Biography for Corporal Jose Rameriz, a Male Human aged 35
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Jose Rameriz

Eyes : Brown Weight : 120 LBS
Hair : Brown Skin :


Height : 5' 5 Blood : Red
Short and very light for a Human male, Rameriz is of typical Iberian complexion. His less than stellar looks are entirely put in the shade by his incredibly hyperactive physical habits such as running everywhere, flailing his arms around and generally attempting to look much bigger than he actually is.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Born in Madrid, Spain, Jose Rameriz was always a problem child. He was hyperactive and destructive, came home every day with a new bruise, but gave many more than he received. His teachers fretted that he was the one barbarian left on Earth, his mother that she would never be able to make her little baby into anything important.



2375-2389 - Federation Schooling System
2391-2393 - Marine Boot Camp, Mars

Ultimately, Jose left school before taking any exams or gaining any qualifications. The principal of his school sadly commented that he was 'a lost cause'.

Pre-Starfleet History


Following two years of bumming around his home town, apparently possessing no will, drive or ambition, and bouncing from one job to the next, Rameriz spotted a Starfleet Marine recruitment poster. Jose Rameriz signed up without a second thought - it looked like fun! In the streets of Madrid, he had been known for his love of literally explosive practical jokes and his propensity for coming out on top in any bar-room brawl. The Marines seemed the natural next step. And there was a babe on the poster.

Starfleet History


2393-2495 - T'rok's Terrors, E Corps, Private
2495-2497 - Lemur Company, C Corps, Private
2497-2499 - Sierra Company, S Corps, Private and Private First Class
2499-2401 - Dante Company, H Corps, PFC
2401-2403 - Echo Company, F Corps, PFC and Corporal
2403-2405 - Ashock's Harriers, D Corps, Sergeant
2405-2407 - The Nomads, B Corps, Sergeant
2407-2407 - Marine at Large, Lance Corporal

Fun it was. While his contemporaries complained that the work was too hard, that they were going to drop dead before they reached active duty, Ramirez excelled in all aspects of Marine training - he was an above average shot, very fit, very fast, ferocious in hand-to-hand combat and, most of all, completely and utterly dedicated to the Marine Corps.

He served with distinction for four years, becoming an excellent grunt who would always survive any fight, no matter how deadly. He would follow orders unblinkingly as long as they were 'attack', 'advance' or 'fall out'. His manic and unpredictable tendencies in most other spheres, however, prevented him from keeping any promotions. The little Spaniard was a constant headache for his COs and only escaped being drummed out of the Corps on the back of his excellent work on the field - Ramirez was a born Marine.

When he was posted to the 'milk run' of permanent secondment to a starship, the USS Sovereign, with Sierra Company (or 'the Angels' as they were known), Ramirez could not have forseen how the transfer would affect his life. Under the command of Lieutenant Terri 'Gossamer' Hicks, and brother-in-arms with figures that would become fast friends, Ramirez took part in battles against Borg, genetically engineered insects, Cardassians, Jem'Hadar ... and Starfleet.

Eventually, Sierra Company came under the command of Asrael Haven, and Sierra Company became a target of many attacks by a rogue branch of Starfleet Intelligence. These attacks eventually ended in the killing of two of the 'Old Guard' members of the Sierra Company, firm friends of Ramirez's, and the attempted assasination of every other Marine who was deemed to side with Asrael Haven in her battle with the man who had genetically engineered her, Admiral Frans Wenser. When his plan failed, Sierra Company disbanded and Haven and her followers were placed in a maximum security prison. Rameriz and the other Angels were eventually pardoneded and released.

The events probably affected Ramirez least of all of the surviving Marines. Re-posted to Dante's Squadron with his Sierra Company girlfriend, Eleanor 'Shakes' Hutchinson, she and Ramirez were sent to Cardassia Prime to help maintain peace and distribute aid. Once Starfleet presence on the planet was less needed, the last two Angels serving together were split up. Not only was he to return to the front-line action he craved, but Ramirez was to receive a promotion, and somehow he went from Corporal to full Sergeant, skipping three of the middling ranks. Ramirez of course felt no need to point this out to HQ and is enjoying it while he can. The Spaniard has, however, mellowed somewhat since the Sierra Company catastrophe - it seemed to teach him something of the transiency of life. He still enjoys it, as is his philosophy, but he is also more interested in those around him than he would once have been.

In 2405, Ramirez's wide experience and expertise were recognised with his assignment to the roving band of Marines of B Corps, the Nomads. Given the task of softening up any potentially problematic situations for a Starfleet vessel with no permanent Marine presence (since the end of the Dominion War, this means most ships), the Nomads is Ramirez's dream company - one which is constantly being sent from one tinderbox to another. Jose Ramirez is enjoying life as much as ever ... and he's every private's favourite sergeant.

2406 brought Rameriz and his old friend from the Sovereign, Michelle to Twinpoints, together in a war on the edge of Sayl'reth Space. Allied with some aquatic people, Michelle was killed in action on one of their ships. When they brought they ship back, cloned, it came with all personnel aboard, including Michelle who possessed all the memories and thoughts of her former self. Rameriz felt one Michelle was as good as another and was happy when he was assigned to escort Michelle through the civil war to Earth for interviewing by the powers that be. Apparently, they wanted the secrets of Michelle's apparent immortality. A 'slight' misunderstanding with a Colonel and a can of instant cheese found Rameriz a Lance Corporal. He won't tell the story for anything less than half a bottle of tequilla.

Rameriz was very unhappy with conditions on Earth and his inability to do anything about it and with Michelle's blessing escaped Earth to try and get to the "rebel scum." He got as far as Starbase Valhalla before being locked up. He escaped and was recaptured 9 times before he was informed the next time they would just kill him. He was still contimplating his next escape route when LaDona's forces reached Starbase Valhalla.

Medical History


Manic and probably border-line psychotic, Rameriz has an unhealthy fixation with weaponry and violence. He is as hyperactive now as he was when young, and hardly ever seems to be running low on energy. Eccentric, lively and a very loyal friend, Rameriz's good-natured verbal jibes should never be taken seriously. He is fiercely commited to his fellow Marines, but less so to the hierarchy that goes with the Corps. As a sergeant, he looks after each and every one of the marines under his command, and never asks them to do something he himself would not do. Except for the stripes on his arm, he's still in many ways the PFC he once was.



Rameriz is, in every way, a very good marine. He excels at blowing stuff up, beating people up, and basically being a violant maniac in green uniform. His "off duty" skills, however, leave a lot to be desired.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Boxing, target practice, weaponry, holo-vids, explosives

General Notes


Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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