Biography for Chief Technician Ezekiel Odysseus Hawke, a Male Human aged 35
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Ezekiel Odysseus Hawke

Eyes : Steel gray Weight : 190 Lbs
Hair : Salt/peppe Skin :


Height : 5'10 Blood : Red
Short-haired and clean-shaven poster boy for Pilots Recruiting, Hawke is in fact the Poster Boy for Pilots Recruiting.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Born: 2373, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Age: 35 in 2408. Both of Hawke's parents are still alive, living on Earth. Hawke has one sister, who is married � Lucida Wenden.



SF Flight Academy. NCO's Equivalency School

Pre-Starfleet History


Hawke entered Starfleet's Flight Officers School in 2391, as soon as he was of age. Perhaps because of his surname, he has always been fascinated with flight � whether aerial or spaceflight.

Starfleet History


Out of the Academy in 2395, Hawke entered Fighter Command. He spent a few years piloting Brass around starbases and drydocks in travel pods and spacedock shuttles. In 2398, he was deemed instrumental in saving the life of a well-placed officer. That grateful officer fast-tracked Hawke's career thereafter. By 2402, Hawke was flying with Temporal Investigations � mostly as a test pilot to see if claims of previously unknown methods of time travel were possible. At the outbreak of the Doenitz Incident, Hawke requested and received a transfer to a combat wing. By the end of the war, Hawke had seen enough � at least he thought he had. He resigned his commission. However, he wasn't out of the Fleet for more than six months before he decided he wanted back in. Post-hiatus, Hawke sought assignment on a Sciences vessel, so that he could see up close the wonders of the galaxy, rather than the atrocities of it. He has not been able to get reinstated as an officer, but has qualified for an E7 rating � Master Specialist/Chief Technician. Hawke's inability to have his Officer rank reinstated has led him to believe that the man whose life he saved prior to the Civil War died in that conflict. The fact that no one seems to be pulling strings for Hawke any longer would appear to bear out this theory.

Medical History


Fit as a fiddle.



Helming any auxiliary craft in Starfleet � from a workbee or inspection pod all the way up to the various types of Captain's Yachts. This would include the Mithrandir-A's Waverider. Temporal mechanics. Flight Support Operations.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Anything that flies. Banjo. Drinkin' stuff.

General Notes


What's in a name? Ezekiel � "God will strengthen". Odysseus � "the one showing the way". Hawk � OE hafoc (W. Saxon), M. Du. havik. See Havoc, "to (seize) plunder". Thus, "God will strengthen the one showing the way to plunder"

Awards :
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