Biography for Ensign JG Miandra Simmons, a Female Human (adjusted) aged 20
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Miandra Simmons

Eyes : Brown Weight : 160 LBS
Hair : Black Skin :


Height : 5 foot 10 Blood : Red
Miandra is a tall, lithe individual with a network of light scars over her arms and legs. Her black hair is thick, long and curly and her eyes are a deep brown. Her skin is mocha.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Aquadra was one of the first aquatic worlds found by the Earth colonists fleeing the ravages of Terra. Before genetic manipulation was forbiddon, the scientists among the settlers adjusted the colonists to be able to process both air and water. In water, the human lungs shut down and gills take over, a process that takes close to half a minute. When in air, the gills eject water and close, and the lungs take over. Some Aquadrans never get accustomed to switching and spend their whole lives under the water. Miandra described the process like vomitting backwards in her in-take interview.

The Simmons didn't live in the main city except in winter, the rest of the year the family pod (a loose connection of cousins, uncles, aunts, children and grandparents spanning three generations) chased fish through out the currents. Aquadra, having no sea life that would hunt and harm humans, meant a peaceful existance.

When she was 12 Miandra breached the sea's surface for the first time to see the stars beyond. Her Uncle Fian told her that the blackness was the waterless sea, and they'd come from one of the blinking lights beyond. From a famlily of explorers, Miandra declared one day she would swim in the waterless sea. He laughed and splashed her, telling her she better learn to like air then, since all the explorers above were walkers, not swimmers.



Informal schooling on Aquadra
Starfleet Academy

Pre-Starfleet History


On her 16th birthday Miandra strolled into the Federation outpost office. She'd spent four hours on the beach getting her "land legs" and wanted to appear as if she were just another vistor. Of course, no one ever visited the UFP office, it was considered one step above retirement to be stationed on the planet's few landmasses of the very long settled colony world. "I want to join Starfleet" she told the older woman behind the desk, causing the woman to spit coffee on her interface in shock. It had been almost 283 years since the last Starfleet applicant from Aquadra and he'd applied because the genetic adaption for water had mutated and wouldn't hold - leaving him living his life away from family and friends, raised by the then staff of the post.

"You want to what?" The woman asked, pulling feet off desk and sitting up.

"I wish to swim in the waterless sea. I wish to explore beyond reefs and barriers and see the worlds around the lights in the sky." Miandra said, thinking it all very obvious.

"Do your parents know about this?" Lieutenant Fergin finally asked.

"Oh yes, they even helped me learn for the tests. We'd do a search for what I'm supposed to know by year level in the first winter week, and print out whatever was left by the last winter week." she looked at the shorter, older woman. "We do have books, you know."

"Yes, I know, plassheet books." she couldn't imagine living without the wonder of PADDs. She'd been down to the city a few times during her tour, it had air pockets and areas for computers and technology, but for the most part the Aquadrans lived simple, uncomplicated lives. "All right then, you'll want to take the entrance exam." The Lieutenant gestured for Miandra to follow her to a terminal. "Press the enter key whenever you're ready."

Miandra's scores weren't fantastic, in fact, she barely squeeked past the requirements. But not surprsingly, she scored high in navigation, having spent her whole life navigating a three dimensional world. Lieutetant Fergin said she could leave for the Academy as soon as she wanted, Miandra told her she'd already said farewell to her parents and was ready to go

Starfleet History


The Academy induced problems for Miandra. The Aquadrians were not a particularly studied people medically, but so long members of the Federation that no new data was considered necessary. For the first few weeks Miandra was dizzy, disorientated and nauseous. Eventually, the medical stafff identified her problem as the vibration sensors of her body being overloaded by the closeness and chaoticness of academy life. Before coming to the academy, Miandra was used to people moving in loose packs, commonly a meter or two between them, not the close quarters of the hallways and classrooms. A suppresent was soon made and the Aquadran had to deal with navigating by eyes and ears only.

Security training and self-defense classes came hard to the peaceful, friendly soul, but she soared through all the navigation courses. Piloting took more getting used to, the idea of making something else swim rather than swimming yourself. One of the lowest overall to graduate from her class, Miandra was still considered an excellent pilot.

Miandra still returns to Aquadra for holidays and vacations, getting on well with her loose knit family. They may not quite understand her wish to spend her time with land walkers and up dwellers, but they accept it happily enough. They're often fascinated by the alien toys and doodas she brings back.

Medical History


Miandra has eyes adapted for underwater use, they are best in diffused and dark light, pained by bright, direct light. She has chosen to wear contact lenses rather than have her eyes operated on.

Miandra also takes a suppresent every three days to keep her vibratory senses from working. Similar to echo location, her body's skin hair judges incoming vibrations to locate objects and creatures. While a necessity in the great oceans of Aquadra, the enclosed spaces of ships and bases leaves Miandra dizzy and nautious without the suppresent.

Miandra has a collection of fine scars across her dark skin from rubbing against coral and sharp rocks on her homeworld, but nothing impeding.

Miandra is in perfect health and ready for duty.



Miandra speaks Aquadran, Federation Standard and reads English.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Sculpting, swimming, socializing

General Notes


Miandra is a happy, go lucky woman and very much a product of her people. Everyone is a friend unless they prove otherwise, and it's no worry if you leave a friend behind because not only will you meet again, but you meet new friends where you are going. She sees travelling amongst the stars as more exploration and adventure, an extension of the exploration of the ever changing seas of Aquadra and is best suited for exploration vessels.

She has trouble with the idea of those lesser in rank, though she has no complication understanding those of higher rank. She doesn't see the lines between enlisted and officer and treats everyone "below" based on experience and rank. While a good junior officer, until she understands command concepts, she will not advance far.

Awards :
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