Biography for Lieutenant JG Shayhiloosh, a Both Male+Female Arborian aged 100
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description


Eyes : Blue Weight : 250 IBS
Hair : None Skin :

Brwn black

Height : 7' - 7'2 Blood : Golden Amb
Tough, durable, rubbery, skin, slightly wrinkled brown black skin similar to that that found on dolphins or elephants covers Shayhiloosh's body and limbs. Despite hir's treelike characteristics, s/he does not have 'bark' as does a tree. S/he has many root legs, which join together at a 'trunk' in an area approximately equivalent to the middle of the thigh on the average human. Hir upper part is composed of branches, with round, silvery 'leaves' with tiny jagged looking edges, the ends of which come to a point, similar to those of a quaking asp, that shake and rustle when speaking. Hir main trunk is roughly 2.5 feet. Shayhiloosh has 5 main branches that project from hir's trunk at about 90 - 135 degrees when at rest. Hir three blue, almost human-looking eyes are extended from his main upper branch crotch, about five feet from hir roots, on thick vine-like stalks about 2.5 feet long. S/he has three self-grown, hand-like appendages in hir upper branches. These appear as twigs up above hir main arms, and consist of three flexible 'fingers' with a flexible opposing twig which serves as a thumb.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Shayhiloosh was raised in a nursery or young 'grove' of sorts, where s/he was planted in rich loamy soil. Rooting hirself in soil at night and looking at the stars at night after hir studies were done for the day became a favorite pastime. Hir was one of the few Arborians that enjoyed talking and interacting with Federation ambassadors and other off world visitors. After hir species was contacted and a Federation Embassy established, Shayhiloosh was chosen by the Arborian elders to go out and gain experience within the context of the Federation, to encourage understanding and gain perspective on other species. Enrolling in Starfleet seemed the most obvious way to learn and gain experience with other cultures, and to explore and see what else was in the universe.



As for many Arborians, Shayhiloosh was taught by local elders. Hir people have a natural predilection for understanding of the ecological sciences. After completing the highest level of education hir people could offer, s/he was immediately enrolled in Starfleet, where s/he majored in Science with an emphasis on xenobotany. Hir also enjoyed studying stellar cartography and astronomy.

Pre-Starfleet History


In hir youth, as a part of hir training, Shayhiloosh spent a decade or so traveling extensively within Arboria's solar system along with one of hir elders, old Hannahlish, taking surveys of the system's sun and analyzing solar activity. During that time, Shayhiloosh conducted many experiments to study the effects of sunspot activity upon various species of plant growth. S/he also helped to set up the Starfleet Embassy on Arboria, where hir specialized in security.

Starfleet History


The first day of Shayhiloosh's first assignment was a major catastrophe. The USS Boudicca, to which s/he had been assigned, was attacked and boarded by enemy marines from the USS Exeter. Shayhiloosh attempted to protect hirself and hir colleagues in sickbay, only to discover belatedly that these Marines were provided with 'superman' BDU body armor. S/he was severely injured in the attempt, and was subsequently deposited on Starbase Geneva to receive care. When hir condition was assessed, s/he was sent to Cait to recover, due to the excellent quality of medical care available there, and the need for a naturally sunlit environment in which to heal. While on Cait or Ferasa, s/he was illegally detained and imprisoned in an underground secret experimental facility below a legitimate hospital. After escaping and making friends with a Caitian Doctor named R'Serrot, Shayhiloosh working with the doctor and the Nimitz crew, helped free the planet from the thin clutches of Doenitz's Marines and end the atrocities committed in the secret facility.

Medical History


Species: Shayhiloosh and other Arborians have both plant and animal characteristics. Chemically, Arborians resemble yeast with chlorophyll. Overall height at full growth can reach approximately 7 feet tall minimum or taller, but an individual might look a bit taller if in proper full leaf. Individual Arborians' leaf bladders can be found in a variety of shapes, and the appearance of one individual compared to another is often far more pronounced than in humans. They can, if they wish, grow extra appendages, but it takes time and energy, and most do not consider the effort necessary. Arborians need rich loamy soil with plenty of mineral content. They obtain nourishment through the root tips, which can open or close via large pores. Without adequate species-appropriate nourishment, they may potentially suffer from a variety of health problems, including leaf wilt, leaf loss, swelling of joints, general withering of the body, and loss of vision. They require a few hours of exposure to UV rays in which to rest, root, eat, and conduct photosynthesis each day. Natural sunlight is preferable, but ship-generated UV rays suffice under normal conditions. A horticultural or botanical area would be perfect quarters for an Arborian. Personal: Nothing of note. Shayhiloosh is normally in good general health as per his species. S/he did take the time to grow extra branches, as s/he felt that two were not enough to do the specialized tasks required by hir service in Starfleet, but that more than three extra hands were too many. S/he can use hir prehensile roots to grip or pick up items as needed.



Due to hir off-planet experience, Shayhiloosh has become more adaptable than is the norm for his species. S/he is quite clever when it comes to meeting hir special needs in a shipboard environment. Hand-to-root-and-branch combat is hir specialty. S/he is not especially martially oriented, but when threatened at close range, s/he is a formidable opponent, if properly prepared for the nature of the attack. S/he can carry several weapons at once in hir multiple limbs, and use them all simultaneously. Also, considering both the training s/he received as a security consultant while setting up the Starfleet embassy on hir home planet, together with hir three flexible eyestalks, s/he is very difficult to take by surprise. Special Traits: When at rest, usually for at least a few hours each daylight cycle when Arborians are able to conduct photosynthesis, they share a type of group telepathy. Arborians are able to access something they refer to as the Dreamplane. For the uninitiated, the Dreamplane can be a dangerous place as besides mirroring whatever happens in reality, it can manifest people's sorrow, fear, joy, and anger.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Shayhiloosh enjoys singing, Arborian styles of dance, and rooting hirself in interesting places.

General Notes


Correct pronoun usage for an androgynous species such as Shayhiloosh is as follows: s/he as subject (S/he is walking), hir (pronounced as heer) as the possessive, and 'hirself' (pronounced heerself). Speech: Arborians use their leaf-like bladders in a breathy, breezy almost whispery voice which rustles. Hearing: Arborians can hear by detecting vibrations through touch and through the air. They can detect and generate tones and sounds outside human hearing range, including subsonic and ultrasonic ranges. These can be used to communicate long distances. No ears are visible. Sitting: Though Shayhiloosh can bend easily and curve hir trunk, hir natural stance is to remain upright. Hir preferred method of 'sitting' is to gracefully spread out hir roots, in a manner like what humans call doing the splits. After sinking down in this fashion, Shayhiloosh then curls up hir 'feet' or root 'legs' in a nice neat circle around hir lower trunk. S/he finds this preferable to bending hir trunk, as would be required to sit in a manner common to humanoid species. Hir is then short enough to access tables, consoles and any other equipment built primarily for humanoids. For better stability, if there is room, Shayhiloosh can and will spread hir roots out as far as they will go, regardless of the surface. Psychology: Arborians have a strong code of ethics, and will not cheat, steal, murder, or lie. They will act to defend themselves in instances of life threatening danger, and are dangerous when provoked. They can prevaricate and omit the truth when the situation deems necessary for secretiveness and discretion. They tend to be resistant to change. Shayhiloosh personally feels that most species are a bit on the small side, and have far too few limbs. S/he is also unusually open-minded, as Arborians go. For more about Shayhiloosh, and about the Arborians, go to the Star Trek Freedom Wiki.

Awards :

Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: For services rendered in freeing Cait Prime for the Occupation of Doentiz forces and it's illegal and immoral experiments.

Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: 2407.12.30 for services rendered during the final battle of the MDP.

Awarded Captains Commendation: 2407.12.30 for exemplary performance during the battle of the MDP.

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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