Biography for Lieutenant JG Sella, a Female Andorian/Aenar aged 27
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
updated this biography on 2008-11-12 04:48:04
Character Physical Description


Eyes : Blue Weight : 100 pounds
Hair : White Skin :


Height : 5'2 Blood : blue
Sella is petite by any standards, but is obviously in shape. She has white hair and very pale blue eyes. She tends to keep her hair pulled back into braid. Sella has a happy face, nearly always smiling.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Sella was born on Andoria, in the Aenar city under the North Polar ice caps. Her parents were musicians, but Sella felt the need to do something different. She has two brothers and two sisters, who chose to stay on Andoria.



Educated on Andoria until she went against her family's wishes and joined Starfleet. Received a counseling degree from Reltala university on Betazed.

Pre-Starfleet History


Sella had a normal childhood for an Aenar Andorian, she grew up with her family and community, however she always wanted a little more.

Starfleet History


Was on leave during the start of the civil war, and stay behind on Andoria during the conflict.

Medical History


Blind, able to navigate using psychic abilities, but only to a very limited degree.



A supurb counselor. Do to the strict nature of her up bringing Sella will not use her telepathic powers without permission from the target. She is a very, very strong telepath.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Having grown up with music, Sella loves to listen to all kinds.

General Notes


Sella, like all Aenar is a pacifist, and has permission from Starfleet command to not carry a phaser and has been assured that she will not be ordered to do harm to another sentient creature.

Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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