Biography for Lieutenant JG H'retor, son of Gi'ral, a Male Klingon aged 28
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

H'retor, son of Gi'ral

Eyes : Brown Weight : 268 IBS
Hair : Brown Skin :


Height : 6 foot 8 Blood : Red
H'retor has the same physical and biological built as most Klingon. Also, when in starfleet uniform, H'retor always wear his house insignia. (Also see picture)
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Father : Gi’ral son of Kohtar His father, Gi’ral, was a warrior who fought many glorious battles. He was on the IKS Rho'ato and participated in two of the most glorious battles : the Battle of Almathia and the Battle of Golaris, and fought in many more battle during the Klingon-Cardassian war. When the Romulan allied with the Cardassia, Gi’ral was called back to the Klingon Empire to protect the border from Romulan. He was made captain of the IKS SuvwL’Vaj, a Vorcha-class ship and was assigned to a defensive fleet protecting the Klingon Empire from Romulan attack. He was still in command of the IKS SuvwL’Vaj When the Dominion War started, and fought many more glorious battles. In 2405, his ship, commanded by Commander Kurge, helped the 52th fleet during his war against Doenitz, most notably at the battle of Valhalla and of sector 001. The ship was however severely damaged in the latter and would have been destroyed if it wasn’t the effort of the USS Hades. After the war, he was given a new ship: the IKS H’atoria, another Vorcha-class ship. Now, Gi’ral is Commodore/Amiral and command a task force stationed on H’atoria. He is still in command of the IKS H’atoria. Gi’ral has great respect for the Federation and more especially, the 52nd fleet. Before the Klingon civil war, he was helped many times by the Federation. In 2404, he was among the Klingon who contracted the Halla virus, but thanks to a Federation medical researcher, he was cured, him and his son. Remembering that it was the Federation who saved his life, when the Federation civil war started, Gi’ral offered to help the Federation and join the Task Force 19. During the war, he fought many battles with the Federation in their civil war. He fought along the Spectre during the battle of Vahlalla and along the USS Hades, USS Boudicca, etc. during the battle of sector 001. This was during that battle that the crew of the IKS SuvwL’Vaj was saved when the USS Hades, despite having to expose itself to enemy fires, destroyed the ship that would have given the final blow to an already crippled ship. Being saved two times by the Federation and having fight along with them, Gi’ral owed a great deal of honor and respect to the Federation. To pay his “honor debt”, Gi’ral sent his first son, H’retor, to join the Federation. House of Moroth The House of Moroth is a prestigious house who mostly gain its honor during the Klingon-Cardassian war. The leader of the house, Moroth, was the leader of one of the three task forces send to invade the Cardassian and was successful at conquering the territory giving access to Cardassia. Controlling the upper side of the Klingon Empire, the House of Moroth preferred to defend the Klingon Empire from a potential Romulan Invasion during the Klingon Civil War, sacrificing the chance of taking power of the council for the sake of the Empire. Also, because of it’s proximity with the Federation, the House of Moroth always had good relations with them, and it is for that reason that the house decided to help the 52th fleet during the Federation Civil War. Mother : Larissa, daughter of N’rogh The N’rogh family was not a warrior family. Most of the family preferred administrative duty. Larissa was travelling the galaxy for economic relations, seeking weapons and raw resources for generation for the Klingon Empire. H’retor brother and sister H’retor has one brother and one sister. Her sister, Kayrissa, was born in 2388 and serve now on the IKS K’rotah. His brother, H’raless, serve on the H’atoria on his father ship.



H’retor is born in 2386 on H’atoria. Trained in the Warrior way by his father, at 9 years old, he was already skilled with a blade, and succeeded the Klingon rite of Ascension at the age of 15. Once he become an adult, H’retor improved his knowledge of flight control and operation spending one more year at the academy after his rite of Ascension. At 16, he was assigned to IKS Katahtor (2402), a Bird of Prey, as an operation officer. In 2405, when the Federation Civil War broke up and his father was given the command of the SuvwL’Vaj, he was assigned there as a flight control officer and served on his father ship for three years. During the last assault, the SuvwL’Vaj was heavily damaged and to protect his son from death, Gi’ral beamed H’retor on Captain Wagner ship, the IKS B’Quaj’ha. After the war, he remained on Wagner ship. He was promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned as flight control officer chief. Two times during the civil war, his father life was saved by Federation, and to pay back in honor the federation, Gi’ral convinced H’retor to join the federation, which he did in 2412. Honor being everything for Klingon, H’retor always respected and honoured his father and accepted to join the federation. However, despite serving three years on a Klingon ship commanded by a human, Captain Wagner, and after two years on a Federation ship, H’retor doesn’t have as much respect for human than his father did. He respected them for having saved him twice, and probably respect them way more than most Klingon, but it was nothing compare to his father admiration for humans. For H’retor, they were saved while fighting to protect the Federation from itself. It was the Federation that was in debt of the Klingon, not the other way around. Or, at most, they were even.

Pre-Starfleet History


2395-2402 : Attended a Klingon Military Academy 2400-2402 : Specialized in engineering and piloting at the KMA 2402-2405 : Served on the IKS Katahtor (Operations) 2405-2407: Served on the IKS SuvwL’Vaj (Flight Control) 2407-2410: Served on the IKS B’Quaj’ha (Flight Control Chief) 2410-2411: Spent one year adapting to Federation

Starfleet History


2412-2414: Served on the USS Kronos (Operation Officer) 2414 to now : Assigned on the USS Hades (Chief of Operations)

Medical History


Had several warriors injuries that have healed naturally. H’retor proudly bear the marks of those combats.



H’retor is a skilful pilots and an efficient operation officer, thanks to his training at a Klingon military academy for nearly 7 years. He is a very good warrior, masterizing several Klingon blades and weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. He has also a lot of experiences on the field, having already 11 years of experiences. Because the Klingon school accentuate the warrior training over the “general skill training”, H’retor is a very good warrior, able to fight and survive harsh conditions. However, compare to his new Federation crewmates, he definitively lack general cultures, and his academic training in engineering is considered by Federation standard to be lacking. Nevertheless, for a new Starfleet officer, he has already a lot of experiences.

Other Information
Hobbies :

H’retor appreciate a fight in the holodeck, Klingon Opera and poesy, blood wine, martial arts… Has also developed a little interest in human history, more notably Roman History. As alcoholic breverages are not allowed on duty, H’retor sometimes enjoy Vulcan and Klingon teas, as well as Millipede and Kava Juices. But if you ask him, that’s a huge sacrifice to make for his father honor.

General Notes


H'retor refused to attend Starfleet Academy when he joined the Federation, arguing he had already a military formation, and rather joined directly their rank. Therefore, he is not officially considered a commissioned officer. Nevertheless, Captain Straton decided to give him the provisionnal rank of Lieutenant (J.G.).

Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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