Biography for Lieutenant Ro'Dal, a Female Takaran aged 26
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description


Eyes : Brown Weight : 180 IBS
Hair : Dark Grey Skin :

Light Grey

Height : 6 ft. 1 in Blood : Blue
Ro'Dal keeps her straight shoulder-length hair combed back in a tail or braided while on duty, the silver streak runs from the middle of her brow straight back. She is high-browed like all Takarans with dark, greyish blue markings on her ridged brow, nose and chin that resemble tattoos. She is fairly tall and wiry.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Abandoned as an infant at their door, Ro'Dal was raised by a militant religious sect who used her as a drudge; doing menial tasks and laboring in the community kitchens. Whenever she could, she would hide and observe the young initiates in their combat training, and then practice what she had seen until she perfected it when she had her free time. At the age of thirteen she escaped and made her way to the closest city where she enlisted in the Takaran Security Force's Cadet program where she excelled in unarmed combat and weaponry skills.



Self-educated, her rudimentary writing and reading skills were improved during the years she spent as a Takaran Security Force's Cadet due to her determination and dedication to learning.

Pre-Starfleet History


Spent nine years in the Security Forces and then applied for entrance into Starfleet when Takara joined the Federation. She was the first Takaran to be accepted into the Academy where she specialised in Security/Tactical procedures.

Starfleet History


Graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the USS Champlain.

Medical History


Nothing major has befallen her, healthwise.



Excels in cryptology and cryptography, and various martial arts

Other Information
Hobbies :

Loves to read and write and discovered she has a talent for pottery making. She swims a lot for exercise and enjoyment and works out in the gym or holodeck on a daily basis, duty permitting.

General Notes


Takarans internal organs are not as distinct as those of most humanoids - their organ systems are much more evenly distributed around their bodies, resulting in Takarans having a very high resistance to injury. Takarans also have voluntary control over their own physiology down to a cellular level and can place themselves in a form of stasis resembling death. They can put one part of their body in stasis at a time. For example, if part of the body was destroyed then they could slow the injury in that area, unaffecting them. They have three hearts and an extra dense skeletal structure.

Awards :

Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: For the part played in the battle against the USS Wyvern, 2407.03.13/14

Awarded Captains Commendation: For actions during and after the battle for the MDP, stardate 2407.07.09

Awarded Captains Commendation: Awarded on Stardate 2408.01.26 For exceptional skill and prowess exhibited in handling the situation on Davros III

Awarded Captains Commendation: Awarded on behalf of the Cartenian Commonwealth for Services rendered in the Rescue of Prince Khamal from the Orion Syndicate on Stardate 2408.03.15

Awarded The Order of Unity: Awarded in commemoration of service during the Federation Civil War.

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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