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USS Dennison
NCC 91367
Inactive; crew reassigned

The USS Dennison was an Indefatigable Class starship in service of the 52nd Fleet. She was last commanded by Captain Archibald Stakes.

Current Status: Inactive


The Dennison was attacked by a vessel commandeered by SFI and badly damaged; the entire saucer section was destroyed and the two other sections manged to limp home to Geneva. The ship is too badly damaged to repair at the moment, with the backlog of ships to be repaired after the civil war, so after a debriefing by starfleet command the crew waited for news as to what would happen to them.

They have now been reassigned to the USS Mithrandir

Final Crew Roster

Command Staff

Commanding Officer (CO): Captain Archibald Stakes - Human

First Officer (FO): Commander Olorin Okita - Human

Second Officer (2O): Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant(jg) Dale Bracken - Human

Operations Staff

Operations Officer (OPS): Ensign(sg) Cattie Spero - Betazoid

Assistant Chief of Operations (AOPS): Ensign (jg) Alex Jefferies - Human

Operations Officer (OPS): Petty Officer First Class Chrystine Nicklaus - Human

Tactical/Security Staff

Chief Tactical Officer (CTAC): Lieutenant Joan Shrekt - Human

Assistant Tactical Chief (ATAC): Ensign(jg) Ben Soma - Human

Assistant Tactical Chief (ATAC): Ensign(jg) Sanok - Vulcan

Security Officer (SecO): Crewman Abu Nighy - Human

Engineering Staff

Chief Engineering Officer (CEO): Lieutenant Harry James Atwood - Human

Asst. Chief Engineer (ACEO): Ensign Lanista (tlha'nISta') - Klingon/Vulcan

Engineering Crew (EO): MCPO Edward "Butch" Freeman - Human

Engineering Crew (EO): Crewman Morgan Randell - Human

Science Staff

Chief Science Officer (CSO): Lieutenant (jg) Dale Bracken - Human

Science Officer (SciO): Ensign (jg) Percival Bellephoron - Human

Science Officer (SciO): Crewman Raymond Masterson - Human

Counselling and Medical Staff

Chief Medical Officer (CMO): Ensign(sg) Lewis Nymes - Trill

Medical Officer (MO): Crewman Carl Masterson - Human

Medical Officer (MO): Petty Officer Second Class Diane Duande - Human

Ships Counsellor (COUNS): Lieutenant Alosar - Vulcan

Flight Operations

CONN (CONN): Ensign(sg) Elenor Night - Human

ACONN (CONN): Ensign(jg) Miandra Simmons - Human

Other Starfleet

Yeoman (YEO): Petty Officer Second Class - Esmeralda Stakes - Human

Technical Specs

As the USS Dennison is currently a standard Combat Variant of its class, all technical data, including detailed technical specification, deck layout, and support craft list can be found under the Indefatigable Class entry.

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