Biography for Lieutenant Ayehla Zyahn, a Female Joined Trill aged 33
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Ayehla Zyahn

Eyes : Brown Weight : 145 IBS
Hair : Brown Skin :


Height : 5 foot 8 Blood : Red
(See picture) Ayehla is in very good shape physically. Having been a marine and security officers, she kept the habit of physical training and good diet to keep her healthy and in shape.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Ayehla Nodel (now Ayehla Zyahn) is born on Trill in 2382. Her mother, Leihla, is directing a well-known clothes company while her father, Tolas Nodel, is a board director of Trill Science Ministry. Ayehla is the fourth of five children and only woman. Her brothers are : Toran (38), Jynas (35), Raifel (35), and Airon (28). When she was young, Ayehla loved to follow her older brothers. If they were hard on her, she quickly learned to deal with men which shaped her identity. Before she was joined, Ayehla was a “tomboy”. She fought her way through and didn’t mind being in a situation where she need to play it tough. During her youth, everything her brothers did, she was doing it, even if it was dangerous. She also inherited her father leadership and at school, she was a dominating figure, not afraid to speak her mind. It even often gave her some problems with her teachers as she was blunt. Nevertheless, part because of the importance and personality of her mother in her life, Ayehla always tried to keep a feminine touch. She always preferred long hair, and everytime she had the chance, she wore very sexy and feminine clothing. It was not a big surprise to her family when she enrolled as a marine. She was joined in 2408 which changed her radically. If before, she was afraid of nothing, the joining make her feel more worry about her health and life, and more conscious about the risk (including the risk to the symbiot). With a writer, and a diplomat as previous hosts, she found in peace and dialogue something more rewarding than fighting. For an ex-marine, that was quite a radical change. The change affected her enough to ask a change in her career. She quitted as a marine and become a security officer. Because she didn’t had all the skill necessary, she spent one year and a half at Starfleet Academy to insure the transition, but was quickly promoted to Lieutenant after only one year of active service as a security officer, in recognition of her experiences as a marine. Ayehla has still very great relations with the other marines of her platoon and they are close enough that they consider each other as a family. Her previous hosts were : Lonek (architect), Jozhen (Merchant), Uzhra (Nurse), Vehri (Botanist), Voran (Ambassador), Eldwyn (writer), Orihan (freighter pilot), Alaniel (athlete), and Shahydra (nutritionist)



Ayehla was a very intelligent student who had great marks in spite she could have had even better marks if she had really been committed. In fact, she already knew she wanted to become a marine when was 15, and considering the kind of intelligence and skill necessary to reach her objective, she trained consequently, "choosing" the classes where she excelled and sometimes neglecting those not so important for her choice of career. It paid off as she was accepted at 17 in the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. At the Academy her skills and intelligence (but also the fact she was more agile than she was strong) lead her to be form in intelligence. She quickly learned gathering information, cover operation, etc. However, the job available in intelligence were not as much in need and Ayehla finished her formation in reconnaisance and was assigned in the reconnaissance platoon in the Geneva Marine Company. She masters several hand-to-hand, melee weapons as well as several kind of phaser, pistols and explosives. She is also well trained in intelligence and reconnaissance. At 27, however, after nine years as a marine (she was then 2nd Lieutenant), she was accepted by the Symbiotic Commission and was joined to the symbiot “Zyahn”. The joining affected her considerably as she integrated new personality. She spend one more year as a Marine, but didn't fit in anymore because of her joining. Her new experiences and identity motivated a change from marine to commissioned officer. She joined Starfleet academy to have a basic in security and tactical. After eighteen months, she specialized in both security and tactical and was assigned back to a ship, the USS Tulsa.

Pre-Starfleet History


Ayehla joined the Marine Corps as soon as she became eligible and did nothing else before joining. During her years at the "Trill equivalent of High School" Ayehla was part of her school Kayak team who was competing against other Trill schools.

Starfleet History


Ayehla joined Starfleet marine academy and became a marine specialized in reconnaissance. After the academy, she was assigned to the Geneva first company in the Gamma platoon, reconnaissance squad. She served there for three and a half years. Once joined, she asked for a change of career. She was accepted as a security officer conditional for her to join Starfleet academy and have a Starfleet officer training, what she did for 1 year and a half. At the academy, she specialized in tactics and security. At 29 (in 2410), she was assigned on the USS Tulsa as a security officer with the rank of Lieutenant JG. She served almost four years there. In 2413, she had been assigned to the USS Mithrandir as the chief security and tactical officer. She served there several months until the ship was sent back to the shipyard and the crew re-affected fleet-wide. She was then transferred on the USS Titanic where she served as a chief of security and second officer for close to a year (time dilation) . In late 2414, she was transferred to the USS Starfire as a First Officer where she is still serving.

Medical History


Being a marine, she had several scars from her missions mostly located on her forearms. Luckily, she was never badly hurt so she has no permanent injury.



She has the normal marine training (hand-to-hand, melee, weapon training, zero-mission, etc.). Furthermore, as a reconnaissance marine, she is also specialized in infiltration and in intelligence. However, since her joining, she doesn't identify to those skills anymore, and so she hasn't kept practicing. She has also an academic formation in security and tactical. Also, thanks to her previous hosts, she has some skill in diplomacy, cooking and piloting.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Since she has been joined, Ayehla as been especially interested by her first host passion for cooking. While she has not her skill, (and also the fact cooking has change a lot in the last few centuries), but she nevertheless like it. She also love to pain...probably inheriting that trait from Eldwyn. She is not yet good at it (she had began painting only two years ago), yet she find painting relaxing. Also, having grown with a mother directing a fashion line, she is also very interested in fashion, and love shopping and to wear beautiful dresses. She also practice several sports, including Kayaking and Triathlon. She also love running and has taken a habit of running 30 minutes every morning before her morning shift.

General Notes


As anticipated for almost every joining, the joining cause Ayehla to change considerably. While she was never emotive, was very blunt and was fearless, her personality was changed. She still have difficulty to figure out who she is now and to accept who she have become. Psychologically, her new vulnerability is something she has a lot of difficulty to live with. After close to a year since the joining, she slowly starting to get used to her new self. But her identity is still being shaped by those new lives and experiences.

Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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