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The USS Nimitz is a Sovereign Class currenlty serving the 52nd Fleet. It is currently under command of Captain Devan Sash, and First Officer Edward Wolfe.

Crew Roster

Command Staff

Commanding Officer, Captain, Devan Sash - Angosian

First Officer, Lieutenant Commander, Edward Wolfe - Human

Operations Staff

Chief of Operations, Lieutenant, Cithy Dumas - Human

OPS officer, Ensign JG, Rizoru (aka Riz) - Chamorian

OPS officer, Lieutenant, Dartena Bixx - Bolian

Bridge System Specialist, Crewman, Ansia Rozen - Human/ Betazoid

Counselling and Medical Staff

Counsellor, Lieutenant JG, John Harrison - Human

Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant JG, BigWill Kincaid - Human

Asst. CMO, Lieutenant JG, Jonas Lemar - Human

Asst. CMO, Lieutenant, Dr. Michaella Kirien - Betazoid

Tactical/Security Staff

Asst. Tactical Chief, Ensign, Jono Janeway - Human

Asst. Tactical Chief, Ensign JG, Geoffery Walsh - Human

Asst. Tactical Chief, Lieutenant, Tallis Luxulyan - Human

Tactical and Security Chief, Lieutenant JG, Dru Tagon - Brikar

Engineering Staff

Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant, Zzt - Gerratlian

Asst CEO, Ensign JG, Ian Goldeneye Janeway - Human

Asst CEO, Lieutenant JG, Miles O'Neill - Human

Asst CEO, Lieutenant, Francisco Mendez - Human

Asst CEO, Ensign, Komag - Ferengi

Engineering Officer, Crewman, Debbie Weston - Human

Science Staff

Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander, Hollis Gralen, Dr. - Betazoid

Research Scientist, Lieutenant JG, Zachary Falthgood - Human

Scientific Personnel, Petty Officer 2nd Class, T'lexinath - Axanarian

Starfleet Intelligence

Agent, Lieutenant JG, Dru Tagon - Brikar


Marine, Private 3rd Class, Kane - Human

MCO, Lieutenant Major, Shondar Dorkin - Tellarite

Fleet Update

Written by JP B

The timeline itself is under assault from Doenitz's forces. The Nimitz must stop Doenitz before he can alter the timeline and stop the rebellion from ever taking place.