Biography for Captain Richard Ian Lee, a Male Human aged 36
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Richard Ian Lee

Eyes : Blue Weight : 160
Hair : Black Skin :


Height : 7'1 Blood : Red

Built like a linebacker, he is tall with an easy going grin. He Has some scars from action, but does his best to hide them.

History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

His father was an instructor at Starfleet Academy, his mother was an artist. He had one sibling, a sister named Jayne. He had a very colored past, his family never got along. He was in a fight with his sister at age nine, and was accidentally stabbed by her in the argument.

He left home at fifteen and was taken into the care of the state, and joined Starfleet at age 18, the day after he was released



Standard Education until Starfleet.

Entered into Starfleet Academy with a Engineering Major, but later changed to Advanced Tactical. Later received Counter-Terror Training.

Pre-Starfleet History


Was given to the care of the state when an accident occurred at home and he was almost killed. His parents where deemed unfit to care for him or his sister. While in a group home, he found that he had a hell of a temper, but he learned to control it and began sticking up for himself and his friends against the 'in-crowd' in the home.

Left the care of the state at age 18 and joined Starfleet as a crewman. Later decided to go to the academy for a commission. Met a woman in the Academy that he still keeps in touch with now and then by the name of Arianna Seton.

Starfleet History


  • 2364: Joined Starfleet as a Sec Crewman

  • 2366: Applied to and accepted to Starfleet Academy as an engineering major.

  • 2368: Switches major from Engineering to Security.

  • 2369: Undergoes Advanced Counter-Terror Training.

  • 2370: Graduated Starfleet Academy

  • 2371: Transferred to Starbase 23as TAC/ASC and Lt (jg)

  • 2372: Injured when a rouge group of Romulans tries to take Starbase 23 and destroy it as a show of superiority so far from thier borders.

  • 2374: Transferred to USS Prospero as TAC/SC and Lt (sg)

  • 2374: Transferred to Starfleet Command for help in design of the retro refit of the Sovereign Class to Peacetime settings

  • 2278: Accompanies the USS Paladin from Utopia Planitia to Starbase 12, later assigned to that same vessel as TAC/SC/20

  • 2278: Transferes from the USS Paladin to Utopia Planitia as First Officer

  • 2278: Travels with the rest of the Utopia Crew to a different dimension, and a radically different timeline. Lands in the year 2404

  • 2405: Leaves Utopia Planitia to become Strategic Operations Commander for Admiral LoDona. Oftentimes finds the crew of the Spectre and grabs a 'lift

Medical History


Rich has an artificial heart from an incident on Starbase 23



Paint ball gunning, strategy games and chess

Other Information
Hobbies :

Rich likes to play chess and other strategy games.
He isnt fond of the holodeck, but will go with a group.
Weight lifts now and again.

General Notes


A real ladies man :O)

Awards :

Awarded Captains Commendation:

Awarded Cross of Fire:

Awarded Ribbon Of Sacrifice:

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