Biography for Gunnery Sergeant Rellam Tam, a Male Trill (Unjoined) aged 35
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Rellam Tam

Eyes : Pale green Weight : 177 IBS
Hair : Blond Skin :


Height : 5'10 Blood : Red
Rellam is of average height, standing around 5'10" tall, and has marine short blond hair, and pale green eyes. Unlike many of his marine brethren, his build tends more toward a slimmer, swimmers build, which is an advantage, helping him as a sniper. He has the words "Black Ice" with 11 names bellow it tattooed on his back just below he right shoulder, as well as a single name tattooed on his back just bellow his left shoulder
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Rellam was born on Trill, in the city of Tentar. His parents were Nissa and Morvan Tam. Both of his parents are involved in Trill politics, Morvan working as a political strategist for various people in the government and Nissa a science and technology advisor for the legislative branch of the government. He is an only child, and was raised in a loving house hold.



Standard primary and secondary education on Trill before enlisting in the Star Fleet Marine Corps.

Pre-Starfleet History


As he grew up, he took a liking to many sports, most of them speed and agility related, and always had a desire to join the Marines. Rellam wasn't necessarily an out going child or teen, but he was friendly enough. When the time came his parents supported his joining the Marines, although they were somewhat confused at his desire to enlist instead of going to the academy, but they didn't fight him on it.

Starfleet History


At boot camp, Rellam held his own, not being the most aggressive, but showing more restraint the forethought than most. Rellam was loud when required, but was generally the quietest of his group. He listened well, and very rarely got in any trouble unless the DIs were looking to prove something. The one area in which he excelled was marksmanship. Rellam proved to be as near a natural as anyone could be, and scored a perfect score on his marksman test to pass out of boot camp. The combination of his skill with a rifle and his temperament, caused his DIs to strongly recommend that he proceed to Sniper training school after boot camp. Rellam took their advice and excelled in the school, the subdued nature and the need for clear thinking and patience were the perfect fit. He graduated first in his class, earning the top sharpshooter and marksman rating with all the personal weapons in the marines arsenal. ********************************************************* Spent the first five years of his career post sniper school with the Black Ice squad (9th Izar Division, 2nd regiment, 4th Battalion, 1st Reconnaissance Company, Gamma Platoon, 1st Squad) The first four years of the tour were uneventful. During the fifth year, however, things heated up for the 2nd regiment of the division. Skirmishes on the border with the Breen became more heated and more frequent, and incidents with various other races from more unexplored areas in their territories became an issue. At the end of his fifth year every member of the squad except for Rellam who was badly injured, was killed when the squad was sent on a mission with bad intel. ********************************************************* After recuperating, he was transfered to the 8th Ivor Division on recomendation from the Psychs who noticed a slight change of personality. He joined an experienced squad known as the Red Dawn (8th Division, 6th Regiment, 5th Battalion, 3rd Makenzie Company, Alpha Platoon, 2nd Squad). Rellam grew close to the squad, and considered them friends. Three years into the stint with his squad, he and his spotters were captured by the Romulans, his spotter was killed and he was held for roughly a year before being rescued. Signs of abuse and trauma pointed to his being tortured, although he won't confirm it, he only says that neither he nor his spotter gave any information to the Romulans. ********************************************************* Rellam refused to accept a discharge, and while his personality had changed even more (Due to the personal nature of his job as well as the losses, Rellam became a very very quiet and serious person, and his eyes have taken on a saddness, although no psychologist has found any type of clinical depression or any other emotional issue that would prevent him from doing his job.), it was determined that it would be a loss to forcefully discharge him. He was transfered to the 4th Ambassadorial Guard, to keep him out of combat for a while, after the training on Betazed, he was transfered around a while before finally being transfered to the Federation Embassy on the Klingon Homeworld where he spent 5 years. ********************************************************* After the tour with the Ambassadorial Guard, the Corps finally granted his request for a return to a combat Division, finding no sign that his personality change was having any impact on his duties. He was transfered into the 52nd fleet shortly before Admiral Lodonna moved it deep into the Beta Quadrant.

Medical History


Medical and psychological records note that his personality has changed over the year. Most chalk this up to his job, on top of being tortured and losing his entire first squad as well his spotter from his second. His change in personality has had no direct impact on his duties, and as such he has always been allowed to return to duty, although the psychologists have made note to keep a close eye on him. Other than that he is very fit.



Master marksman with all Marine Corps issued personal weapons. Graduated top of his group at Scout Sniper Training. Received Counter Sniper training with the Ambassadorial Guard. Expert in stalking and wilderness survival.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Training, reading old history texts, running.

General Notes


While he is very happy in the Corps, he does not 'enjoy' his role as a sniper. He very much wishes that he didn't have to kill anyone, although he will not hesitate if he has orders. He feels it is his duty to use his skills for the benefit of the Corps and the Federation.

Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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