Biography for Rear Admiral Caladryll Sevant, a Male Vulcan/Human aged 60
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Caladryll Sevant

Eyes : grey Weight : 150
Hair : Brown Skin :


Height : 6'2 Blood : green

Sevant cannot be physically distinguished from a normal Vulcan without going through a medical scan. He is of medium build and has a scar running from the base of his hairline, across his left eye and down to the base of mouth from an accident.

He has been told that he has chiseled features, and penetrating eyes that see right through you.

History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

His mother was a teacher on Earth and His father was a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. They meet on Earth and 'logically' moved to Vulcan after being married. His mother then got pregnant with Sevant, and raised him until her death five years later.

His father then took over raising Sevant, for a short while. T'Valdec often took him around the Federation as his job permitted. Other times, leaving him with tutors to study Logic, self defense and other Academic subjects.

For many years he was married to Victoria Sevant, and had two (and two unborn) children with her. She was murdered during a Nimitz missing, along with both his daughters and their unborn twins.



University of Vulcan: Major in Federation History/Starfleet History and minor in Race Relations.

Starfleet Academy: Security Major

Also took a stint in the Federation War College during his time in the academy to learn Strategic Operations.

Pre-Starfleet History


Sevant's first memory is his mother being killed when Sevant was five from a shuttlecraft accident. The same incident was what put the scar on his face. The shuttlecraft was brought down by a group of Romulans opposed to the reunification of Vulcan and Romulus.

He was then left with tutors that taught him academics, physical and emotional control until He left home. One of the tutors was a Klingon named K'Ratoc who was later abducted by Romulans and mentally conditioned to kill Sevant's father, Sevant ended up killing him in a Bat'leth duel in his own back yard.

During one of his travels with his father, he met what would be his one childhood friend and future fiancée, Vicki. She was the daughter of his Fathers Colleague in the Diplomatic Corps.

He joined the University of Vulcan with a major in Federation History and a minor in race relations. He graduated with honors, sixth in his class and immediately went to Starfleet academy.

Starfleet History


  • -2399: accepted to Starfleet Academy

  • -2403.05.15: graduated Starfleet Academy

  • -2404.06.10: transferred to Starbase 968 as TAC/ASC

  • -2404.06.20: transferred to USS Boudicca as TAC/ASC

  • -2404.06.30: Promoted to Lt.(jg) and given the responsibilities of TAC/SC.

  • -2404.07.01: Sevant was captured by Romulans on the planet of Medial IV with the ACSO T'Sar and tortured for many hours before finally escaping and practicing Guerilla tactics in the Romulans base to stall for time while the rest of the Away Team searched for them. This incident would later be known as the 'Ael Deletham' Affair, named after the Romulan Vessel that was captured by the Boudicca and escorted to Starbase 23. He received a Captains Commendation for his actions.

  • -2404.07.10: Marries an OPS officer on the Boudicca, Victoria, his childhood friend.

  • -2404.08.06: Transferred and made TAC/SOPS (Strategic Operations) of Starbase 23

  • -2404.08.09: Given Leave of Absence when his father was murdered with his new fiancée by a Rival Faction that did not wish Federation Diplomatic intervention. The Leave of Absence was opened ended, so he could put his family affairs in order.

  • -2405.04.01: Sevant reactivated his commission and was reassigned to the USS Boudicca as TAC/ASC at his former rank.

  • -2405.04.03: Assigned TAC/SC of the USS Boudicca with the promotion of Tokugawa to First Officer of Starbase Geneva. Birth of his first Child, Jayne, to Victoria.

  • -2405.04.03: During a mission on the Boudicca, he was taken over by the life force of another being from the USS Raven. While in a mental fight with the force, he fell and cracked his skull, and subsequently died. Just before passing out into death, Sevant transferred his Katra (soul) to his wife.

    Though he does not remember it, his wife took his body to Vulcan, where Vulcan High Priests reunited his Katra with his body. He began the grueling sessions to reeducate himself. And a month after being resurrected went with his wife and child in a runabout to re-report for duty. En-Route, a small subspace portal opened around them, and they disappeared.

    Two months EARLIER to the rest of the world, but seven years later for them, they reappeared. Minus a home in the nexus and with another child. Jayne was then eight, their new daughter T'Loren was five. The entire family has spent the prior seven years of their lives in a tropical paradise, supplied by the power of a nexus like area in space.

    Conditions on the Starbase they arrived at were questionable at best, and his orders were assumed to have been lost. The Boudicca was not contacted, and Sevant's location and orders were changed.

  • -2405.03.19: Transfers to the USS Nimitz as TAC/SC under the new command of his old CO on the Boudicca, Captain Rivers.

  • -2405.03.25: The USS Nimitz is attacked and forcefully boarded by a Militant group of Romulans. Sevant takes a disrupter shot to the arm, and leads the Security Forces along with the Marines in a retaking of the ship. Three quarters of his security department is slaughtered, a good half the ships crew is also killed. The ship is taken back, after the Romulans make every effort to wreck her.

  • -2405.08.30: After five months travel, the USS Nimitz arrives at Starbase Geneva in a veil of Secrecy

    Receives a Squadron Commanders Commendation for his actions on the Nimitz, as well as a promotion to Lt(sg)

    Sevant places the Nimitz on full lockdown and alert after a Romulan successfully boards her and places a gel-bomb just above the computer core.

    He is reunited with his family, recently returned from Earth due to family reasons. He discovers that his daughter has been completely subverted by a local drug unit, and she had attempted to kill her mother when they were to leave the planet. Jayne later tries to attack and kill Caladryll when he says she will never again see her 'friends and family' that she was forced to leave behind. He is forced to disarm her and a later visit to sickbay confirms that she is highly addicted to a drug cocktail, that will be highly painful to withdrawal from.

  • -2405.09.01: After several attempts to destroy and infiltrate the Nimitz, the Romulan Tal Shiar agent on Geneva abducts Captain Rivers. Sevant takes command of the USS Mithrandir and conducts a Military style search mission for her. He is stopped from boarding the Romulan Scout by a Warbird, which he fires on and engages in combat. The Warbird retreats, and Sevant manages to get Rivers unconscious form beamed aboard, along with the body of the Romulan conspirator. He expects to be drummed from the service for this action, which could cause a war.

  • -2405.09.02: The Captain wakes from her unconsciousness, and as there are no other officers available, promotes Sevant to Lieutenant Commander and First Officer of the USS Nimitz.

  • -2606-03-07: While on an away mission, Sevant's wife and children were murdered in their sleep on the ship. Sevant himself, after having his mind link ripped from him in that way, went temporarily crazy and tried to kill the murderer once they had reached the ship. He stopped, just before the man was killed, and started undergoing the months of counseling it would take to recover.

  • -2606-04-10: Sevant is made a full Commander

  • -2606-06-07: Sevant is given command of the newly recommissioned vessel USS Boudicca, and a promotion to Captain

  • -2606-07-04: Sevant commands the Boudicca through combat with psi-ders, mechanical spiders that 'feed' on psychic emanations.

  • -2406-10-10: Sevant is awarded the Combat Ribbon with the rest of the crew after the recent battle. The Boudicca is released from Spacedock after three months after repair and refit.

  • -2406-11-22/28: Sevant is captured by forces loyal to Doenitz and given a court-martial for many charges, most notably Treason against the United Federation of Planets. He undergoes torture sessions with remnants of Starfleet Intelligence during this time, though nothing of great import is said due to time constraints. He is later rescued by a joint mission from the Boudicca and Nimitz

  • -2407.1.14/17: During a resupply mission on the planet Velorum IV, the Boudicca's crew meets the remnants of a culture descended from the Iconians or Eccobarians. This culture remembers nothing of their past, the technology they use that dates from that time is believed to be 'magic', and those trained to use it are Warlocks and Wizards. Several crew are abducted by the 'warlocks', and the crew under Sevant are forced to lead a rescue mission, themselves posing as powerful magicians.

  • -2407.1.15: Sevant is made Commodore of the 3rd Battlegroup, 50 ships tasked to take down individual targets on the boarder of Federation space.

    Also of Note, the Alternate-Universe version of Victoria Sevant reboards the Boudicca at the insistence of Admiral LoDona, after having been saved by Lieutenant Falthgood on the USS Mystique from a temporal anomally. Sevant, who knew nothing of this, is shocked to find that his severed marital/mind bond with his dead wife snaps back into place perfectly with this version of Victoria. After being thrown into a meld, they discover that no single detail of their lives they can find is different... excepting that in her universe, it is Caladryll that dies with the children. Sevant tries to back away from this, knowing that she is not his former wife, but the bond and the feelings are exactly the same and he finds himself in a moral dilemma about the whole situation.

  • -2407.1.17: Sevant finally reunites with the alter-universe Victoria Sevant, and gives in to the bond that they already share. He is, thus, reunited with his dead wife.

  • -2407-02-03: The Boudicca is sent on a mission to destroy a 'telepath factory'. Sevant takes a personal interest in this, and his defenses are tested greatly by the number of strong telepaths on the ship. He is also given the services of a Lieutenant Walker Isengard, a super-telepath from Betazed, who dies on the mission shielding the strike-team.

  • -2407-02.10: The Boudicca, while searching for the USS Dracul, encounters a shuttle carrying three top scientists and some stolen top secret research. They are being followed by the USS Exeter, a ship loyal to Admiral Doenitz. A fight ensues, and the Boudicca, already damaged, is boarded. The Exeter's crew is beat back, but only after many are killed. Sevant mind-melds with the senior surviving enemy Marine to see just what they had boarded for, because not nearly enough had beamed aboard to take the Boudicca.

  • -2407-03-04: Sevant is badly injured during a mission, his face and body is badly sliced by an exploding console. This puts him in sickbay for the better part of a day, with further surgeries to repair arterial damage later.

  • -2407-06.28: Sevant is promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of the 19th Task Force. He is ordered to command TF-19 to destroy the Mars Defense Perimeter, as a prelude to the last invasion of Sol.

Medical History


Has undergone many hardships in life and duty

He has a scar on his face, from a disastrous affair on a shuttlecraft over vulcan.

Has been injured many times in many ways while in service in Starfleet. He has been shot once, on the Nimitz. And he has multiple scars over his body from the Torture on Medial IV by Romulans. He also has a new scar on his face from a Romulan knife that slashed him during the Romulan Boarding of the Nimitz on Stardate 2405.03.25

He is officially under Medical Watch for ten years, since his 'death' and 'rebirth' after having his Katra reattached by Vulcan High Priests.



Phaser Marksmanship : Highly Skilled in Vulcan Martial Arts : Moderately skilled in standard Starfleet Security Hand to Hand Combat : Skilled with a Klingon Bat'leth : Guerilla Tactics and Shipboard Combat Tactics : Standard Tactical training with the Security BDU.

Racial Abilities:
Moderate Broadcast Telepathy/Empathy : Strong Touch Telepathy

Hand to hand Combat, 3d chess tactics, Combat Tactics and Strategy under adverse conditions (Guerilla Tactics)

Other Information
Hobbies :

Plays 3D chess.

Was trained as a boy to wield a Klingon Bat'leth, and practices with it upon occasion.

Sevant likes to discuss matters of security or history with anyone competent in the fields when time permits.

General Notes


Sevant Is a follower of Sybok, so he does not fear Emotion and does actively seek it out upon occasion. However, he does not feel as most Sybok Followers, that logic is inherently evil, and places himself in his long-remembered logical state whenever he must have a clear mind.

He was married to former Boudicca Crewmember Vicki Reiligh. And had two daughters by her, before thier murder. He is still deeply bitter at the loss, and utterly ruthless to murderers, a useful trait in the current civil war.

After being injured and watching his Mother die at Romulan hands, and after having been Tortured during the 'Ael Deletham' Affair, and after having been injured and fighting back a Romulan invasion group from the Nimitz... Sevant has begun to have a very real hatred towards Romulans as a race and people. He considers them barbaric, and nothing more then beasts looking to make war on his government and family.

Awards :

Awarded Squadron Commanders Commendation: For remarkable courage and devotion to duty under the most difficult circumstances during the attempted Romulan invasion of the Nimitz

Awarded Captains Commendation: Given to Sevant by Captain Rivers for exemplary service to Shipmates and Civilians in the Romulan 'Ael Deletham' Affair, and on the planet of Medial IV.

Awarded Ribbon Of Sacrifice: For injuries sustained during the attempted Romulan takeover of the Nimitz

Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: Given for combat of the psi-ders on stardate 2406.07.03 on the Boudicca.

Awarded Squadron Commanders Commendation: For actions above and beyond the Call of Duty during the Time Crisis at Ceti Sigma IV

Awarded Combat Action Ribbon: For combat against superior forces during the rescue of Captain Sevant.

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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