Biography for Ensign JG Jerydd Tass , a Male Deltan aged 24
who is assigned to the Mars

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Character Physical Description






173 lbs













Jerydd, like all others of his race, is bald. He has defined and well chiseled features with striking blue eyes. He has a long scar on his left upper arm kept as a memorial to his brother who died in an explosion at the academy. While he could have had it healed with medical tech, he chose to keep it.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Mother: Emella Tass Medical Doctor on Delta Father: Joran Tass Professor of Exobiology on Delta Brother: Teryn Tass - Deceased Sister: Aurellia Tass - Age 31, Civilian on Delta Jerydd grew up with the dream of becoming a doctor like his mother. He excelled in his science studies in his primary and secondary academies.



Primary Education - Holsharr Prep Academy on Delta Secondary Education - Fremmal Academy on Delta Starfleet Academy (4 years) Minor Exobiology, Minor Advanced Hand to Hand, Major in Forensics

Pre-Starfleet History


He entered into the academy with his brother Teryn. During a routine lab, there was an explosion and Taryn was killed. Unable to save his brother's life while waiting for medical assistance, Jerydd later made the decision that he would never feel helpless again and changed his major to Security and Tactical. He took a year off to make this decision but heavily engaged himself in his studies upon his return.

Starfleet History


Medical History


Scar on his arm from explosion. Has been treated for PTSD resulting from the death of his brother and has been cleared for duty.



Jerydd is quite limber and fast, also aiding in his decision to switch career paths. He has taken an oath of celibacy as per Starfleet requirement. Deltan telepathy is by touch only, however there are unconfirmed reports of lovers sensing one another from very short distances--usually within a few meters. Most notably, the telepathy is used to form a strong empathic bond between lovers. Like others of his race, he has the ability to dampen or reduce pain via touch but is unable to heal wounds.



He has a ferret from Earth that he adopted while at the academy. He named her Artemis after the mythological goddess.



He is an avid painter and sculptor. He prefers to paint when things are hectic and uses this to relax and center his mind. He also enjoys playing Earth Poker which he learned to play at Starfleet Academy. Extremely interested in Greek and Roman Mythology spending much time during his academy years learning as much a possible.

"Mars?" Keira said... "Starfleet wouldn't have accomplished anything without the Engineers, Technicians and Operations that put it all together. Rebuilding Utopia Planitia, a base on Mars itself, refitting an old Akira Class, the Mystique, an Oddyssy Class, the Republic and building two top of the line ships, the Illuminar and the Exeter, all thanks to the Engineers."- Excerpt from an Interview with Lt. Cmdr. Keira Merek 2O/CEO, USS Exeter. Stardate: 2446.01.29

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