Biography for Lieutenant Alexander Maxwell Hartmann, a Male human aged 29
who is assigned to the Starbase Geneva
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Character Physical Description

Alexander Maxwell Hartmann

Eyes : human Weight : 130 lb
Hair : black Skin :


Height : 5'6 Blood : red
Alex stands 5'6" tall with an average build. He has short cropped black hair and steel grey eyes. He has a thin white scar running from his left eyebrow down to his left cheekbone.
History, Education and Skills
Family and Background :

Alexander grew up in Munich with his parents Maximilian and Katerina. He was introduced to flight by his father, who performed aerobatics in air shows across Europe and North America.



Starfleet Academy (major in physics and astrophysics) Starfleet Space Warfare Officer School (major in navigation, minor in tactical systems operation)

Pre-Starfleet History


In his teenage years, Alexander flew aircraft for recreation, as well as professionally in the air show circuit.

Starfleet History


Medical History


An equipment malfunction caused Hartmann's plane to crash during an airshow. His left eye was lost and replaced with a cybernetic implant. While he has adjusted well to the enhancement, he sometimes suffers short but severe headaches. His is afraid he will lose his flight status if the condition becomes known, and has thus far been able to hide it.



Alexander excels at piloting, whether it's in the cockpit of a fighter or the helm of a starship. He possesses a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of ship schematics and capabilities. While a good hand at ship-mounted weapons systems, he is only a decent shot with a phaser and is not very physically powerful. He speaks fluent German and English and can get by with some basic phrases in several other languages. His cybernetic left eye allows him to see in telescopic, microscopic, infrared and thermographic modes, but extended use of these modes can cause headaches.

Other Information
Hobbies :

Hartmann is obsessed with spacecraft of all races and studies blueprints and schematics as a hobby. Other free time pursuits include time in the holodeck (frequently running flight simulations), listening to music and reading trivia about the different cultures that make up Starfleet.

General Notes


He accepts "Alex" and even "Xander" as nicknames, but hates being called "Al". He is a good dancer, especially in ballroom styles. He enjoys attempting to play different instruments although he has little to no musical ability and is often loudly reminded of that fact by anyone nearby. He has a dry sense of humor and doesn't practice any organized religion.

Awards :

Admiral Bell threw her arms around the Ensign, "You don't have to be scared anymore, you don't have to be guilty anymore, you are not responsible for what that madman did to you.", she said to her quietly and for a moment longer, releasing her from the embrace. "It's going to take time, its going to be a toll... I will be right here, and I am not going anywhere."

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