Biography for Lieutenant JG Tho’var Kevras, a Male 3/8 Andorian / 5/8 Aenar aged 31
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Tho’var Kevras

Eyes : blue white Weight : 150 LBS
Hair : White Skin :

Greenish B

Height : 5 foot 8 Blood : Blue
Tho’var look like Aenars and Andorians, with the only difference his skin is a little greener. Because he is 5/8 Aenar, Tho’var is partially blind. He has almost no peripheral vision and the little he sees in front of him is slightly blurred. However, as most Aenar, his antennas and great telepathic abilities allow him to do his duty without any impediment. In fact, the fact he rely very little on sight and a lot on the other sensations make him as efficient in the dark than in the light. Tho’var has also inherited the passion of Andorian. He is strongly impulsive. However, he still has some of the calm of the Aenar. He has great telepathic abilities, but since he is only 5/8 Aenar, it is not as acute as Aenars.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Tho’var is the older son of Shorel (Aenar), and Thavin(Andorian). Thavin grand-father was himself an Aenar (which explain why Tho’var is 5/8 Aenar), and the family lived mostly among the Aenar. Thavin was a spaceflight operator on Andoria while Shorev was a judge. Tho’var has also one sister, Sevel. Shorev and Tho’var has been very respectful to the Aenar culture, prefering pacifism and trying to avoid war and conflict as much as they could. Family was also very important. Both Tho’var and Sevel have been raised with those values of peace and kindness. At 17, Tho’var was accepted in physics at Andor Academy. He graduated and started to work at a research facility on Andoria, but after only six months, he did not like it. He wanted something more challenging. In fact, he was interested in going to Starfleet Academy, but knowing his parents would not like it considering Starfleet was a military division, he chose to go to Andor instead. It is only afterwards that he realized he was not doing what he wanted to do, and rather decided to disappoint his parents and join Starfleet. At first, his parents disagreed, but they rather surprisingly accepted and supported Tho’var’s decision. Tho’var went to Starfleet Academy at 20. Having already learned physics, he perfected is knowledge of warp theory and physics to become an engineer. He graduated during the Civil War and was assigned to a ship in Doenitz fleet. Tho’var was in the brig when his ship and Doenitz launched the attack on Andoria. Helped by the inside, he was able to escape, but failed to prevent the genocide. Filled with anger and hatred, all he had in mind was to avenge his species. Not trusting anyone in the Federation anymore, he was convinced to join the Maquis.



Degree in physics at Andor Academy (2400-2403) Starfleet Academy, engineer (2403-2407)

Pre-Starfleet History


Once the Civil War was over, there was no enemy to hate. He remained a few months with the Maquis but, remembering the pacific philosophy of his parent, he decided that he could not live eternally in anger and hatred. In 2409, he left the Maquis and returned to his homeworld only to learn that his parent and most of his family died in the genocide, and her sister had disappeared. Looking again for a new home, Tho’var was accepted on Ba’ku. The pacific and untechnological nature of their specie allowed him to find new interest, and forget about the war and the genocide. However, after a year, it was entirely what he was looking for and moved somewhere else. In 2410, Tho’var decided to move to P’Jem, a colony close to Andoria where both Andorian and Vulcans lived. It was a first step towards moving back to Andoria. His contact with Vulcans helped him a lot, especially the meditation he was taught. He also made friends with some other Andorians that survived the attack. After a successful year, Tho’var make the big step and settled back to his homeworld Andoria. Almost everything was destroyed, and Andoria were mostly just ruins of what was before an incredibly rich culture. All Andorians and Aenars knew that their species was almost instinct and it was now imperative that they focused on rebuilding and reproducing. For a bit more than a year, Tho’var helped his specie (or what left of them) settling back. His skills as engineers and the botanist skills he learned on Ba’ku were very useful. However, he was here more because of the obligation he had for his species...much more than because he really wanted to be here. He wanted to leave and do something else, but for long, he thought it would be abandoning his own kind. Surprisingly however, his species were very understanding and allowed him to leave his own kind and live his life.

Starfleet History


[2407-2408] Tho’var graduated in 2407, at the beginning of the cold war. Not really knowing what was going on, he was assigned on one of Doenitz ship as engineer. The Civil War make him unease, but as he was a rookie, he accepted the difficult orders his ships were given. He even, for a moment, believed Doenitz propaganda against admiral Lodona. However, he soon realized that Doenitz was antidemocratic. He refused once to obey an order and was sent to the brig for thirty days. He was reintegrated afterwards, but after only one week of resuming service, he was again put into the brig, for no reason this time. He then learned by his crewmates and friends who were coerce to follow orders, that Doenitz had taken power and was about to launch an attack on Andoria. Hopefully, some of his friends helped him to escape with a shuttle. It was a difficult moment. While escaping, he saw Doenitz fleet bombarding his planet. He wanted to help them, but he knew he could not do anything. His shuttle was heavily damaged during his escape attempt, but he managed to go to warp. To make the repairs, he hid into a planet ring in a neighbour system. [After 2412] In 2412, Tho’var decided, not without great doubts and remorse, to return to Starfleet. He was promoted to full ensign and served on two ships..... In 2414, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Rosenante. [Presumed] Died during mission : Through the looking glass on stardate 2414.06.12

Medical History


The Andorian and Aenar genocide had been a tragedy. Tho’var has had great difficulty accepting it. He still try to avoid the emotions. The anger and frustration, as well as the feeling of lost were highly felt in the first four years and explain greatly why he was unable to really settle anywhere for the following four years. Since, Tho’var’s anger has decreased considerably and he has started to regain a certain sense of balance and purpose.



Other Information
Hobbies :

General Notes


Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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