Biography for Ensign JG Lashar , a Sex male, gender non-binary Caitian aged 26
who is assigned to the Mars

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Character Physical Description






74 kg








178 cm




Lashar is lithe, rather tall with an impressive black mane. Their posture is ramrod straight, they often link their hands behind their back when standing or walking and their gait is confident.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Lashar was born to a poor family on Cait. They are the fifth child of a family of eight. From a very young age they felt estranged from their peers, they dreamed of strange new worlds in the stars while their siblings and friends talked about wealth, success and marriage. Their family was too narrow minded, their world felt too small and Caitian society was too constricting. Lashar wanted to be a part of something greater, they needed to contribute to something important that they could be proud of, so as soon as they completed school on Cait and became a legal adult they enrolled into Starfleet.



Lashar had a standard education on Cait before joining Starfleet.

Pre-Starfleet History


Nothing of note, Lashar went to Starfleet after completing school on Cait.

Starfleet History


Medical History


Nothing of note.



Acute vision, heightened senses of smell and hearing. Though they often appear stoic, Lashar can move nimbly when the situation requires it. They are a very hard worker and are not easily distracted once they start working on a task.



Lashar comes across as cold and distant when you first meet them, but they are passionate once you get to know them. They are sometimes touchy on the subject of their gender because their family was not very supportive of them when they came out to them.



Meditation, listening to symphonies, playing the Gu Zheng, reading classics from various Federation member worlds.

"Mars?" Keira said... "Starfleet wouldn't have accomplished anything without the Engineers, Technicians and Operations that put it all together. Rebuilding Utopia Planitia, a base on Mars itself, refitting an old Akira Class, the Mystique, an Oddyssy Class, the Republic and building two top of the line ships, the Illuminar and the Exeter, all thanks to the Engineers."- Excerpt from an Interview with Lt. Cmdr. Keira Merek 2O/CEO, USS Exeter. Stardate: 2446.01.29

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