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'USS Starfire
Launched 2414.11.07
The USS Soval NCC–60529

StarfireDedication (1).jpg

Defiant Class
Escort Heavy Cruiser
  • Missions

Dedication plaque by Bosshard.

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The USS Starfire is a Defiant Class starship currently serving in the Starfleet of the United Federation of Planets. The ship was launched in 2414 at Starbase 989, with part of the crew, including Captain Sanok, coming from the USS Rosenante which had been damaged during the mission Sensory Overload. She is currently assigned to the 52nd Fleet.

The USS Rosenante was one of the best ships of the fleet, and the crew certainly one of the most decorated in Starfleet. Unless a new crew is assigned, the USS Rosenante legacy will be untouched, the memory, records and achievements of the ship and his crew being preciously kept at Starbase 989. The USS Starfire should rather be looked as the offspring of the USS Rosenante, part of the crew having started their career on the ship under such great commanding officer as Captain Ahmed Ibn Salid and who are the new generation of skilled and well-trained senior officers ready for new adventure. The USS Starfire and its crew are ready to create their own legacy.

Defiant Specifications and Upgrades

USS Starfire Specs

USS Starfire Deck Plans

Fleet Update

The USS Starfire was completing mission Who'll Stop the Rain when it was recalled to Starbase 989 because of a building defect. The crew is transferred to the USS Soval as the USS Starfire return to the shipyard.

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