Biography for Lieutenant Colonel T'Vanek, a Male Vulcan aged 86
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description


Eyes : Brown Weight : 150,06 lbs
Hair : Black Skin :

Dusty Whit

Height : 6 foot 3 Blood : Green

Being born and raised on Vulcan, he is of strong stature with a strong frame from the heavy gravity of his birth planet. He is scarred in a couple of places from battle, but for the most part is the classical example of a member of his race. His face is perpetually set in an emotionless look, the one exception being wrinkles near his eyes from squinting to look long distances in battle conditions without the aid of BDU vision enhancement.

History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

T'Vanek's father works for Starfleet as a Civilian Strategic Expert, and regularly travels through the fleet as an advisor from Strategic Operations and Tactical Command. His mother is a 'housewife' and devotes her time to composing Vulcan music for the Vulcan Lyre.



  • Vulcan Academy of Science: Two years as a Subspace Mechanics major before transferring all credits to Starfleet Academy

  • Starfleet Academy: Standard four year program with an emphasis on Tactical Command and Strategy

  • Starfleet Marine Training, Paris Island: Standard two year program to become a Starfleet Marine

  • Starfleet Command School: Standard Program to learn Command techniques to become an MXO.

  • Starfleet War College: Studies in Advanced Strategy and Tactics, as well as General Theory of Counter Terror Operations.

  • Starfleet Marine Training, Paris Island: Applied Counter Terror Training, Advanced Small Group Guerilla Tactics and Operations

Pre-Starfleet History


T'Vanek spent his entire childhood on Vulcan, only having left the planet once to take a trip with his father to the USS Knightsbridge during an Advisory mission. The mission became hostile after their arrival, and T'Vanek got his first look at both Starfleet Security and the Marines in operation.

He was never again allowed to accompany his father, lest another mission turn deadly and be his destruction. Both the Security/Tactical and the Marines fascinated him after that, however, and influenced him to join Starfleet Academy after a brief and average two years at the Vulcan Science Academy.

He originally intended to join Security, but after his four years at the Academy, decided that the extra training and requirements to become a Marine posed a more challenging path.

Starfleet History


T'Vanek has seen much in his fifty-six years in Starfleet. He graduated Starfleet Academy at age 30, and a month later joined the Marine program at Paris Island to become a Marine. Two years later, after a months leave to visit his home planet and parents, he joined the 2nd Montebello Company, on the USS Montebello, a Mobile Marine Command center.

Ten years later, after two promotions to 1st Lieutenant, he left the Montebello and joined Starbase 346, on the Frontline of the Romulan Neutral Zone. He spent most of his years in Starfleet there, only leaving for short breaks to his home planet (except for one six month layover during which he took a Vulcan wife.), and for temporary transfers to Earth to further his education. His longest Absence was 1.5 years, during his training at the Starfleet War College.

During those years on Starbase 346, he rose to the rank of Lt. Major and after a stint at the Starfleet Command School, also became the Marine Executive Officer of two station-grounded companies. He saw lots of combat during his time there, as well.

He was recently given a promotion to Lt Colonel and given command of the 1st Geneva Company on Starbase Geneva.

Medical History


Nothing of Note



Strategy Games : Combat Tactics and Strategy : Command : Counter Terror Training : Field BDU repair : Strong Logic skills : Unarmed Combat (Vulcan Martial Arts, moderate ability) : Unarmed Combat (Standard and Advanced Marine hand-to-hand training) : Armed Combat (Phasers and Disruptors of all makes and models) : Advanced Training with the BDU : Advanced Training with the Ironman BDU (Restricted Technology): Counter Terrorism

Racial Abilities
Vulcan Neck Pinch : Standard Touch Telepathy (with mild empathy/telepathy in meditative states or concentration)

Phaser Marksmanship : Small arms crack-shot : Artillery and Heavy Weaponry Marksmanship : Tactics in adverse Conditions : Guerilla tactics and small unit combat : Counter Terrorism : Unarmed Combat (Standard and Advanced Marine hand-to-hand training)

Other Information
Hobbies :

T'Vanek has few 'hobbies', as most of his time is taken with running a Marine complement and training. When he does has spare time, however, he builds crystalline lattice structure puzzles. They are an excellent test of both logical thinking, hand/eye coordination and mental conditioning. He rarely keeps those he finishes, however. They are usually very lovely when completed, and he gives them away to whomever should want them, or as gifts for special events. He keeps the most difficult as inspiration for when he is puzzled on how to complete a current project.

He is not adverse to trying new activities, and will gladly take part in something suggested if he sees any value in the activity.

General Notes


T'Vanek is a 'typical' Vulcan, he follows the path of Logic in all things, and represses his emotions. That he chose to be a Marine, one of the most emotional jobs in Starfleet, is still a bit of an enigma to him. He makes the best of it he can, seeing it as a test of his control.

Awards :

Awarded Ribbon Of Sacrifice:

Awarded Cross of Fire:

Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: For his actions on defending starbase Geneva and on the Crytonian Homeworld

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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