Biography for Ensign JG Bys'At, a Male Vulcan/Romulan aged 56
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description


Eyes : Brown Weight : 170 IBS
Hair : Brown Skin :


Height : 6 foot 2 Blood : Red
Thin but ruddy. Due to a genetic defect (Vulcan/Romulan crossbreeding) Bys’At has extremely thin extremities.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Born to an aging Romulan male and a Vulcan female Bys’At grew up learning both cultures.



Academic Institutions Attended: Vulcan Academy of Engineering, Romulan Command Engineering Corp. Starfleet Education: Because of Bys’At’s mixed heritage he has spent time training as an Engineer on both Vulcan and Romii. His parents felt it best that the truth of his heritage be hidden in each case . . . passing as both a Vulcan and a Romulan

Pre-Starfleet History


His parents decided that the constant going between homes was not good for him and settled on a federation Starbase. As a consequence Bys’At is more comfortable on a ship than “drydock”.

Starfleet History



Medical History


Bys’At has many genetic defects stemming from his mixed heritage. His hands have been compared to bones of a skeleton. His skin is leathery to the touch. His immune system is severely impaired - he seems to jump between engineering and sickbay with some malady or other.



Bys’At is often manic – he has the soul of a Vulcan and the spirit of a Romulan. He is not chained by logic or completely ruled by foolish emotions. He would describe himself as “perfect”.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Bys’At is manic – everything is recreation – his favorite quote is “you need to relax”. He’d be sent to a mental ward if he wasn’t such a good engineer (specifically a cloak technology specialist).

General Notes



Awards :
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