leaders, have shown remarkable emotional flexibility and cooperation. A science team has been investigating possible relocation sites. All officers and crew are saddened at this time. There were losses of personnel, both Marines and Security Officers, during the Xenolithe battles, and memorial services will be held in the near future. Another cause for sadness is the possible loss of our CMO, Lt. Maxwell Cambridge. He was wounded by the Xenolithe during the evacuation of the medical personnel from the planet's surface. He has undergone treatment for severe injuries, and is in Sickbay, being attended to by the staff which he himself commanded since the Spectre's mission began. We continue to hope for his recovery, though the prognosis leads us to prepare for the worst. Our Assistant Counsellor Ensign Felicity Wells has been a great help to me, and to the medical staff, by tirelessly assisting in the care of patients during the encampment, and then helping the villagers adjust to their new situation. She will now begin regular counselling duties aboard the Spectre. The Spectre is once again space-borne. Probes have been sent out, into the system, continuing the search for Xenolithe presence and base. We should know very soon now, what the next steps in our mission will be.

Spectre Status Report(USS Spectre)

Date: 4th November 2003

These are the most unusual conditions under which I've written one of these reports. I, along with other officers and crew members, are in a Containment area of Sickbay, and unable to use any electronic equipment. I'm actually writing this the old fashioned way, with a board and marker, which were transported into Containment by Ensign Longfellow. The Spectre is in the Neutral Zone on a mission to discover any possible Xenolithe bases that the species may be using as a precursor to an invasion of Federation Space. Intelligence concerning the Xenolithe was given to Captain Remae by the Romulan commander of the Red Claw, which accompanied the Spectre into the Neutral Zone. A report from Starfleet, garbled though it was in transmission, warned that the Red Claw crew were guilty of mass murder the crew of a Starfleet vessel. The Spectre is carrying a contingent of Marines under command of Major Drizzt. And special security measures have been instigated, to prevent a possible boarding by either Romulans or Xenolithe.

The Spectre was engaged in battle by a Xenolithe who was piloting a living Nageri ship. Marines and Spectre security forces led by Lt. Orde beamed onto the ship, defeated the pilot, and beamed him to a secure Medical Bay, where our CMO Maxwell Cambridge attempted to perform surgery in order to save the creature's life. But this was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, an away team consisting of myself, Ensign Rain Anderson, and CSO Jonathon Walker, beamed onto the Nageri ship killed during the battle to take biological samples and readings, and as much information as possible from the Nageri's computer system. After a planet was discovered in the area, Lt. L'Tal took a shuttle for observation, and discovered a signal coming from a Starfleet escape pod. He landed, and rescued from the pod Ensign Felicity Wells, ACOUNS, who had been in suspended animation, for several years. She had served previously on the Athene, under Captain Remae. Ensign Wells was revived and brought aboard the ship where she received medical treatment. Although she was startled to learn how long she had been in the pod, and that she was now aboard the Spectre, she is in process of recovery in her new quarters.

Lt. L'Tal then landed once again on the planet, left the shuttle, and disappeared from communication with the Spectre. Captain Remae and Ensign Rak'han have now gone on a rescue mission to the planet. Ensign Rain Anderson discovered that she was unable to use a tricorder, or any other electronic equipment, as she was emitting EM waves that not only interrupted the proper functioning of equipment, but caused strange symbols to appear on displays and monitors. A medical alert was declared, and all members of the two away teams who had beamed onto the Nageri ship were brought to Sickbay and put into Containment areas. Also Science Officer Ensign Horacio Tyrell was brought into Containment, as he had come into contact with samples form the Nageri ship. It was learned that the waves were emitted from a nano organism that had begun to grow at the base of each patient's brain. Thus far, none of us have shown symptoms that would indicate the nano has harmed our bodies. But we are a danger to the ship. The force field is weakening beneath the onslaught of our EM waves. When Lt. Gort submitted these strange symbols to computer analysis, he learned that the symbols were not random, but from an unknown language. He is engaged now in further analysis, in order to establish a translation program of the language. Also Lt. Gort had the idea of separating the members of our patient group, as this would weaken the wave output, and delay the negating of the force field. Captain Remae, before he left for the planet's surface, told us that if no solution were found, we would have to be evacuated to the planet, for the good of the ship. Needless to say, we are hoping that eventuality will not happen! Several solutions — or delaying actions are being discussed. Such as "chilling" the patients in order to slow the advance of the wave output. But no one is sure that this would result in the desired effect. Ensign Hank Longfellow is at a workstation now, investigating a means of draining off the EM energy. And Ensign Tyrell has made the suggestion that an energy stimulator be built, for reducing the effects of the EM field, by equalizing levels of energy in the bodies' acupuncture channels. Which, if any, of these plans will be successful is unknown at this time. At this moment, the Spectre and its crew are in danger from within as well as without!

Status Report - USS Spectre(USS Spectre)

Date: 1st October 2003

Status report USS Spectre, FO Kahila Lono This report will be brief; I'm taking only a few minutes break from Bridge duty. The USS Spectre has just entered the neutral zone, and could commence action at any moment. This is a most unusual mission. Captain Remae was given orders by Admiral LoDona to proceed into this area of space, where we were met by the Romulan ship Red Claw, and its CO, Commander Talath. Starfleet was given information by the Romulans that the dreaded Xenolithe were establishing bases here, preparing for an attack on the Federation. Our search mission has been given the name The Prisoners Dilemma, referring to the dilemma of having to work with those whom have given, in the past, no basis for trust. Commander Talath and two of his officers transported onto the Spectre for a meeting with Captain Remae and Spectre senior officers. Information about the Xenolithe was shared. Horrifying information. All Spectre officers have been ordered to wear phasers. But according to new Tactical research, phasers would do little, if any, good, in a battle with these beings. The area of space through which we're travelling brings its own additional dangers. There are plasma and ion storms, black holes, quasars and nebula. In an exchange of information with the Romulans, it was learned that some of these storms may actually have been modified and expanded. Three squads of Marines, under MCO "Spider" Drizzt are onboard for this mission. Also, Strategic Operations Officer Richard Kevel has been assigned here. Our new Ops Officer, Lt. Gort has recently joined our crew. And now Ensign Jon Walker has been brought onboard as our Chief Science Officer. We welcome all these officers, and I'm sure, we will have reason to be grateful for their presence on this mission. Just a little while ago, a possibly tragic event occurred. Lt. Richard Wilson, Conn Officer, collapsed, unconscious, at his station. Medical personnel immediately came to his aid, and he was taken into surgery, performed by CMO Cambridge. It was reported that Lt. Wilson had suffered a heart attack; its damage was corrected by surgery. But he remains in coma. Lt. L'Tal has taken over the duties of Flight Control Officer. I need to end this report here, and return to the Bridge. An alien vessel has been sighted. This may be our first encounter with the Xenolithe.