Biography for Vice Admiral Sh'Rok, a Male Vulcan aged 189
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description


Eyes : Blue/Purpl Weight : 80 Kilos
Hair : Grey Skin :


Height : 170 cms Blood : Green
Sh’Rok is thin and fragile in appearance; he walks with a staff to help him around, usually to be found wearing the diplomatic dress of an ambassador which consists of a white robe, tied at the waste with a simple rope and sandals.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Sh’Rok family is long dead and due to an unfortunate medical mishap, he never went through the Ponfarr, and never had a wife or children. Sh’Rok family is long dead and due to an unfortunate medical mishap, he never went through the Ponfarr, and never had a wife or children.



Sh’Rok’s education spanned over 50 years, he undertook study that focused on preparation for his role as ambassador to Vulcan, including understanding non-Vulcan species and their non-logical reactions and thought.

Pre-Starfleet History



Starfleet History


Assigned as a Ambassador to the new frontiers of the 52nd Fleet.

Medical History


He has a genetic inability to go through the Ponfarr, a condition that has no treatment as this time.



One of the few elder Vulcan’s to understand, partly, how and why most Humanoids in the galaxy use feelings and instincts to guide their actions and decision processes. His skills at resolving disputes are legendary and he has been called upon by the Federation, Starfleet as well as many Alpha and other species to resolve conflicts. He has the capacity to see beyond the logical methodology and has, in the past and is capable of using underhanded methods such as lying, cheating, stealing and two facedness to get an outcome that is in the common good.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Although rarely seen outside between missions, study or meditation, Sh’Rok has a tendency to prepare for interaction to a species by indulging in their food, culture, games and history… even to take this as far as pretending to be of the species he is going to be interacting with.

General Notes


Sh’Rok’s will do what it takes to resolve a conflict or problem on his missions, this has on occasion caused more problems that it solves, on one mission when he was young, his solution to an armed planetary conflict was to even up both sides weaponry, in the hopes that they would see the illogical use of continuing the battle. Instead, the war continued for many years and it was this incident that led Sh’Rok to abandon pure logic to resolve his assignments.

Awards :
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