Biography for Ensign JG Scott Smith, a Male Human aged 24
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Scott Smith

Eyes : Brown Weight : 140 IBS
Hair : Brown Skin :


Height : 5 foot 10 Blood : Red
Happy personality, well built, confident in his abilities but not arrogant. Happiest when he’s neck deep in machinery.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Comes from a large family. Both parents are marines but his brothers and sisters are both in the marines and starfleet.



Went to Edinburgh university like his older brothers and sisters

Pre-Starfleet History


Went to a university and gained a degree in warp core mechanics before applying to the star fleet academy.

Starfleet History


Qualified from the academy as an engineering officer. Worked on the 52nd fleet flagship USS Steel Talons as an assistant engineering officer. Assigned to the USS Spectre as a engineering officer

Medical History


No medical problems




Other Information
Hobbies :

Likes to tinker with machinery

General Notes



Awards :
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