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USS Spectre
Launched 2380.07.16
Spectre Class
Explorer/Refit Interceptor
The USS Spectre NCC–8741
Spectre Plaque.jpg
Crew Roster
Command Staff
Captain T'Vhor, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Verin, First Officer
Lieutenant Palmer, Second Officer
Operations Staff
Ensign Smith, Operations Officer
Ensign Alexander, Operations Officer
Medical Staff
Commander Andrew Williams, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Kirien-Mias, Medical Research
Ensign Caras, Counselor
Ensign Rivers, Assistant CMO
Chief Petty Officer Douwsy, Chief Nurse
Tactical & Security Staff
Lieutenant Kerge, Tactical/Security Chief
Lieutenant Smith, Security Officer
Ensign Davies, Security Officer
Ensign Yates, Security Officer
Ensign Fairfield, Security Officer
Ensign Drake, Asst. Tactical Chief
Ensign Darpeg, Asst. Tactical Chief
Ensign Sorenson, Asst. Tactical/Security Chief
Engineering Staff
Lieutenant Commander Williams, CEO
Ensign Markell, Asst. Chief Engineer
Ensign Brannigan, Asst. Chief Engineer
Ensign Smith, Engineering Officer
Chief Petty Officer Biign, Engineering Crew
Science Staff
Lieutenant Palmer, Chief Science Officer
Ensign O'Hara, Asst. Chief Science Officer
Starfleet Command
Rear Admiral Sevant, Fleet Strategic Operations
Major Kowalski, Marine Executive Officer
First Lieutenant Smith, Marine
Second Lieutenant Kindell, Marine
Corporal O'Hara, Marine Demolitions Expert
Corporal Houseman, Marine Sniper
Flight Operations
Ensign Smith, CONN Officer
Mei Ling Hikaru, Bartender
Mark, House Pet
New Faces
Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War
R n R
The Opened Gates of Prometheus
The Gates of Prometheus
When Poachers Come to Call
Emissary on the Edge of Tomorrow
The Sword of Damocles
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