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Quick Introduction

"Me inside of a linen closet!"
I have always thought about putting a bio up on the wiki, but never had because I really don't like to talk about myself. I like to remain a mystery most of the time. Why I decided to finally do a bio I really couldn't tell you. Maybe it is because I feel like Star Trek Freedom has become a home to me.

Quick Information

My real name is Calvin Capps and I am 28 years old. I was born on June 11, 1984 at 4:17 am. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas but please don't hold that against me. I moved to Texas before I turned one. My dad was on a job assignment in Arkansas, but my family has always been from Texas. In fact I am the only person in my entire family who has ever been born outside of Texas. I am only 5'5, but my wife is 5'2 so she says I am not short "just Lisa's size" (Lisa is my wife's name.) I have blond hair, blue eyes, and weight about 150 pounds.


I thought it would be cool here if I opened up the floor to all the users out there to ask me any question they would like here on this page and I will answer it.

Q1: ?????

My Wife

"Lisa cutting out a pumpkin!"
I got married on July 22, 2006 (I didn't even have to look that up) to an amazing woman named Lisa Ilcken. We actually were high school sweethearts. We first started going out in 1999. Yes that is right we went out for 7 years before we got married, but you have to remember that we were 14 and 15 when we started dating. Our marriage is still (and always will be) strong. My wife graduated from the University of North Texas in December of 2008 with an Pre-K through 4th grade teaching degree. She is currently in her 4th year as a 2nd grade teacher.


We got married at Texas Women's University which is in the same city as University of North Texas (where Lisa and I went.) We got married in a small chapel (but very nice) with about 50 guests. After the wedding we had an excellent reception at Hubbard Hall on TWU grounds.

Email Excerpt from 2006

Ok so if you care here is a small story:

Saturday 22, 2006: Everything went really great with the wedding. Everyone was on time, and there were no major malfunctions. Some small ones were present though; the cake topper was misplaced by the catering company but it was found. And the mints that were supposed to be on the tables for the reception were left in the hotel room but they arrived back in time.

"Lisa in her dress in the reception hall!"
By the way my new wife looked really really beautiful!!!!

The reception went really well too and it was a blast. Awesome best man and maid of honor speech. Great cake (groom and bride). Excellent food including the chocolate covered strawberries.

Honeymoon (Email Exceprt from 2006)

Sunday 23, 2006: We woke up at 4 in the morning to leave for the airport. Checked our bags and took off for Las Vegas, Nevada at 7 am. We arrived at Las Vegas around 7 am (time zones). Our bag was not lost and we had a really nice flight. The Captain was a pro. (We flew America Airlines) Our bag that we checked even made it so it went really well.

We took a taxi (ouch) to the hotel for the first time and it cost us 25.00 dollars. We couldn't check in yet so we checked our bags into the hotel and went to the strip. The hotel had a free shuttle service so we pretty much rode that the rest of the time. (FREE!!!!!)

We visited a few casinos and that morning we went to the Tropicana and saw a special exhibit on the Titanic. It was informational (lots of reading), but it was also nice. Had some really neat stuff there.

We went back to the hotel and checked in. We walked our hotel casino (oh we stayed at Palace Station.) That night we wanted to go to Fremont speech. However Fremont street is not close to the strip so we had to take a Las Vegas bus. (don't ever do it) Consider the fact that we had never been to Vegas before plus the fact that we don't know anything about public transportation (I live in Denton, Texas) we not only got lost but we got to sit by drunk people on the bus who scared the begeses out of us. We got off and went back to the hotel scared to death of the Vegas bus system.

Monday 24, 2006: Monday turned out a lot better. We got on the bus (for the last time) down just about 6 blocks so that we could walk about 15 minutes in 100 degree F weather to the Hilton. There we went to Star Trek Experience. It was awesome. Well worth the bus ride and the walk. We got there around 11 am and we left like at 3 pm. I had a lot of fun there. We did the museum, Klingon encounter, and the Borg 4D. We got a picture of us on the bridge of the Enterprise D, and I bought a six pack of Romulan Ale. LOL Lisa got a teddy bear with a captains uniform on and she named it Captain Teddy. We then went to Quarks and had a really nice dinner. We both had the Talaxian Wrap with fries.

That night we went crazy and went to a really really really nice steak house. When we left that night our bill ended up being 120 dollars. That is right. I had a 32 dollar sirloin. Lisa had a 41 dollar lobster tail and well sides are 8 dollars a piece. The champaign was 10 dollars a glass (we had two). And then dessert was like another 10. But you know what it was great.

That night as well we walked the strip. We saw most of the biggest casinos and we played in most of them as well. We actually aren't big gamblers so we played penny slots the entire time we were there. We spent about 20 dollars on gambling.

Well since we went to a nice dinner Lisa wore these high heels that she bought. Well they ended up putting really ugly blisters on her feet so she took them off and walked barefoot down the strip. Not something you would really want to do.

"Lisa and I in the BMW!"
Tuesday 25, 2006: We woke up early so that we could make out reservation for our couple massage. Which turned out to be really nice except for the last part of it. When we were leaving the workers there basically jumped on us for their tips. It was really bad. It was like they were sharks that could smell human blood. I mean I just spent 140 dollars on a massage and you want more! Don't get me wrong I left a tip but they were wanting more than what I left. It was crazy but it did not ruin the day. After all I already got the massage at that point.

We then went back to the strip (riding the free shuttle of course.) We went to the Fashion Show Mall and shopped. We bought some tickets there to see the V. Which is for the variety show. It is a show that has everything. Earlier that day we actually bought tickets for a magic show too. After shopping in the mall we made our way to the Tropicana to see the magic show. Which was pretty good.

After the magic show we walked over to the Aladdin and waited in line for 2 hours for the show V. Why? Because the V is a big show and we wanted good seats. (it was general admission.) We ended up being the first in line. (WOO HOO) It turned out to be the best and most awesomeness show ever. It had comedy, magic, jugglers, and much much more. Best show ever!!!

We went back to our hotel and since it was our last night we decided to hit the casino floor again. So we did. We got back to our room around 1 am and then woke up at 5 am to catch the free shuttle to the airport. (NO 25 dollar Taxi)

Wednesday 26, 2006 We took the flight back home at 9 in the morning and arrived home at 2 pm (time zones again. Lost two hours LOL) My parents came and picked us up (they were already there when we got there.) Our bag showed up so we did not lose any luggage. (YAY!!!) We then came home and opened our presents. LOL


High School

I graduated from Alvarado High School with like a ???GPA. I actually don't remember. The only thing I do remember is that I graduated top 10%. I was so excited about that and so were my parents. That year I received my first laptop as my graduation present from my parents.

High School Graduation Night

The night I graduated from High School I had to be there earlier than my parents and family did so I drove my car. I parked my car and went inside and graduated. Everything was going perfect and then when I got back out to my car, (yeap you guessed it) I had locked my keys inside. So after my graduation instead of going to a party I spent like 3 hours trying to unlock my car with my car antennae and other various items. I ended up going to IHOP with my closest friends so the night was not totally ruined.


I attended and graduated from the University of North Texas. My degree is a BBA in Economics. I started out as a pre-law student, but didn't really like it and I had to take 4 semesters of a second language. After failing the first class (the easiest) twice I had to switch majors where a second language wasn't necessary to graduate. So I got a degree in Economics.


"My Academy class photo."
My first job was at Burleson Car Wash when I was 16. I got this job on my birthday. I was so excited to be able to work because I was able to make money and buy things!!!! I worked there for a total of 3 years. After the 1st year I was there I was promoted to Asst. Manager where I was given a key to the place and ran the business on a day to day basis including scheduling, financial and of course management responsibilities.

I then had to move to Denton to attend college so I quit that job and became a Desk Clerk for Crumley Hall at UNT. Crumley Hall is actually an all girls dormitory, and I worked the midnight shift so I was sort of a bouncer or door watcher for guys. I was supposed to make sure no males entered the premises after 10PM.

Desk Clerk didn't really pay enough so I had to get a second job so I worked as an apprentice plumber with my grandfather who is a master licensed plumber. I did that for about a year and decided that I really wanted to do something else.

I started looking around and finally landed a job as a loss prevention officer at a retail store named Target. I loved my job and went to work happy everyday. I worked there for about 2 years and they were doing away with the position I was in so they offered me a position in grocery, but I didn't want to take it so I went to a bank job with Wells Fargo. (I was not happy at WF)

Police Officer

When my wife and I knew things were serious between us I was taking criminal justice classes because I had always wanted to be a police officer. She and I had a very serious conversation (for our age) and talked about my career as a police officer. Through mutual agreement I decided that wanting to be with her and a police officer for me wasn't going to be easy so I decided to find a different career goal. I went to UNT and got a degree in Economics and after I graduated I couldn't find a job that I was completely happy with. In the back of my mind I knew that I still wanted to be a police officer so I had another serious conversation with Lisa. It was decided that I could pursue a job in law enforcement.

About 8 months later I had landed a police officer's position with the city of Carrollton. I went to the Academy and some things happened there and I ultimately decided that we were right years ago that I didn't and don't want to be a police officer and a husband at the same time. I resigned as a police officer 6 months of service.

So in between I worked at Best Buy, Applebees, and CFM. None of those worked out very long, and CFM was the worst place anyone could work for. I substituted a little bit too and decided that public service was where I wanted to be. I began doing an Alternative Program to get my Teachings License. In 2009 I began working as a Special Education Aide. I worked as an Aide for 2 years, before I received my current job as a PAS/SAC Teacher.


Star Trek

"Me in a ST Uniform"
There is an obvious answer here. STAR TREK!!!!!! My Star Trek fanness only started in 2003 when I first started watching Voyager at midnight when it came on channel 21 UPN (US). After this I started renting TNG and other ST shows and became my largest and favorite hobby. I continued to buy and gain interest in ST and it hasn't stopped. To this day I own uniforms, props, action figures, all seasons of TOS, all seasons of TNG, all seasons of DS9, 1 (only) of VGR, and 1 (only) of ENT, oh and the complete series of the animated series. Oh, and lets not forget my STF connection.

Hangin Out

If I am not doing something with Star Trek I am hanging out with Lisa, my brother Jonathan or my friends. I always enjoy being with company, and I like hanging out and having fun with the people I am closest too.


Something my friends and I do on the side is make short films. Two of my best friends received their degree in Radio, Television and Film.

Star Trek Freedom

As mentioned before I joined STF in November of 2003. Here I met one of my best friends Alan Reading. I started on the Cochrane with Laurence Durrand. After some "stuff" the Cochrane was decommissioned and I was moved over to the Paladin with Wes Harden. I stayed there for a little while and moved over to the Spectre with Alan. I then took my break. It was a really hard decision, but I think in the end it helped me out a lot. I came back and went back to the Spectre with Alan. I received my first command on the Boudicca. I served as the CO over a year before I had to take a leave for personal reasons. I happy to say that I am back!

My characters are Collin Hayes, Calvin Capps, Jaret Rock, Elizabeth Knightley, and Max.