Biography for Ensign JG Jason Williams , a Male Human aged 0
who is assigned to the Mars

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Character Physical Description






100 kg









183 cm




Fit/healthy. Bearded. Other then that, fairly unremarkable.

History, Education and Skills

Family and Background


Jason was an only child, so after his parents died, he had no family to speak of. Unsure what to do after school, he sought out a carreer in law enforcement, joining the police force of a rather small european city.



Primary school, high school. Worked for several years as a civillian police officer before joining starfleet.

Pre-Starfleet History


Having joined the police force, his day to day life consisted of enforcing the law in a virtually crime-free society. Luckily, he found the love of his life at work in Mary,, one of his colleagues. Soon, they were living together, adding joy to eachothers lives. There was talk of marriage and even children, untill disaster struck and Mary was killed conducting a routine traffic stop. Grieving, he quit and roamed around earth, doing what he could to not feel, to forget. Untill he somehow stumbled into a Starfleet recruiting station.

Starfleet History


Medical History




Forensics. Advanced first aid. Expert marksman.



Do you have anything else to add? Anything at all?



Holonovels. Hiking. Collecting ancient firearms.

"Mars?" Keira said... "Starfleet wouldn't have accomplished anything without the Engineers, Technicians and Operations that put it all together. Rebuilding Utopia Planitia, a base on Mars itself, refitting an old Akira Class, the Mystique, an Oddyssy Class, the Republic and building two top of the line ships, the Illuminar and the Exeter, all thanks to the Engineers."- Excerpt from an Interview with Lt. Cmdr. Keira Merek 2O/CEO, USS Exeter. Stardate: 2446.01.29

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