Biography for Lieutenant Eian Michael O'Neill, a Male Human aged 24
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Eian Michael O'Neill

Eyes : Blue Weight : 145 lbs
Hair : Blonde-red Skin :

Pale peach

Height : 5 ft 4 in Blood : Red
Eian is short for a human male, but very muscular and fit. He's got blondish-red hair. It's wavy if he lets it grow out, but he usually keeps it cropped short. He smiles frequently in the presence of friends, but because of his small size, has learned to use body language to intimidate potential foes. He has an excellent poker face when he needs to, which can lead to many comments from friends that they can't ever tell what he's thinking.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Mother: Commander Grace O'Neill (deceased, 2411) Father: Commander Liam O'Neill, FO USS Kelman Brother: Glenn O'Neill, civilian, (born 2395), application pending for Starfleet Academy Eian was born in 2389 to Liam and Grace O'Neill in Ireland while Grace was constructing a tactical training school for Starfleet, that would specifically help integrate other cultures' tactical practices into Starfleet strategy. Grace O'Neill specialized in cross-species tactics. Liam O'Neill's expertise is medical, but he eventually chose a command track. Liam and Grace were called to serve aboard the Starship USS Gadsden when Eian was six, and they moved to the Starship USS Orbitas when Eian was fifteen and Glenn, his younger brother, was seven. Glenn was born aboard the Gadsden, but both boys got the chance to visit their parents' home country of Ireland on numerous occasions, whenever they had leave or their starship was close to Earth. Eian entered Starfleet Academy at the age of eighteen, and graduated at age 24. He took a leave of absence from the Academy after his mother was killed in 2411. He enrolled in a specialized training course at Starfleet Headquarters following his leave of absence. The training course covered advanced lie detection methods, interrogation techniques, and counterterrorism expertise. However, part of his reason for enrolling was that it would allow him to be closer to his father and brother, both of which returned to Ireland after Grace's death. Eian comes from a strong Christian background, and his faith is very important to him.



Starfleet Academy/ Recent classes: At age 18, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy, and graduated at age 24. While there, he studied wartime/security strategy, ship systems engineering, and weapons engineering with a minor in psychology. He took several profiling classes and lie detection classes, and is skilled in interrogations. When he took a year and a half off from Starfleet Academy to be with his family (after his mother's death), he worked as a drydock mechanic to keep busy and this was counted as class credit towards an engineering license, which he completed before his graduation from the Academy. His degree is in Defensive and Offensive Strategy with a concentration in Ship Systems Technology and a minor in Psychology. Secondary School: USS Orbitas mobile classroom, USS Gadsden mobile classroom Primary School: USS Gadsden mobile classroom, Kindergarten and first grade in Ireland Preschool: Ages 3-4, Ireland.

Pre-Starfleet History


Eian loved living aboard starships, and from a young age was interested in strategy games, puzzle-solving, and weapons. His interests were fueled by his mother's cross-species expertise and her knowledge of tactics, and eventually his interests developed into psychology and various forms of security and wartime tactics. He became a bit of a history buff, concentrating on war history and psychological studies into famous criminals. As a teenager, he became interested in building weaponry, and took several engineering courses (including one introductory one from Starfleet Academy). He started flight courses at age sixteen and was able to complete his flight training in Starfleet Academy, at age twenty-one.

Starfleet History


USS Rosenante: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Medical History


Eian was diagnosed with Attention Divergence Hyperactivity Disorder (known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder until 2105) at age three, and has been coached and treated with mild stimulants since early childhood to cope with the symptoms of hyperactivity and difficulty controlling his attention. He still contacts his old coach occasionally for tips, but has his ADHD relatively under control, as long as he takes his morning stimulant. He has severe allergies, which he receives monthly antihistimine hyposprays for. They are under control. He has been seeing a counselor regularly since the death of his mother, Grace. He has frequent nightmares pertaining to her death, but exhibits no outward signs of incapacitation. He is cleared for duty.



Eian is gifted in strategy of any sort. Given the right constraints, he can think his way out of any problem. He has been able to perfect his poker face and get away with deception quite easily, should he need to. He also has incredibly fast reflexes, which combined with his avid proclivity towards physical exercise make up for his small physique. Eian has training in engineering pertaining to ship systems and the design of weaponry, extensive knowledge of strategy and tactics (for wartime and peace time), training in lie detection and interrogation techniques, and has studied the criminal mind. His degree is in Defensive and Offensive Strategy with a concentration in Ship Systems Technology and a minor in Psychology. Eian received his pilot's license when he was twenty-one, authorizing him to fly fighter shuttles in tactical training scenarios once he graduated from Starfleet Academy. He also has a Starfleet-certified engineering license. He is skilled in standard Starfleet hand-to-hand, ground, and aerial combat techniques. He has also received advanced training in all of these areas, and has exceptional knowledge of cross-species hand-to-hand techniques and ways to counter them, because of his mother's work.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Eian has loved to write from an early age. He has what his father fondly called, A runaway imagination that would allow him to conceive of worlds beyond his own, and share them with all who wished to hear. Eian writes novels about the future and past, and shares them with his family, whom he calls his editors. He has no published works as of yet. Eian loves his family and spends as much time as possible with them. Much of his free time is spend on subspace lately, chatting with his brother and father since his mother's death. In order to control his ADHD, Eian uses exercise to calm himself down and allow himself to think. He loves to run, swim, climb, and will try any sport. He tends to like all sports, and is quite the athlete. He exercises in some way every day. Eian also plays the Irish flute, loves to fly fighter craft in the holodeck, and enjoys watching/participating in historical holodeck programs.

General Notes


Eian comes from a large extended family in Ireland, most of which he doesn't see because of his career in Starfleet. However, he wants to carry on the tradition. When he meets a woman he loves, he plans to marry her and have children. He likes children quite a lot and will babysit if asked. He tends to take on the coach role with them, teaching them how to play sports or teaching them about history. He practices his Christian faith by attending a holodeck service every Sunday when he is able to do so, praying regularly before bed and during the day, and reading his Bible whenever he has the chance. He considers his career in Starfleet a way of serving God. He stands by strict principles of acceptance that accompany his faith, and is very open to others' beliefs.

Awards :

Awarded Squadron Commanders Commendation: Awarded on Stardate 2414.02.14 for actions above and beyond the call of duty, critical to the success of the Mission to destroy the T'Kon Sphere held by the Borg.

Awarded Ribbon Of Sacrifice: Awarded on Stardate 2414.02.14 in recognition of their sacrifices and assimilation by the Borg Collective during combat operations in the Dovek System.

Awarded Captains Commendation: Awarded on Stardate 2414.04.14 for operational expertise during the mission on Asrai Prime which resulted in the salvation of the Population of the planet Asrai Prime.

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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