Biography for Lieutenant Michelle to Twinpoints, a Female Human/Eeiauon aged 29
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Michelle to Twinpoints

Eyes : Brown Weight : 116 pounds
Hair : Mousey Bro Skin :


Height : 5'5 Blood : Red
A slim woman of short height with shoulder length brown fur. She has the almond eyes of her father, and her human ears are tufted. Her finger tips end in small retractable claws. Her pupils and Irises are similar to a cat's in appearance. She has a soft, sparse, brown fur that covers her body that to sight looks no different from human body hair. Her canines are pointed and she has four less molars than a normal human, lacking wisdom teeth. Her legs are similar to those of a cats and end in Cat-like feet. She is an unassuming presence with no other remarkable features.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Born to a Eeiauon father and a Human mother on Terisha Farming Colony Michelle had a fairly standard life. Her father was a chief research botanist and her mother was a lead hand on the research farm. They were developing various forms of wheat for various planets that had unusually short or long growing seasons, as well as strains impervious to various diseases. She went to school, studying agriculture and farming, as little else was offered on the colony. Those who were born farmers tended to stay to farming. It was a peaceful, quiet life. While Michelle would occasionally be teased by her fellow students, it was in a good natured way.



Shanshyling Primary School Terace Secondary School Star Fleet Enlistment Corps Star Fleet Academy Officer School (Correspondence) Certificates of First-Contact and Ambassadorhood Michelle specialized in administration for the enlisted corps, and later earner her officer pips and her counselling degree.

Pre-Starfleet History


After graduating school, she looked over her options for life and decided she didn't want to spend the rest of her life on one planet. She wished to travel and see other worlds and other peoples. Unfortunately, she had no sort of training that would gain her employment on a merchant ship. She had no way to gain access to a Star Fleet officer's academy even if she did have the education and skills to become an officer. She chose enlisted recruitment instead.

Starfleet History


Michelle specialized in command support in the corps, keeping track of paperwork, doing the paperwork that the senior staff didn't have time to do and performing the minor mundane tasks that a Captain or XO got too busy to do. She also learned her perfect memory was useful for remembering the various meetings, tasks and duties the busy senior officers tended to forget. She was such a perfect background figure and efficient worker she found herself placed at Admiral McGregor's side as his chief aid. Proud she managed to come out of the Corps as a Crewman, she worked her hardest to make his life as easy as she could. When he passed on two years later she was given her choice of assigned duties. She asked if maybe she could be put onboard a Star Ship in need of her skills. After a year on the Sovereign, Michelle was offered the chance at an Ambassadorial aide position on Vulcan, which she readily accepted. She wanted a chance at being an officer, she wanted to be an ambassador. Two long years of working, studying and not sleeping brought Michelle back to the Sovereign as an officer and perfect for the role of a Morale Officer. While still helping officers with their paperwork, she had free license to help them with their problems, too. After being back on the Sovereign for 8 months, Michelle and others were transferred from the ship to give others room to be stationed on her. Pulled from a stable relationship and her family, Michelle's was very uncertain about her future.After only three months being on board the Caduceus as the Assistant Chief Counsellor, Paul Magson, Michelle's beloved was killed under very fishy circumstances. Completely devastated, Michelle retired from Star Fleet. However, her old friend Rameriz didn't want to see her so down, depressed and at loose ends and so made it his personal duty to drag her all over the Federation. The duo eventually ended up on Starbase Olympus where he spent several months in the company of the mad marine and running a civilian counselling practice. Rameriz, running out leave headed back to duty while Michelle signed herself up for helped rebuild the Cardassian empire. She found herself working with a Starfleet doctor by the name of Jin Nakasawa. When she found out that Jin was heading back to Earth, she gave Jin an archeological find from the Cardassian colony to give to her mentor Chappy Smith. This statue eventually led to the Caledonia crew being stuck in the early 21st century for a couple of months. From the colony Michelle was recalled by Chappy to Earth, where she found out he'd signed her up as the Chief Counsellor of the newly commissioned USS Integrity. Michelle still battle scarred from her last tour took up the post with trepidition. After a first mission that found her staring out at the stars with half the ship blown away, Michelle found everything went rather smoothly after that. Eventually, the Integrity crossed paths with the Caledonia. The Teggy was sent in to assist the Caledonia with the civil war errupting in the Sayl'reth column. Michelle was happy to meet up with Captain Jin Nakasawa once again, even if she did get her ear chewed off for being the accidantal cause of the corporal incident. The situation at Sayl'reth D was complicated with the arrival of ancient enemies of the Sayl'reth called the Aaeeroni; a water race who were coming to warn of an Orion invasion and to make sure none of the violance spilled over onto their own space. The Integrity and the Caledonia teamed up with the Sayl'reth and the Aaeeroni to repell the Orion planetslaver that came into the system. During the battles the Starfleet ships sent representatives to each of the allies. Michelle volunteered to go to the water filled Aaeeroni ship. Near the end of the battle an Aaeeroni weapon struck their own ship, causing it's destruction. The one that Michelle was onboard. Almost three years later, Michelle has arrived at Trilista Colony to reveal that she's alive - but not the original Michelle. When the Aaeeroni regenerated their ship, those that were on it were also recreated. As best as they could communicate, that while Michelle has all the memories and personalities of the original Michelle, she is in fact a clone. All medical scans show no difference between her and the original, but she fears that she has no soul. After her miraculous recovery from the slight dead problem, she was summoned back to Earth by Doenitz's pet doctors to be examined to see if they could replicate what had been done to her. She showed no signs of the usual cellular degredation associated with cloning. When Earth was reclaimed by the forces of the 52nd, Rameriz made sure his pal was okay and safe. He found her counselling survivors of the war on both sides. Having been recalled into Starfleet, she's back in active duty as a Lieutenant.

Medical History


Michelle is quite dextrous, and does quite well at gymnastics. She has claws that are about as dangerous as a kittens ; sharp, but not strong, doing little more than scratching human flesh. She has above average smell and hearing, she is far-sighted and has foregone corrective surgery and instead prefers to wear corrective contact lenses. She is light-sensitive and prefers a 15% darker room to standard. 15% or more brighter than standard causes her to squint and see spots, more than that and she's effectively blinded. She is not terribly strong and has a below average endurance.



Other Information
Hobbies :

Time off?

General Notes


(Written by Counsellor Ezra Chan) Michelle is a quiet, unassuming woman. She's very diligent to duty and makes sure she does her job efficiently, actively and doesn't get in the way of those she serves. She is a charming young woman, with a tentative smile and a very caring demeanour. She genuinely wants to help everyone she can and see everyone smile. She tries her best to stay in the background, but is able to come to the fore when needed. Unfortunately, she seems to have a low self-esteem and a low self-confidence in social situations, but has excellent both in a familiar environment such as work. Michelle is a pacifist and a vegetarian, she claims it's due to her father's blood and nature. She says that violence breeds more violence and meat makes her wish for violence. An odd belief, but harmless at this point. She tends not to socialize outside of work much, having only a few select friends even if she's friendly with many. When she can be found in the lounge, she tries to sit as far away from the bar and the group as possible ; as her father's people are very sensitive to the smell of alcohol and find it distasteful. A bright star on a dark night, Michelle is a pleasure to work with and an asset to the Counselling Department.

Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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